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    "Neat" Pictures

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    How's this for a Princess Bride remake?
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    It's a 5 minute walk from my house to the bar. It's a 45 minute walk from the bar to my house. The difference is staggering.
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    Movies and TV Shows That are Great

    I really enjoyed the movie Sneakers (1992). Starring Robert Redford, Sidney Poitier, Dan Ackroyd, Ben Kingsley, David Strathairn, River Phoenix, Mary McDonnell, James Earl Jones... lots of major acting power there. Redford heads a team of security consultants, often hired to break into places to identify security weaknesses, and they get involved in something way over their heads. The tech is pretty outdated now, but the storyline is still good (at least IMO) and the characters are great. Strathairn's blind sound expert is my personal favorite, but the interplay between former CIA agent Poitier and conspiracy nutcase Ackroyd is hilarious too.
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    "Hey guys,"I said as I entered the main area of the mall turned base that had become a second home to me. There was enough room, I thought, for a team twice our size, right? I mean, she wouldn't really close us up or send some of us out? This team was almost a family, or at the very least a tight knit group of friends by now. You don't 'rightsize' stuff like that. What can I say? An idea gets in my head, sometimes I gnaw on it for a bit. Like all day. Tornado looked up, "Hey Pinprick, it is Eel, basher of Neerdowells." Valentino is a good friend, not my best friend, but a good friend. He was getting less good the more he smiled though. "At last we are saved, for I have lived in fear of Neerdowells, but now am secure," Pinprick nodded. Well, the permanently shrunk archer? He'd always been a jerk, but yes, he was a friend too. Which meant I had to suck it up and roll with it, "Mabel, you're a narc." To my surprise, there was no response. At first I thought Mabel might be trying to dodge the accusation, but that would be pretty out of character for her. The fun loving and sultry voiced Artificial Intelligence that was plugged into our base wasn't exactly afraid of any of us. She had too much dirt. This was where she was supposed to express a complete lack of repentance, flatter me, tease me, and then move on. Instead? Nada. "Mabel?" I tried again. "She's offline," Arctic Fox said, "Duh." The queen of cold, the mean girl for justice; Arctic Fox and I had not started off on the best foot. Mostly because she had hoped her then boyfriend would be taking the 'strong guy' spot for the team. Of course, he had turned out to be a government agent involved in an illegal black operation who was using her affections as an in. So, I couldn't really be mad at her. Besides, push come to shove, she and I were actually very complimentary in a fight. I couldn't count the number of times her cold and ice powers had saved my bacon from fire or heat, and she knew that if some bruiser came for her that she couldn't handle that I would have her back. Not that there wasn't she couldn't handle. Each of my team mates was a powerhouse. None more than Lady Obsidian herself. "Relax, people, it's my doing and she's good with it. I'll explain later," Lady Obsidian came out wearing her full armor, which surprised me a bit. Lately she had been saving that for the field. Yet the power armor she wore did seem to send a message that tonight's meeting would not just be a casual check in. "Still feels weird not hearing her," Viewpoint spoke my very thoughts from the corner. I turned, remembering what Ariana and I had discussed. Viewpoint had changed his costume, some of the glitz was still there, as were the 'shades for show' but he looked less like a male runway model and more like a superhero in design. It occurred to me I might suffer from some snobby tendencies. The point, however, was that Viewpoint was here. A team meeting and he had shown. He wasn't the only "newcomer". Stuck to the wall, Slime really did look like some azure booger a giant smeared there. Greetings all! scrolled along his surface. Slime used his body to 'text us' more or less, as he didn't quite have the right body for regular speech. Then again, his form of communication worked fine on others of his species. No doubt we seemed rather odd in our own limitations to them. But Earth was Slime's home now, and he had become rather expert at chatting folks up as long as they focused on reading him. "Hey, Slime" I waved and smiled as a sort of pseudopod waved back. Lady Obsidian nodded, "Is everyone here? Where is Pogo?" "I'm here, I'm here," Pogo bounced in, but then she always did. She was a kinetic reactive, any impact could set her bouncing. It was more useful and powerful than most folks realize. She had changed her costume again. Over the last few months, Pogo had gone through numerous costume changes. A few weeks ago, she had decided to sex it up, only to report later to the other ladies on the team that they were right and maybe when your powers include bipping and bopping around at immense speeds maybe you'd want a costume that was a bit more 'secure' up top. The men of the team pretended, for our own good and for her dignity, not to have heard a word. Pogo was back to green and yellow, but no shades were present allowing her lovely eyes to peek through the stylish half mask along with a costume that resembled something like an Olympic gymnast might wear. It occurred to me that she didn't look like a kid anymore. Nature, Time, and plenty of exercise ala crimefighting had been kind. She was turning into a rather pretty young woman. How had I missed that? Then again, she wasn't eighteen yet, and to top it off, my girlfriend was in costume nearby too. Maybe I should just keep missing that. "Sorry, I'm late," Pogo rattled on, "I wanted to decide slippers or no slippers because I totally could have gone barefoot for my new costume but then I thought wait, barefoot like in all women should be barefoot and pregnant? And me a role model for young Asian American girls everywhere? well, not everywhere, but at least two folks online think I am and they're watching so nope nope, I went with the slippers even though my powers make it redundant mostly. Let me tell you it is no easy feet finding the right foot wear for maximum crime fighting efficiency. I mean, sneakers are great as sneakers, but it just looks so unheroic right?" She took a breath. That was our chance. See, Pogo's greatest power is verbosity. If you don't dive in quick in the few gaps she gives you (because even she has to breathe) then you lose any chance of getting a word in edge wise. That much had not changed. Lady Obsidian knew this, and she had things to do so she spoke up then, "That's fine, Pogo. It looks very nice. Folks, I need the floor if you please. I have some big announcements explaining the new loss to the city's superhero population..." It wasn't just Pogo who cut in on that, it was all of us. "Wait, the rumors are true?" Arctic Fox said in the same tone of disbelief I felt. "Oh my god I'm never going to be a member, but I've worked so hard," Pogo began to protest. "Come on, Viv," Pinprick wasn't supposed to use our non-super names and frankly was the only one who could get away with using that nickname for our team leader, but no one was going to call him on it as he was speaking for all of us, "I know things have been dull lately, but ending the team, or even kicking some of them to the curb? You don't want to do that." "Seriously," Tornado agreed, "I mean, I like this team better than I do my family," There was that silent beat of a moment and he added, "Sorry, Valerosa." Ariana shook her head, "Don't apologize. I feel the same way, not that I'd tell them." Viewpoint frowned but said nothing. I took a breath and made up my mind about something, "Lady Obsidian, Costa Sagrado is doing well, but the New Samaritans are the reason why it's doing well. If you take away this team and leave the place undefended, or even just disorganized; it'll be chaos. Word will get out. It always does. Without a deterrent, the criminal element will flood back into the area with a vengeance. And without a support net work, without coordination, we might have lives lost. We can't risk that. I'm begging you, please, don't break us up. Don't kick a lot of us out. But if you do, then...well, Maybe we'll have to pick a new name or something, find a new place, but we'll have to keep the team going in one form or another. And I bet the others would be with me on that." Some of the others were already nodding. Tornado even threw in a "damn straight" for which I was grateful. Well, there it was. I had just put my foot down against the team leader; not quite an act of rebellion, but certainly conviction. She was a woman I had admired since I was a boy. Heck, I did a report on her in MIddle school for Black History Month. I could only hope that, even if she was now going to eject me first, that I had earned her respect in so doing. "What in God's name are you all talking about?" Lady Obsidian said, "Do I look like an idiot? I know the city would get swarmed if we left it undefended. My mother, rest her soul, did not raise an idiot. I've only been doing this for longer than any of you were born. You think I haven't seen what happens when cities lose their super teams?" "Ahhhh," I said intelligently. Valerosa looked at her feet. "Sorry, Boss," Pinprick winced. "We got it all wrong?" Pogo said in a way that made it sound like she still wasn't sure but would agree to anything that would get her out of trouble. "Damn straight," Tornado said throwing an arm around Lady Obsidian's armored shoulders and waving a finger at us, "The rest of you should be ashamed of yourselves. Where's the trust?" "Tornado," Lady O said in a flat tone, "Remove the arm, you are not fooling anyone." "Roger that," He put his arms to his sides. "Okay, what is going on then?" Arctic Fox said, "I'm sorry, we all are, but you were heard saying earlier that the base would feel the absence and..." "If you folks would let me finish?" Lady Obsidian said putting one hand on her hip, "First, let's get some things settled. Viewpoint, welcome to the team, if you want to make it official." Viewpoint's eyebrows shot up, then he smiled "Thanks. Was a time I'd ask about royalties and insist on Tuesdays off, but you know, I had my eyes opened a bit since then," Then he added, "No pun intended." A few chuckles. "Well, you'll get a stipend and some royalties from a few merchandise sales just like the rest of us, but you've been busting your ass by our side and it has not gone unnoticed," Lady Obsidian said. Then she turned, "Pogo. Might as well make it official even though you're not quite eighteen yet. Welcome to the team. You are, at long last, a New Samaritan." Pogo's jaw dropped open and nothing. "I think she's broken," Pinprick observed. "She's speechless," Artic Fox commented. "Like I said," Pinprick nodded. "Pogo, honey? You have to say yes for it to count, I don't draft people against their," Unlike Tornado, Pogo threw BOTH arms around our team leader, "oof, will." Lady O finished. "YES, Affirmative, Absolutely, Positive, Surely, eagerly, Yes yes yes!" Pogo said! "So that's a maybe then," Tornado commented dryly. "I know how she feels," Viewpoint said, "Go easy on her." Congratulations to you both! Slime declared in his way. "What the blob said," Arctic Fox said. "We have one more person to let into the field," Lady Obsidian said, "Though I hesitate to call her a new member." A thought occurred to me as I remembered the only person I had expected to be here who wasn't. "Despite my suggestions not to, she has, as her supername, chosen to call herself Brazen," The good scientist finished. The door opened, and there was the most gorgeous brass colored robot I'd ever seen. Okay, that would arguably be a category with little competition. What I mean is, a brass hued robot who looked like she had stepped out of the cover of a 1980s Sci Fi magazine was in front of us. Her hair was copper, and , of course, not hair at all but rather wires meant to simulate it. The phrase "a body built for sin" gains new legitimacy when it really was built. There was nothing blatantly pornographic about her, I mean, the skin had a sort of faux costume pattern, really more like a one piece; but despite that I could tell that a lot of young men who saw her would be developing a new appreciation for technology their mothers would not approve of. "Ta-daaa!" Brazen struck a pose while still in the door frame. Her voice confirmed my suspicions. "Looking good, Mabel" I said. It was an understatement but I said it in what I hoped was a supportive drooling free tone. "Wait, that's Mabel?" Viewpoint said. "Oh my god," Arctic Fox said. "His wonders to behold," Tornado said reverently as he oggled the she-bot. "Well, that's not going to lead to impossible body image expectations for my peers at all" Pogo muttered as she surveyed the bust to waist to hip ratio of the robotic body. Valerosa simply hugged the mechanical form for a moment, then parted (Just in time too, a fantasy was forming, one that would get me killed if a telepath ever squealed) to say "Congratulations, Mabel. I mean Brazen. You finally got a body that.. I mean, you can feel it right? It's not a remote thing?" "My hardware is now in this body, and this body is functional," Brazen winked in the general direction of the men of the team "Fully functional." "Stop that," Arctic Fox told Mabel/Brazen, "Or we won't get anything productive done." "She's got a point" Lady Obsidian agreed with Fox. "Where's the trust?" Pinprick said looking hurt. None of the women on the team dignified that with a response. "Seriously, congratulations, Bonita," Tornado said. "This been a dream of yours long?" Viewpoint asked. "Sure feels like it, " Mabel said, "and it's not just for looks. Superstrong, super durable and a few other goodies besides." Valerosa and I exchanged looks. Super strength with accompanying durability and resilience was amg the cornerstone power set. I'd been invited to join the New Samaritans in large part because I filled that crucial niche, that and because they thought I was Atlantean and talked to fish, but that's neither here nor there. When Velrosa went super dense, she came close to matching me. Now there were three of us? I don't know about Ariana but a part of me wondered if I was now more than a little redundant. Another part of me couldn't wait to figure out if Brazen or I was stronger. Yes, it's a bit of a jock thing, but there's a competitive streak among superheroes of similar abilities. Mostly good natured. Mostly. Brazen's sultry tones took on an apologetic twinge, "I'm afraid there is a downside to this body walking around as my new home base." "An increase in traffic accidents?" Tornado opined. Mabel gave a dazzling smile, "That too, but no. I mean while I can still run things remotely for the vehicles and the base if I concentrate; and hooking up the coms is little trouble- From now on a lot of things are going to be on a default standard programming level. That is, just as artificial, but not as intelligent." "That'll slow response time of some protocols," I said aloud, earning a look from Valerosa. She was right, I realized, now was not the time to induce guilt in someone for living a dream, even if I didn't mean to. I threw in "But it's nothing we can't adapt for." The robotic woman cheered at that, "Thanks for understanding, everyone. Maybe eventually I'll be able to handle this body and all that with greater ease but there's an integration period. And the other thing." She gave a look to Lady Obsidian. "The other thing?" Pinprick said it first, I swear. "Some of you may have noticed we have had a bit of a slow down in Costa Sagrado's crime rate, from super-crime to purse snatching, is down a tick," She stated. We all stared at her. "Fine, from that weird mix of loyalty and near mutiny I got just a few minutes ago, it's obvious you are all aware this city's crime rate is lower, but there is a price to our success," She gestured to the monitor screens. I wasn't sure but I swore they lit up just half second slower than they did when Mabel's hard drive was in the base, an unfamiliar city skyline came up then zoomed in focus, "This is Port Cascade. Hundreds of miles away from us, you probably heard of it more than seen it but it does have a pretty nice alternative music scene. It doesn't get as much sunlight as Costa Sagrado, and likes to boast it's greener, probably because of all that rain. Despite that, it's got many of the same things to offer, fusion foods, hipsters aging inelegantly, and a thriving tech industry. Guess where all the supervillains have been going in the last year?" The question was rhetorical, but Pinprick the bait enough to say "Des Moines?" "No, man, that's election time, and the villains aren't super, just political," Tornado corrected. "Laugh it up," Lady Obsidian said and gestured to the monitors again. The display was not just one screen after all, and images flashed all over. Images of supervillains we'd fought before and some we'd never seen danced on those screens. Looting openly, pillaging like modern day vikings, and having a grand time doing it. Tornado's eyes locked on one figure, in an orange and black costume, the style of which reminded me of certain martial arts movies, "That's Devil Tiger. He's not there just for fun or easy money." The name rung a bell, "Isn't he one of your oldest foes?" I asked, "You two used to spar all the time?" "Yeah, with mixed results each time," Tornado scowled, "And he's not your typical payroll raider or even jewelry store bandit. He's a member of a group of assassins who call themselves the Children of the Dread Star. They seek to release him so he may rule all the world with them as his beloved and favored generals. Frankly, I despised the guy long before I knew what a lunatic he was. If he's in Port Cascade, something big is going on." "And I recognize at least three monsters on my usual dance card," Arctic Fox said, "When can I go?" And there it was, out in the open. "Wait," I said staring at Lady Obsidian, "You're branching us out? Aren't you? Some stay here, others go there, and we're big enough to roll." I couldn't go. Could not go. Sure, a break was coming up, but even that break was going to require study, and I had commitments. I hated to bring her the bad news but I readied myself to make my case. "You can't go, Eel," Lady Obsidian said as she saw me preparing to say something. "Why the hell not?" came out of my mouth, a testament to the contrariness of the Lambert line. "Because I worked too hard to get you to go to college and I don't trust a two week break not to stretch out into something else," She said. "Great, a month or whatever taking orders from Pinprick" I sighed. "Pinprick's not staying here," Lady Obsidian said. "Why not?" my girlfriend's warning pinch did not get to me in time, "How come he gets to be not bored?" I demanded. "Because I'm her indispensable ace-in-the-hole, you're her highly dispensable acehole," Pinprick smirked. I flashed the diminutive archer the gesture of the high hand, never let it be said I won't abandon silver age sensibilities under pressure. "Pretty much that, I've grown to rely on him and he backs my plays very well, most of the time," She eyed Pinprick as she gave the qualifier. Viewpoint cut through this to ask his own question, "Just who is being left behind? Me? I don't much care. But we got to leave some folks behind. Even if there's just a one in hundred chance some seriously bad threat arises this city needs some heroes." "Very true, Viewpoint," Lady Obsidian nodded, "And as Eel surmised, I am splitting the team. Pinprick, Arctic Fox, Tornado, Mabel and myself will be going with me. Mabel because I'll need muscle and her body is new and I want to make sure the transition to her new robotic form sticks. Viewpoint, Pogo, Slime, this is an excellent time for you to coordinate a little bit more with each other as a team. Eel and Valorasa will be team co captains while I'm gone." I must have looked surprised. "Eel, you've shown leadership moments before, and Valorasa knows this city almost as well as Tornado does, plus, as a Partial she can help empathize with the new trainees who are partials themselves when you teach them," Lady Obsidian said, "You two will be great co-captains." Valorasa beamed at me, "This could be exciting." Pogo clearly agreed, "Guys, guys, you know what this means? I mean wow while the old pros are out, the young talent is getting room to show off and folks won't see us and say hey there's those tagalongs, no they're goinna see us and go 'Look, it's the NEW New Samaritans!' Yay!" Me? I felt Ariana's smile getting contagious, and looked to the old school crew, "Thanks guys. I..We're proud you trust us with the city and we won't let you down." "I knew you won't," Lady Obsidian said. "Wait, trainees?" I blinked. "Well, of course. " Lady Obsidian said, "Look, crime is low and you've got a two week break where you can teach some basics to the partials who I gave the gear too. I said I would do it, did you think I was lying to the government official? There are laws against that sort of thing." She said with a bit of satisfaction. "Mozel Tov, Fish Guy," Pinprick said hoisting a thimble sized mug and taking a drink, "To the youngbloods, may they not screw this up!" "Hey!" Pogo said offended on our behalves. Slime bubbled with what I guessed to be amusement. And I felt a strong need for a hard drink. Leading the team I could do? But teaching? I Looked at Tornado, one of my best friends and whispered, "She expects me to teach a group of young partials how to use their full powers?" "If it helps," He said kindly, "We'll get your head shaved before we go." Ah, team mates, always there when you need them; usually with a punch line.
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    I'm always concerned when the issue of "efficiency" of private sector versus public sector is raised. I'm concerned because those two sectors have different priorities and different accountability. The priority of the public sector is to serve its citizens, and the success with which they do so is judged by those citizens through the electoral process. The priority of the private sector is to make a profit for those who own parts of a business or company, and it is to those people that they answer. When I've seen governments unload responsibility for public services, such as transportation or utilities, to the private sector, what invariably follows is either a rise in the cost of those services to citizens living where their delivery is more costly, or the curtailment of those services to those areas altogether whether or not the communities affected depend on them. The private sector's "efficiency" is derived not primarily through working harder or smarter, but -- and I realize this wording is harsh -- exploiting their less profitable customers to a greater degree, or else abandoning them. About the only way that I've seen this pattern offset is for governments to provide tax breaks or subsidies to either their affected citizens or to the companies providing the services. So in the end the government is still using tax dollars to deliver those services, albeit indirectly, and with much less control of spending priorities.
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    When Avery Brooks shaved his head on DS9.
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    death tribble

    Create a Villain Theme Team!

    Who's the black surgical doc That's as solid as a rock ? (Graft) You're damn right Who is the man That would attach his neck to his brother man ? (Graft) Can you dig it ? Who's the cat that won't cop out When there's danger all about ? (Graft) Right on They say Graft was struck off (Shut your mouth) But I'm talkin' 'bout Graft (Then we can dig it) He's a dedicated man But no one understands him but his victims (John Graft) The evil surgeon that does experiments on people involving transplanting living tissue, that is John Graft Shaft was blaxploitation and change the lyrics and voila mad scientist
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    This would be a classic example of a Transform. It would be a Limited Power only to targets she had achieved the EGO+30 against and either Constant or Damage Over Time, shutting off whenever the target makes a breakout roll for the Mental Power.
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    The Academics Thread

    “I don’t believe in astrology; I’m a Sagittarius and we’re skeptical.” --Arthur C. Clarke
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    I'm thinking about the idea of publishing "editionless" stats. Characters, at least, with point costs hidden, except for the total at the end. I'm on my phone at the moment but I'll try to work up some examples later.
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    They are reserving Batman for poorly made mediocre movies. They can't allow a TV show version outshine a movies version can they?
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    Yeah. No pressure. Looks like my home repairs are going to get rained out this weekend. I hope to get back to work on it during my "break."
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    Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    “The tax which will be paid for the purpose of education is not more than the thousandth part of what will be paid to kings, priests, and nobles who will rise up among us if we leave the people in ignorance.” ---Thomas Jefferson, third US president, architect, and author (1743-1826)
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    "Neat" Pictures

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    They wanted a female McCoy to bounce off Data in a Spock stand in. Problem there? Spock gave as good as he got and banter aside both men clearly respected each other and even kinda sort of were friends. Pulaski going after Data was more like some stranger coming in and kicking a puppy that couldn't fight back. Data could claim he didn't have feelings to hurt, but we were insulted on his behalf. Add that and her moments of disregard for Picard and it was clear the writers and director had missed the mark. As a fan of the character of Riker, the growing the beard trope tickles me greatly. For examples.. I liked farscape, but I think the introduction of Scorpius really got it going. Hardly modern I guess, but MASH for me really picked up with Potter and WInchester joined on Season two of the Justice League cartoon really revved things up for me. I liked Season one, but season two improved it dramatically... I guess we could give credit to Darkseid- he'd assume credit for greatness was his anyway
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    Dungeon Draft: October 2019

    In those days, long ago, there was no magic. Neither were there Elves, nor Dwarves, nor Giants, nor even Dragons. In those days, there were only Men - men and their amazing machines. Ancient legend tells us that men had created machines that could carry them across continents, or high over the tops of the tallest mountains. Machines with which they could converse with one another from opposite sides of the world. Machines by which they built cities that would scrape the sky itself. Machines that would burrow deep into the Earth and extract its lifeblood, which men would use to warm their cities and power their machines. It is even said that they had machines with which men might walk on the barren deserts of the Moon and return safely to the Earth. Among these machines, men built terrible weapons. Weapons that could destroy an invading army from beyond the horizon. Weapons that could render entire forests brown and lifeless. Weapons with which they could set alight their magnificent cities, reducing them to cinders as if they had never been. Weapons that could destroy their entire world. And the day came that they did exactly that. No one knows for certain how many æons passed before the races of today arose from the devastation of the former world. But as they did, they found a world of Magic and mystery. In those early, difficult times, the races learned to work together for the benefit of all. It was a new beginning, a Reawakening of life, an epoch of discovery. At length, the peoples of this world began to discover the deep and hidden secrets of the former world. Many of those discoveries were great and wonderful. Some were great and terrible. And a few were truly horrific. Some of these became known as places of great and ancient evil. In one ancient place, deep within a mountain of primordial granite, there lies a powerful machine from a bygone age. If legends are to be believed, this machine can open a doorway to other worlds. Some adventurers seek out this place in search of greater adventures, or riches undreamed of in this world. Some seek to explore and understand worlds beyond our own. And some dream of conquest in faraway places. But none have ever discovered this doorway. Or if they have, they've never come back…. Location: The granite mountain known in ancient days as Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado Why Go There? There's a Stargate in there somewhere.
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    That hack's story from Feb 2019 points out that Ukraine at that time had already restarted the investigation. If you don't like the hack's story, here's one from May 2019 stating that the investigation had already been restarted at that point in time. https://112.international/article/biden-brought-his-people-in-ukraines-prosecutor-generals-office-to-cover-his-sons-business-shokin-39549.html Either of those news stories is long before Trump sent Guiliani to make first contact with Ukraine over the matter, much less before the Trump phone call. I'm saying, impeach Trump over enriching himself at the taxpayer's expense while in office. You can point to multiple incidents of Trump directing business to his companies while in office. That's illegal. In contrast, this Ukrainian phone call thing while useful for grabbing headlines and getting some Democrat officeholders off of the fence is going to get ripped apart like tissue paper if anyone cares to give a substantive defense. The investigation already being in progress for months before the threat of withholding money mitigates the claim that Trump was somehow forcing Ukraine to do something that it didn't want to do. Threatening to withhold money unless a foreign leader does what you want, even if you think you can find that in the transcript...that happens in Washington all the time. I just posted a video of Biden bragging that he'd threatened this same Ukrainian leader that he'd withhold money unless that Ukrainian leader fired a particular prosecutor (who just happened to be in charge of the investigation into a company where Hunter Biden sat on the board). Threatening to withhold money from a foreign country unless it does what we want has been the main way the US has motivated foreign cooperation since WWII. For the threat to be relevant in any manner in an accusation against Trump, you'd have to prove some underlying crime. Because threatening to withhold money unless a foreign country does what we want isn't itself a crime.
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    Chris Goodwin

    Hero system 7 ideas

    I think what Duke is getting at is, in Champions II it was Light Illusions; you rolled dice and compared it to INT. However, I did a bit of digging, and in 3rd edition at least, both Mental Illusions and Telepathy were compared to INT (not EGO) as well. Mind Control and Mind Scan were both compared to EGO, as expected. (It was called Images in FH 1e, with the same mechanic as in Champions II; FH also had Sounds, which was the same mechanic but for... sound.)
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    Tabletop Simulator

    New Dice roller with support for killing attacks, 1/2d6 and stun modifiers for 6e/5e.
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    Share Your Magic System!

    One magic system I've used for divine magic is to have effects powered only by an END Reserve that will only recharge while the character is performing religious acts, such as prayer. I did this specifically to emulate HarnMaster's ritual and piety point system, and to give divine magic a very different flavour to arcane magic. You coud vary is somewhat - recovering END only while on ground consecrated to the character's deity, for example (though one might then allow a specific temporary Consecrate ritual which costs no END but requires significant extra time so you can set up a temporary shrine where you stop to camp, but can't recharge your reserve in combat).
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    Superhero Cosplayers

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    "Neat" Pictures

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    Dungeon Draft: October 2019

    After all of that, what could be worse? How about ending up cold, wet, bruised, and publicly humiliated? Featured Highlight #5: The Wipeout Zone (One adventurer at a time; the obstacles change every time!)
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    Gods in RPGs

    I prefer my gods transcendent rather than immanent. This makes all evidence for their existence very much subjective and open to interpretation. It's part of my preference for low fantasy. So I'm all for a mountain that some people claim had it's top cut off by the swipe of Clanggeddin's axe in his battle with Gruumsh for ownership of the mountain range in which the dwarves and orcs dwell. But there will be no hard evidence for it. Not to mention competing stories.
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    Create a Villain Theme Team!

    Bee Woman has all the powers of a bee which she implants in her victims and causes them to obey her commands with their new tiny wings CES
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    Hyperspace Hibernation

    Thanks for this. Traveling through hyperspace while awake results in the victim developing epilepsy, a raging insanity or falling into a coma rather than death, so I think I'll just make it a Mental Transform into one of those three states. It's probably going to be a -1/2 or -1 Limitation. Explored space is not very huge, and hyperspace travel is not really fast, maybe about where Traveler is at: a parsec or two per week. Colonized space (the Core) reaches out about four parsecs from Sol, the Outer Rim goes out another six parsecs and is made up of mining outposts and other resource extraction sites as well as scientific research bases and start-up colonies, a barely-civilized zone reminiscent of the Wild West or maybe some places shown in the Firefly TV series. Beyond the Outer Rim is the Frontier, around ten parsecs or so deep, rarely traveled and home to only mining installations and scientific outposts. The feel I am trying for is something like you saw in the original two Alien movies and the gritty space-western Outland, mixed with elements of Blade Runner. No blasters or laser guns, although a form of artificial gravity exists as an offshoot of the technology that gave mankind FTL travel. I'm leaning towards there being no aliens, just artificial beings like replicants alongside humans, but I'm still undecided.
  34. 2 points

    Create a Villain Theme Team!

    Rudy Lee Ray was a night club owner, pimp and stand-up comedian whose buck wild material attacked The Man and riled up his crowds. This put a target on him and one night he was gunned down by the police. Near death he crawled into a toy store and using a spell taught to him by one of his ladies transferred his soul into a Lil' Bro action toy. Now all the suckas will have to pay to the illest little motha you ever seen, who is crackin skulls with kung fu and bustin caps too. Here comes...DOLL-O-MITE!!
  35. 2 points

    "Neat" Pictures

  36. 2 points
    Jedi scum staining your clothes? Try Order 66 Laundry Detergent! Guaranteed to virtually 'Wipe them all out!'
  37. 2 points

    Creepy Pics.

  38. 2 points

    Champions Now Information

    I got an update e-mail today. The artist they commissioned for the book has had some health issues, so the artwork has been delayed. They are anticipating all artwork to be submitted by October 15th, after which the book will go to final editing and layout. The PDF version should be completed shortly thereafter, with physical copies to follow. The only firm date they gave was the aforementioned October 15th, but it gives me hope that I could be holding the finished product by Christmas.
  39. 2 points

    Advantage costing

    The short answer is "no". A slightly longer answer is "hell, no". For a more complete answer... As people have pointed out in this thread, there are point-efficient ways of building a power without resorting to using naked advantage. My experience with naked advantage is players trying to go over active point campaign limits by burying naked advantages somewhere on a handwritten character sheet like among the skills "He's so skilled with his energy blast that its armor piercing when he wants it to be" or "his energy blast doesn't cost END when he doesn't want it to (like every time he's low on END)" then hoping I okay the character without noticing. So I strongly prefer everything about a power to be written together in one spot on a character sheet so I can understand at a glance exactly how a character is supposed to work.
  40. 2 points

    Hero system 7 ideas

    Well said, sentry0. Personally, if invited to a table of Hero System, I wouldn’t mind which edition I would be playing at all as long as I’m playing it.
  41. 2 points
    Doc Democracy

    I’m Back?

    Welcome back, it is a much quieter board than it used to be. Same old arguments though. 🙂
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    I thought this was weird, so I did some research:
  43. 2 points

    More space news!

    There is solid reason to say that Venus was in the HZ until 3/4 Gyr ago or so, at which time the inevitable increase in solar luminosity drove all the water into vapor form, the thermal structure of the atmosphere changed so that water was exposed to the solar UV, and it got photodissociated and lost. End of habitability. The outer edge of the HZ is harder to guess. Mars is low enough mass that its geological activity was able to maintain a circulation of atmosphere gases through the solid part of the planet for a Gyr, tops, and maintain a magnetic field strong enough to stand off the impinging solar wind, for a less-understood amount of time. In other words, Mars might not be habitable now even if it was now and had always been where Earth is now. It is a weak candidate. Had Mars been 1 or 2 earth masses, its geology probably would still be going. In such a case, would an Earth-mass Mars in its current location be habitable now? And, an important second question arises: would it have been habitable 3.5 Gyr ago when the solar luminosity was substantially lower? I would need some convincing before I'd say we had any confidence in our ability to answer those questions.
  44. 2 points
    That's because a fair number of all people took that lim. Only it reads "Psych Lim: Greatly prefers facts that reinforce preexisting worldview".
  45. 2 points

    A superhero setting from Scratch

    If this thread seems like a mess it's only because it is. I merged all three threads to keep it all together.
  46. 2 points
    I wouldn't say that sales are in a healthy state currently nor that the rules are particularly well accepted by the masses. The game who's biggest weakness was complexity became increasingly complex and rules heavy until the player base all but vanished. Personally the dropping of figured characteristics was not a big deal for me and it does allow some interesting character constructs. On the other hand they feel pretty intuitive to players and losing them has NOT helped adoption of the game system by new players. My Saturday game just wrapped up a big campaign in 6th edition and honestly if HERO designer supported 4th edition I'd revert back to that before the next campaign starts.
  47. 2 points
    I often wonder if there aren’t two sharply different versions of the Starship Troopers book running around out there with the same cover.
  48. 2 points
    I think it would be trivial to make an adaptation of Starship Troopers that had no pro-fascist agenda lurking in the background, particularly since that's not in the book to begin with. And I think the Iron Man movies showed how to put your star actors in powered armor without losing the ability to see their faces and their emotions.
  49. 2 points

    Google Dice

    So, you're Holding Out for a Hero?
  50. 1 point

    Tabletop Simulator

    Aiming for first beta release at end of October. Features are: - Hex distance calculator (distance & height) (100% complete) Dice Roller with target numbers and modifiers (100% complete) 100+ 3D Superhero figures available from other Workshop mods (100% complete) Table Layout for Gameplay (GM & Players) (95% complete - playable as is) JSON Combat record (simple & detailed) import from Hero Designer (JSON Exported written and tested) TTS (75% complete - 2-3 days more work) Storing Monsters/NPC's in card decks for quick loading (75% complete - 2-3 days more work) Interoperability between tools (75% complete - not playable - 3-4 days more work) Drag and Drop loading of Hero Game stats into Models (25% complete - Dependant on JSON Combat Record - 2-3 days work) GM automated Turn Control with Phases / Speed etc (5% complete - Dependant on JSON Combat Record and Drag / Drop loading - No timing yet) My current target is to release beta without GM Turn control and complete before first published version
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