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    Unpopular Opinion Challenge

    Green Lantern
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    All those splashy "woke" rebuilds sell well at first, then tail off rapidly once people figure out the writing is just as bad, its just a gimmick. They've been trying to save comics by "expanding the demographics" for a decade now and its not working.
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    Duke Bushido

    Single Power Ideas

    My supers universe is filled with these: Characters (NPCs) with a power or two who are _not_ "super heroes" or "super villains," but just people. Honestly, I _had_ to do it. I mean, i introduced it as a minor, once-in-a-while background gag, just to test the waters, but I was surprised at the reaction of the players: it just made so much sense to them! I was shocked. Like me, they figured for every one guy who got ten different powers, there were probably three or four who got one or two powers. For every person who go some awesome movement or combat or clairvoyance power, there were likely a few who got "see in the dark, period." I have no idea whatsoever how to write them up in 6e in a way that won't result in nine different discussions about what I did right or wrong, so let me just give you the basic idea of two of the still-present (and strangely popular) of these characters: Steven "The Step" Stephenon (real name Jordan Piper) has the singular ability to survive a fall from any height. That's it. Even if he lands at terminal velocity and falls flat onto a field of high-density concrete, he'll be fine. This does _not_ mean he can survive being hit by a car doing 50. His amazing invulnerability only applies to falls. He currently supports himself as a highly-demanded stuntman in the movie industry. Danica Manning (real name Danica Manning): Duplication. She has become so used to being twelve people that it's rare to find her fully combined. Currently, she supports herself as six lab assistants (mostly in the "super science" type fields), attends college where she is currently working on four different degrees (three duplicates) to go with the ones she already has. She is also dating a couple of guys, and is living a life of absolute leisure, doing whatever strikes her fancy. When she needs to rest, the more worried, frazzled, or tired duplicates will merge for a few days with the "permanent vacation" duplicate, re-align themselves psychically, intellectually, and spiritually, and then go back to work. Though sometimes it's not always the same one going back to the same place (nor does it really matter, so long as she has recently combined with the appropriate one). This neat trick has given her an undeserved reputation for infinite patience. She respects those with powers who decide to put on costumes and put their lives on the line, but in equal measure she finds the entire idea unbelievably stupid. As she is does not age unless all of her is combined into one form, she expects to enjoy a long working life (with eleven retirement plans! ), she's pretty confident that she's working toward a very, _very_ comfortable "middle age" that she plans to extend for as long as possible. She's slightly sarcastic, (very slightly), almost monotone when at work, and -- well, she's not exactly anti-social; it's just that sometimes she is more company than she cares to have. She can be bribed with a small sack of chocolate-covered mayonnaise balls from Truck's Tacos. There are many, _many_ more, but for some reason, with every supers group I run, those two keep coming up as fan favorites.
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    Ripley in Alien was originally written as a male character, and I think just about all that was changed was the first name and pronouns. The trick to writing a strong woman is to write a strong person, not just a collection of macho cliches. Gender isn't necessarily important to doing so if the character is three-dimensional and engaging.
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    I think this is the first non-joking premise I've heard that would make me boycott a Marvel movie. Darcy overstayed her welcome by 1 3/4 movies as far as I'm concerned.
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    Trump uses fear and hatred to motivate his supporters. To counter that the Democrats will have to offer a counter message, of hope and compassion. "Anybody but Trump" is not going to do it -- Americans are hungry for a positive vision. But the Dems will need someone who can inspire voters to hope again, as Barack Obama did. No more party apparatchiks like Hillary Clinton.
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    A solemn group of adventurers gather around a human pincushion. "I guess Bob should have specified that the arrows appear in a hex he wasn't standing in."
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    Killer Shrike

    Arc 4: Qlippothic Philosophic

    Jack Maywood Slayer / Alchemist Lord Maggot Joey Manegarm Lokispawn Scything Beretta Colt Final Girl Steve Drew Altman Lucky Operator WilyQ Murgatroyd Arcanist Durzan Killroy Sniper / Cabalist King Red Placeholder
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    Swords in science fiction -- why?

    If your players aren't happy with the, "rule of cool," then you aren't going to have swords in your SF game. They'll have to make do with a bayonet on the end of their plasma rifle.
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    Planetary Pick what goes Kaboom!: Magrathea.
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    Unpopular Opinion Challenge

    I feel compelled to cheat since my entry missed the mark by only 4 months and 4 days (Aug 27th, 1999) - 13th Warrior. It clocks in at 33% by way of critic reviews and I loved that movie. With exceptions for Avengers, LOTR series and Commando I don't think I've watched any movie as many times.
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    Its a pretty minor effect, honestly. I think Mind Control (and other mental powers) are broken in Hero and always have been. They cost vast points for minor effects and simulate the genre material very, very poorly. I would rather see a structure more like transform where the desire effect determines the cost rather than a flat build structure across all desired attempts. Transform has different costs for specific attempts to accomplish a goal: Making someone's eyebrows pink costs 3 points per d6, its not a flat cost for every type of effect. Mental powers should follow the same kind of structure, and target the Ego of a character to overwhelm it rather than presence attack-like levels of effect.
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    The saddest thing about Temple of Doom is that it starts really well.
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    Unpopular Opinion Challenge

    I liked parts of Crystal Skull. Maybe even most of it.
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    Create a Villain Theme Team!

    Kari Clauson floats through life, intersecting with people like they were ghosts. She is untouchable and barely touches others. She defines her her status as a holding pattern as she waits for something to change. She is Limbo. CES
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    Sony is being run by imbeciles if they don't rent out Spider-Man to Disney on a permanent basis. You can use him... if you pay us. Make your billion and give us our cut. Its basically zero risk, zero investment, and constant income.
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    I think part of the problem is that the more severe side of the left tends to call anyone who isn't left enough for them ALT Right. A lot of the labeling is patently absurd. Two internet guys I like to listen to fairly often are Joe Rogan and Tim Pool. They're both moderate democrats. They dislike/hate Trump and agree with most things that would have been mainstream left only 8-10 years ago. Now Tim has a show that is being threatened to be shut down by Antifa nuts because it involves trying to get progressives and conservatives sitting down face-to-face to talk to each other. Tim, in particular, getting called ALT Right is incomprehensible to me. He likes universal income, health-care for all, and several other mainstream left ideas. If this kind of nonsense doesn't cool off by 2020 there are going to be lifelong liberals voting for Trump because their own party has lost its mind.
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    These changes are what he's talking about. The current Spider-Man is a Sony-Marvel collaboration. He's saying they took a strong swerve away from the prior two Sony incarnations of Spider-Man. (Though in this case Ultimate universe, which influences all of the MCU versions of characters to some degree, not Elseworlds.)
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    Funny Pics II: The Revenge

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    Dude are you throwing shade onto my idea for the great american novel, written in 144 word chapters!!!...😜
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    I would say that the majority of people who prefer Story Games have seriously backed away from this stance. I also find these days that people are more likely to play both traditional and story games. I believe the worst of this superiority complex is behind us. I suggest forgiving the overly-enthusiast and focusing on what you like.
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    If you don't articulate that you aren't enjoying yourself, and why, your resentment is only going to build. Sooner or later that's going to come out, probably in a way that will be more harmful to your friendship than if you were straight with him early on. I'm sure there are other things each of you enjoys that the other doesn't. If you're reasonable about it, and he's that good a friend, he should understand. If he doesn't he couldn't have been that good a friend, and it's better to know that now.
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    Just being aware is 95% of self defense. It's very rare that someone is out there just looking to fight some random dude on the street - there's always a goal and that goal is almost always best met (by the attacker) by avoiding physical conflict. Physical conflicts are risky...and noisy. Put yourself in the mind of, say, a mugger. You're not in this to fight, you're in this to find a target that you can take off guard, get their stuff, and get away with minimal commotion. Get in, get your stuff, get out. That guy who's walking down the street with his head down as he texts on his iPhone? Great target. Barely has the self awareness to avoid a pot hole much less see you coming up behind him. That woman walking along with her purse over the opposite shoulder (not easy to take off), head up, and aware of where she is? Not a great target...likely going to make a huge racket even if she doesn't actively fight back. That's just initial target selection, but that self-aware woman stopped things before they ever moved past that.
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    I see the opposite, actually. There’s better writing everywhere, on TV, in theaters, and in print. And there’s a lot of it. The problem is finding it since there is that much more content available now. DC/Marvel properties alone have more hours of shows than I could ever watch. And I’m immortal.
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    Option 2: The Emperor- Q (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
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    Yes, but.... Any point can be reached on earth within hours rather than days/weeks/months in space. in the real world if you hole the hull the atmosphere doesn't disappear. in the real world if the air becomes fouled you just vent. in the real world if you lose propulsion no matter where you are you have air and aid within hours. in the real world if your environmental support (heating & cooling) goes out, you can survive the hours needed for rescue. in the real world if you vessel becomes catastrophically disabled (sinks) you can take to lifeboats that have endless breathable air in the real world if a gunshot/shotgun blast destroys/damages a critical system you can survive air & heat for the hours needed to get a replacement. In the real world I have seen critical parts for an engineering casualty delivered to an adrift vessel within the same day. It is true that on earth they didn't need to worry about lose of air or freezing to death with the loss of heating as would be a danger in space. In the real world I have seen critical medical supplies delivered to a private sailing yacht in the middle of the Pacific by air in less than 9 hours and a surface vessel intercept withing 14 hours. Compared to space, seafaring is very forgiving. And the sea has rightly been described as unforgiving. In the 1900's all the way through the 30's/40's kerosene and oil lamps were very common. In the 1910-20's they were far far more common than electrical lights on land or at sea. And yet we didn't see them used on zeppelins/airships. Something to do with hydrogen going bang. On earth at sea the firearm is used because it is a easy weapon that is very efficient and the possible collateral damage is very low on the "we will die scale". Even adrift and without power you can live a long time until rescue arrives and in 2019, unless it is a private vessel on the cheap, a ships position is always known down to meters and there are several methods of singling distress that do not involve visual signalling. On a vessel that operates in space, the destruction or incapacitation damage to a critical support system needed to maintain breathable atmosphere, a control that controls heating/cooling to maintain livable temperature or even damage that causes a fire or chemical reaction that contaminates the existing atmosphere that cannot be removed. Any of those could be caused by one errant shot be it a high powered round or pellets from a shotgun. All tools are chosen by simplicity (easier to train the users) and efficiency (completes the task quickly and correctly with less error/rework). Swords replaced earlier weapons because they were "better". They held that spot until a "better" weapon came around, the firearm. Redefine conditions and "better" may be a weapon that does not damage the things that keep you alive and condemn you to a slow death. Most of the naysayers use an old environments assumptions plastered over a new environment and call it proved. While I cannot say you are wrong, I can say I have envisioned several new issues that make the use of a firearm detrimental to survival. All of which give some credence to the need for a personal weapon system that is not a firearm. It could be a sword, or maybe something we haven't thought of. But a explosively driven kinetic impact weapon fired inside of a metal box filled with fragile equipment needed to keep one alive minute to minute is not a good thing.
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    HERO System Mobile 2.0

    Here's a preview of the apps new look and feel... the screenshot quality is OK, it's a little sharper and has a bit more contrast in person.
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    Batman Yelp

    Gotham Professional Building. Clean roof, good edging for hanging thugs over to threaten them, but noisy HVAC unit made me have to repeat threats. 3/5.
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    Who knew if you were poor, you were more likely to get shot while being robbed or shoot yourself, or if you were married, you are more likely to get shot by your significant other especially if you are the woman in the relationship, or suicide by gun is more likely to succeed than any other way? I didn't.
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    I was contacted by the Kamala HArris campaign and asked to take a survey to tell what I thought were important issues of the day. At the end, the survey asked, "Is there anything you want Kamala to know. Here's my reply: I'd like a flat income tax similar to what Gov. Jerry Brown proposed in the 1992 Democratic primaries. I'd like immigration law either enforced or changed rather than be ignored. I'd like a candidate to project a calm and professional demeanor to foreign countries by addressing bread-and-butter mainstream Democrat issues rather than chasing after primary voters by fully embracing every fringe stance which comes along. Looking like a frothing radical doesn't help a candidate to appeal to Democrats as a whole and certainly doesn't help in looking professional to foreign countries.
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    Discord is super popular! When I went to look for a Discord server for HERO I found a small server focused on a superhero setting that discussed a bunch of RPGs. Not exactly HERO-related. Having a Twitter account doesn't mean I hate Facebook. I use a bunch of different social media platforms. I feel like the goal here is to meet people where they are at. It doesn't hurt to have a presence on every platform. Did you know there is a /r/Champions and /r/herosystem Reddit forums? A Facebook fangroup? To wit: when I upload something to the downloads here, I link to it in other places - to encourage people to come look here! The goal is to generate buzz, find people where they are at and then share stuff with those interested. One of the big issues with non-current-D&D RPGs is keeping the presence up to those looking for something else. I believe having a Discord server could help on that front. Think of it as screaming into the room from under the 800lb gorilla...
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    I read Grrl Power, a full-color superhero comic which has been an ongoing series for 10 years. The author has increased his output to getting out 2-3 pages a week which is a scorchingly high rate for a webcomic and his art is much improved over the years. The storyline in that 10 years of real life has progressed about 3 months maybe (in 759 pages). As much as I love the title, that's not a lot of content even though the author is very prolific by webcomic standards. As a consumer, it's tough to pay a lot. If you're giving him $5 a month on Patreon, for example, you're getting less than a comic book of content per month for the cost of a physical comic book. Now in my opinion, the content is better than a lot of Marvel/DC titles. But what amount is the right amount to give an author per month for getting a fraction of the content of a comic book? Some comic books are $4 rather than $5. If you're getting half of a comic book a month, is $2 a month the right amount? How many people need to give an author/artist $2 a month to not only keep him from starving to death but also keep him in a good frame of mind to keep producing top quality content? And keep in mind he has to pay the inker as welI. I certainly don't know. https://grrlpowercomic.com/archives/comic/gp0001/
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    That would belong in a "Movies that are significantly worse than their RT rating" thread.
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    I've posted it before, but here's a bit more good news.
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    In other news...

    Well, the luminosity class IV means it has already begun its post-main-sequence evolution: in the very center, hydrogen is exhausted or nearly so, and the star's energy is being generated in a fairly thick shell around the center. But the core is not yet degenerate, and the envelope has not yet turned fully convective. For higher-mass stars this subgiant phase doesn't last long, and there are relatively few stars seen in that transition from main sequence to the giant branch. For lower-mass stars ... less than 1.4 solar masses or so ... the thick-shell-burning phase takes longer. HD 140283 is in that stage, *and* it's an extremely metal poor star to boot. With an apparent magnitude of just over 7, it's a long-known and often studied star. I got a spectrum of it back in the early 1980s and was stunned to find a clear lithium line. (Lithium is very easily destroyed by exposure to high-temperature protons, so any sort of mixing between stellar atmosphere and interior "astrates" the lithium and reduces its abundance; this has already happened in the Sun, where it is just barely detectable, and has been reduced by a factor of a hundred or so from its initial level.) My advisor didn't urge me to pursue that because a Nature paper by Francois and Monique Spite was in press, where they'd looked at a number of these extremely metal poor dwarfs and subgiants, analyzed them for lithium, and found a more-or-less constant value. They interpreted this as cosmological in origin: that "ceiling" for lithium in the old stars is Li from the Big Bang, which made hydrogen, helium, and a trace of lithium. The proportions of those depend on the mass of the Universe and the baryon fraction. The level they got was consistent with a density less than the critical value, a result the observational cosmologists had found (with substantial uncertainty) by other means earlier. This came out of left field: it had not been realized that this ancient tracer was observable, and to find a completely independent (and unambiguous) sign that there was not enough ordinary matter in the Universe to make for a critical density was a shock. The Inflationary Hypothesis was formulated a couple of years later; Rubin & Ford's incontrovertible results for unseen matter dominating the rotation curves in spiral galaxies had been out for 5 years or so; and the conclusion that ordinary baryonic matter made no more than a couple of percent of the content of the Universe was slowly gaining grudging acceptance.
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    Scott Ruggels

    Dome City

    I am going to say straight out, we will need at least 20 characters, and if we plan for 5 or 6 players, We will need to make at least 12 example characters, to give folks some choices, even if it's simple like "Male Brick", "Female brick"> Look, how they look is going to be different at the end, from the beginning. If we are going to crowd fund this hypothetical projects, we might as well crowd source here. Even when presenting Write ups of Characters in the Old Rogues Gallery, I would include a villain option so that the powers and abilities could be used. Yes we will need cops, Bystanders, automatons, Gang members, Mooks, and the two BBEGs, but a lot of the percieved value of this is going to be through a mass of character, and character ideas, we haven't seen since the first or second edition, simple, easy characters with minimal back story and no tricks or much efficiency in their builds (Plus lots of full color Character art.) The goal is being an attractive package that can be run fairly quickly out of the box. The scenery, and the maps and details of Hepzibah are necessary to a point, but they don't have to be exhaustive. Unlike 1981,, Google now exists to look stuff up, and we should say as much. Types of characters should be in Sections such as "Friends" with the bystanders, cops and Firemen, and important NPCS, Enemies with The Skull, CJ, The gangs , The mob, and Chaos. Finally the example characters should be at the back with the build notes, asnd a suggestion to test the characters out for them selves on a blank map to practice combat, and to see how different poweres interact with each other. The PLAY should be the attraction. The base minumum would be enough for a Gm and 4 - 6 players to be able to run this over three or four nights (Warn them that combats often take a long time, so plan accordingly), and by the end they are conversqant at how to play Champions, and are THEN curious enough to want to build their own. Also in terms of Plot and Characters, There is no outside help avalaible, and Our Heroes must sove this dome problem with their wits or their fists.
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    Dragon Villain

    Unless it's all part of a diabolical plot........
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    Been awhile since I ran a game and studied the deep esoterica of Hero System, but I would judge that Aid would require AoE. It is a good method if the spell wears off but might get prohibitively expensive to do so. Transform is not something I would recommend. Barrier is your best bet if the change is permanent. The special effect of transforming the rock to this new "dense rock" can easily be simulated using that rule more easily than others. Just toss on a "Only to harden the existing rock" requirement (which, at best, I would allow a -¼ Limitation on) and define it as the existing rock in the defined area. I know the Barrier power says "create," but sculptors "create" art from existing clay or stone. This is much the same concept. Just my $0.02.
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    Adding damage class

    I have Champions Complete rulebook and try to understand. Probaly its easy, but i cant find answer. On page 156 is about damage. I completly dont understand how calculate DC (damage class) to damage dices? For example: how i know how many dices add to HKA if I add 4 DC to attack?
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    Steve Long


    I think the "previous answer" you're referring to is this one: That, in turn, led to the statement on APG2 37. Does that answer your question? If not, please PM me and I will edit this answer to address your concern. Thanks!
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    Changing gears again ...
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    "Neat" Pictures

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    Funny Pics II: The Revenge

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    How many disadvantages?

    Depends on your players, really. Generally I offer a set of guidelines (you should have between X and Y disadvantage points) and let them build to what they want. If someone wants a number not divisible by 5, I still allow the old "quirks", which are up to 4 points of 1 point quirks (When battle approaches, always says "Smoke 'em if you got 'em", Likes to use puns in battle, etc.). I have some players who always max out points, I have others who just take what they see as core to the character and fit their points to that. I have other guidelines as well (you should have at least N spent in skills that represent your job, interests, knowledge) and try to work with players to understand how things will come up in the game and why I have the guidelines. - E
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    Duke Bushido

    5e Power Suggestions

    Succor! That's what it was called! Great. Now I've got to go sand my nipples clean. ugh.
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    Pattern Ghost

    Picard trailer

    Another moron using "elude" instead of "allude" on the internet. Does this mean the descriptivists are going to change the meaning of the words soon? #GetOffMyLawn.
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