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    Well, for starters, we prefer being referred to as women.
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    Scott Ruggels

    Wondering if I'm alone here

    No death during character creation. Skill resolution is 2D6 plus one’s skill level. Skills can be linked to different stats due to situations. (Mechanics plus Dex to fix something. Mechanics plus Education to figure out what parts are needed to buy. ). Combat is pretty lethal but no instantly so. Same “range bands” as classic Traveller, and it’s hard to hit anything moving.
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    That would be a faster method for sure. It would also help reduce the problems with having half dice or +1 on Killing Attacks. I appreciate the insights from everyone. Even though I've known HERO for a long time, there are always new corners I've never really touched on before.
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    Chris Goodwin

    Wondering if I'm alone here

    I've always thought those were meant for our more... hygienically challenged brethren. A die as a reward for using the soap!
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    Pulp Comix

    I haven't been able.to read these yet - given the content though. I had one for a Red Panda book as well, can't find it.
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    GM Joe


    Schools: Students must abide by our dress code. Also schools: It would be wrong for us to tell kids they have to wear masks.
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    Funny Pics II: The Revenge

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    Rethinking the Archer type

    Buy your arrow multipower/charges/whathaveyou. Buy the bow as the range effect on the arrows.
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