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  1. In case folks hadn't heard, here's the recent posting on our Facebook page: We’re working on an update to our original San Angelo: City of Heroes product line, bringing the Origins Award-nominated sourcebook and setting into the 21st century! No definitive release date yet but we are shooting for Summer 2020. We’ll post updates here so be sure to follow us to get the latest info! I'll be posting material and sneak peaks, as well as answering questions, in this thread. See you at Liberty Square! SACoH Facebook Page | Twitter: @SACoHNews | IG: @SACoHNews | Website: SACoH.
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  2. ccastan

    HS6E GM Screen

    Version 1


    This is a GM screen I created using a combination of tables from Champions Complete (mostly), and Hero System 6E Volume 2. I made minor tweaks to some tables because of spacing needs, but otherwise the tables are straight from those sources. The pages are laid out to use in a landscape 11" x 8 1/2" format. I use a four panel vinyl landscape 11" x 8 1/2" screen I bought online. Of course you can also use the tables on a laptop during play. Enjoy!
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  3. The legend lives on from the Apprentice on down of the big oompaloompa called Donnie The Donnie, it is said, always has some bed head and he's friends with a loon named Giulani With a MAGA flag load, 26,000 or more stowed, than that big, ole fat Trump boat weighed empty that good ship and true was a bone to be chewed when the polls of November vote truly PS - think Gordon Lightfoot....
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  6. Hey all! Long time no see! Just wanted to drop in and let people know that my new comic book history podcast, Explain This, Comics Guys!! began last week with its very first episode, about the history of the Comics Code Authority and the Code itself. New episodes will drop every other week - we've got six in the can already so we have some margin in case of illness, travel or whatever. You can check it out here: https://explainthis.podbean.com/ Thanks! dw
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  7. Transsexual Satanist Anarchist Wins Republican Nomination https://www.the-sun.com/news/1463548/transsexual-satanist-anarchist-wins-nomination-new-hampshire-sheriff/ DiMezzo is the High Priestess of the Reformed Satanic Church. Her campaign slogan was "F*** the Police". She attributes her win to voter stupidity in not researching the candidates and what they stand for.
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  8. For the first time in literally decades, I've been looking back at the Third Edition of Champions. It's the version I learned to play on, and there are times when i miss the simplicity--especially as I contemplate teaching new people to play. So I've begun building characters again. And I've got to tell you, here's something really cool about building a character with pencil and paper. I've had to relearn how a few things work, like END (Holy cow! How did my heroes ever stay awake for more than a Turn?!) and proper Elemental Controls, but I'm now able to create a new character in ~30 minutes,
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  9. Given that you feel safe enough to make posts like this, yes. Dean Shomshak
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  11. I think it's important for everyone (maybe Steve Long most of all) to consider just how unusual that Q&A Forum is. I don't believe that even the biggest players, like D&D or Pathfinder, make their top staff available to answer any and every rules question someone wants to post. Those games have a lot more resources backing them than Hero does. This is not "something Hero has to do to be in the game", it is a value-added which exceeds the norm - maybe someone else is aware of some other games that do this, but I doubt there are many, even if there are some. It
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  12. Just a quick heads-up for folks: the rules questions forum has been changed a bit, given Steve's schedule and general lack of time to jump in and answer questions these days. The forum is now an open question and answer forum. Threads should stick to similar themes as previously (rules questions pertaining to 6E). Anyone can respond now...and folks can vote/rate answers. The highest rated answer is listed first...and the original poster can select a best-answer (which will be pinned to the top of the list). I'm treating this as something of an experiment for now --
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  14. Yesterday, I discovered the Republican Voters Against Trump channel on Youtube. I binged watched it and found it a balm for my soul. Prior to Trump, I believed that, while Democrats and Republicans argued about many things, they actually agreed on far more than they disagreed. That while there might be Republican values and Democratic values, there were American values which were greater than both. Then came Trump. Trump has no American values or values at all that aren't self serving. Even after Trump's election, I held out hope for common shared American values. Maybe they
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  17. Legitimate addressing of the issues (instead of token gestures) would end all this, but...as usual...America refuses to admit there is any problem.
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