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    Heck, I had pretty much abandoned the system. It IS the system that I know the best. So when the players wanted to play Supers, it was the game I chose. We are running a beginning 6e Champions Game. Dex 18, SPD 5, DC10 (62 active), CV 7 as our averages. So Skill levels (yet) The PCs are the newest hosts for Beings that are Iconic for a character type. Developing I'm BACK!! LOL
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    In honor of the man's passing...
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    Buy the magic as Requires A Skill Based Roll. Buy the corresponding skill. Buy two levels in the skill, Usable Only During Daylight. This achieves the two point difficulty swing without any fancy business on the Requires A Roll modifier, since it offloads the variability to the skill itself.
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    Arepo Is the Goddess of Death and Rebirth. Her geography is Jurmunganger the Long Land, a single narrow twisting continent that encircles the entire Torus - or would if at any given moment 30 to 59% of it were not underwater. Which is sea and which is land shifts according to complex interlocking cycles of varying lengths. Lucius Alexander The palindromedary says now we need to go eat a donut.
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    Hugh Neilson

    Ideas from Other Game Systems

    There is "role playing", a foreign concept to many new to the hobby. And there is "game", which tends to mean "win or lose". Aligning the game to the role playing so that success is achieved by good role playing is good game design, whether embedded into the system or applied by the GM. If following the genre conventions and playing a heroic character means a lack of success in the game, then the game is a failure. Those heroes who embrace the heroic code, in genre, emerge victorious in the source material. One old article on the Star Trek RPG of the day made two excellent points. First, when offered the chance to embrace certain death in order to save a member of his crew, the Captain will always accept without hesitation. To do otherwise is a failure by the player to role play within the genre. Second, when that offer has been accepted, there will always be a way out, with a successful end to the scenario. To have no such way out is a far greater failure by the GM to role play within the genre. Too often, the GM who cannot understand why his players will not "play within the genre", or "play heroic characters" or whatever terms one wished to adopt, is the problem - his game and GM style penalizes playing within the genre, so his players resist, wishing to "win", and the GM cannot see that the failure to embrace the genre is as much, or more, with his GM style.
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    What kind of monster are you?

    Of course, the monster I'd most like to be is a dragon. However, I'm not really greedy and all dragons are greedy. So, I'm somewhat slow and methodical, I stay confined to a set area, I'm generally open and honest which leads to a lot of transparency in my life, the people closest to me often say I'm amazingly silent and sneaky for my size, and I've collected a rather large, odd assortment of weapons throughout my life. The monster I'm probably closest to is: Gelatinous Cube
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    Fantasy Hero Primer Updated

    Hi all. I've just updated my primer designed to introduce players (especially D&D players) to Fantasy Hero. You can find it here: https://www.herogames.com/forums/files/file/367-fantasy-hero-primer/ I would have just bumped the old thread where we originally hashed it out, but the fabulous archive feature prevents this. I don't intend to keep updating it on any sort of schedule, but if anyone finds any errors or has any suggestions that don't require too much page count / rewriting I'd be happy to consider them (for instance, I was going through the previous thread and saw someone talking about shield bashing, and added that in).
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    Honestly, this Kavanaugh thing is ridiculous. This is not a sex assault trial. It's a hiring committee. You're looking at a candidate for one of the best, and most tenure-protected jobs on Earth. It's okay to red-flag a CV! that is, and I cannot emphasise this enough, how hiring committees work. . . . It was also so completely avoidable. The Federalist Society maintains a fully investigated, cleared a short list of 10 members of America's obscenely narrow list of papabile, conservative Supreme Court candidates for just this reason, and expanded it to 20 at the President's request. (I bet that it would be a much better list if they were allowed to include graduates from historically conservative schools, but t that's just my wild ass theorising.) Kavanaugh did not make the short list, or the long list, and while there might be other reasons for that, it was no secret that he was a hard-drinking 80s frat bro. If I were the Federalist Society, I'd have excluded him, too! So my advice to the Senate Judicial Committee is, "Do what any hiring committee would do." You had hearings. You found a problem with the candidate. It doesn't have to rise to "no reasonable doubt" standards, because you're not trying to decide whether Kavanaugh belongs in jail. You're trying to decide whether he would be better at the job than a member of the 20 person long short list that came in above him. The answer to that would seem to be, by definition, "No." At this point, the Committee is basically going to the country with the argument, that "We owe this guy a job." And, just to be clear, America does not. Owe. Him. A. Job. .
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    Confounding variables are the bane of social arguments based on statistical analysis. Do single-parent households cause poverty, incarceration, sexual abuse, etc? Or does poverty cause higher incarceration rates and incidentally make it harder for families to stay together? Or are these all epiphenomena of something else? The correlations do not necessarily show that you can solve these other problems by pressuring parents to stay together. Liberalism is a package deal. Poverty is declining worldwide along with homophobia, institutionalized misogyny, racism, and many other social evils. The connection between free markets and, say, religious tolerance is that it all begins with the liberal assumption that individuals matter more than traditional elites, taboos and social structures. Once you apply this idea in one part of society, it spreads. For instance, women freed from chattel status start their own businesses, increasing the society's net capacity to generate wealth. I will grant you, many contemporary American progressives seem to have forgotten that free markets are a liberal idea -- free people to seek their own benefit instead of locking them into traditional caste occupations, and give them access to property instead of elites locking up all the wealth -- but economic, political and social liberalism do go together and reinforce each other. On this I'll also recommend Acemoglu and Robinson's Why Nations Fail, which discusses this in detail. One of their major arguments is that attempts to combine free markets with social and political restrictions are doomed to fail: Either the authoritarian political system chokes the economy into eventual stagnation and decline, or the wealthier population demands social and political liberalization. The upshot is that when anyone seems to be defending Traditional Order, of any sort, I have my doubts. I think the evidence is pretty strong that breaking Traditional Orders usually produces more good than harm. Dean Shomshak
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    Funny Pics II: The Revenge

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    "Neat" Pictures

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    Quoting myself, simply because last night's game had a classic example of hit location making things fun. PCs were essentially set up to walk (knowingly) into a hard core, criminal, white supremacist biker bar... none of the PCs, for probably the first time ever, are white... things go south pretty quickly... bar fight ensues. The PCs are Jason Bourne level pros, who are on their best behavior and trying NOT to just kill these guys... so initially it is all fisticuffs. We are using modified multiple attack rules, so characters are encouraged to throw not just one attack, but a combo of shots that feels much more like fighting than the "one big swing" typical of HERO champs. Our Haida merc, Jackson Massett, rabbit punches the first guy in the chest as he grabs an outstretched hand and twists him to the ground, sidestepping his second attacker. As the first guy falls back and staggers to his feet, he turns to the second biker and drives a shot into his stomach so hard the guy doubles over, Massett's second punch missing contact over his head, the first guy lunges from a squat swinging wide, going right over Jackson's roll. As the second attacker swings again, Jackson slams his hand up into the man's throat, windpipe collapses and the biker drops like a wet sack. First biker thinks he has position and goes for a bear hug, trying to use his size to overwhelm Jackson, who slips to the side jamming the man's arms inside, then he turns and brings a hard left right at the guy's nose (High Shot). This is where it got really fun, because despiste the high shot roll, it hit the biker in the 7/forearm. The biker threw his arm up just in time... but Jackson's player rolled... and dice were crazy... 26 Stun on 5d6. The player cackled, "Oh man, I punched his arm right into his own face!" which was a perfect example of how an arm shot could end up doing enough damage (to an already woozy dude). And just created a perfect visual image the guy basically punching himself on to his back. That kind of visceral fight just doesn't exist in any other system I've played, with the simple, intuitive nature of the Hit Location chart. Best part of the game, IMO.
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    Avengers Infinity War with spoilers

    My understanding was he's been super-soldiered as well via Arnim Zola's experimentation.
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    Well, I thnk the Hero Point explanation is really a justification for giving villains a boost in their first appearance. Let's say you've got Captain Blastarr. He's a fairly generic energy projector in early 90s Image armor. And he first appears on the cover of Champions #287. He's not an amazing character, but he's got to look cool in his first issue. So he's standing there like a cheapo Dr Destroyer, with the entire team on the ground unconscious. He's got his hand pointed at Defender's body, with a glowing aura surrounding him. The cover says "AT THE MERCY... OF CAPTAIN BLASTARR!!!" He looks pretty tough there, and if you read the issue you see that he slaps around the team pretty easily. He's chucking huge energy blasts that drop two or three members per shot. Their attacks harmlessly bounce off his force field. It looks like nothing they can do can hurt him. By the end, the Champions will pull out a win by the skin of their teeth, and Captain Blastarr is defeated. But one day he will return... Of course, when he does eventually return six months later, the Champions don't have near the problem with him that they did the first time. They're ready for his moves, and they pound him into the dirt. Five years later he's making an appearance in some second string comic, and the Kindergarten Kommandoes are pounding on him. Eventually he only shows up in big group battles, where some giant team of 50 villains attacks the heroes all at once. He's just a face in a big group shot, and then you see him unconscious in some two-page splash panel. So... how tough is this guy anyway? Is he the guy who kicked the crap out of the Champions? Or is he the guy who got trounced by Wonder Tot's dog? It's too hard to judge villains by their first appearance. Presumably some villains roll really well the first time they show up.
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    It doesn't "have to be" (those are your words and show up nowhere in the article) but it is certainly a reason to be considered. The merit of an artistic work is as much the message it is conveying as the technique and craftsmanship in producing the message as well sa the artfulness and effectiveness of presenting that message. How that art transforms (the whole point of art) is absolutely worth considering.
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    The Academics Thread

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    I think it's clear who is right. Look at the problems the Avengers dealt with which were pointed to in the movie as justification for the Accords to control the Avengers' actions: 1) The alien invasion of New York 2) The attempt by HYDRA to take over the world using new SHIELD super-helicarriers 3) The attempt by Ultron to destroy the world 4) The successful attempt by Crossbones to steal a biological weapon and the casualties from his suicide 1) The alien invasion of New York: The Avengers were formed and asked to intervene by SHIELD which is the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division in the MCU. The government asked them to form and intervene in the situation. The government also bungled and attempted to nuke New York City, which wouldn't have ended the invasion, but would have just killed civilians and the heroes who were trying to stop the invasion. So the Avenger's actions were sanctioned, saved millions of lives locally, plus saved the world. There was no justification shown anywhere to display how the Avengers did anything at all which was inappropriate. 2) The attempt by HYDRA to take over the world using new SHIELD super-helicarriers The government's intelligence services were deeply penetrated by a terrorist organization which was using government resources to build superweapons which would assassinate everyone worldwide who might be capable of someday of opposing the terrorists. The couple of heroes who tried to stop that from happening were hounded by the terrorists who were misappropriating government resources but managed to stop events from escalating by crashing some of the superweapons into the ocean and crashing one of them into the government building which the terrorists had been using as their headquarters. During these events, the only thing I could see for the US government to be upset at the Avengers would be making all those SHIELD/HYDRA secrets available to everyone on the internet. But that was done by the director of SHIELD deliberately giving his access codes to make it happen while he was standing next to the SHIELD agent who was typing in the commands. There was no justification shown anywhere to display how the Avengers did anything at all which was inappropriate. Additionally, all the people working in the non-US governments of the world should be thrilled at what happened because they weren't assassinated by the HYDRA superweapon. They should also be thrilled at getting all the free intelligence information. 3) The attempt by Ultron to destroy the world Once Ultron existed, he had to be stopped because he wanted to kill the vast majority of the people on Earth. In Sokovia, the Avengers took great pains to evacuate the threatened city before the crisis started. And after the crisis started, they took great pains to continue protecting and evacuating civilians. If the Avengers had been slowed down by as much as five minutes while asking for UN permission to save the world from destruction, the world would have been destroyed. You could argue that this series of events was started by the Avengers. But when you get down to it, Tony Stark was doing questionable scientific research behind the backs of the other Avengers which prevented them from making sure he had proper safeguards in place and which prevented anyone from being there to monitor things when it visibly started going wrong. The actions that the Avengers made were entirely appropriate. The actions of Tony Stark which were made behind the backs of the Avengers were probably inappropriate. You could justify UN restrictions and monitoring on dangerous scientific research, but not the response of the Avengers. (I could also argue that the invasion of New York started in Project Pegasus because the government was doing dangerous scientific research in secret without proper oversight.) You could also argue that the Hulk being mind controlled into going on a rampage was somehow the Avengers fault. But honestly, the president of the USA could have been mind-warped by the same villain and could have been persuaded into starting a global thermonuclear war. The leader of any country, company, or organization could have been just as mind-twisted as the Hulk was and would have been just as powerless to stop it. That's not the fault of the Avengers, that's just the state of affairs when a wide array of superpowers become available to random individuals who might choose to abuse them. 4) The successful attempt by Crossbones to steal a biological weapon and the casualties from his suicide First of all, the theft of the biological weapon happened even with the Avengers being right there. That suggests that the theft would have been fully successful without the Avengers being there and a WMD would have been in the hands of a terrorist. The chase of people trying to escape with the biological weapon was conducted with what appeared to be a high degree of professionalism and skill. All the bad guys were caught and the WMD was recovered despite competent planning on the part of the bad guys. It's unknown how much time the Avengers might have had to contact the proper authorities in the nation where the events happened. But we also don't know whether the local authorities were trustworthy or competent. It is also unknown why the facility had a WMD on the premises without enough armed security and safeguards to withstand a terrorist attack. Or why the facility was located in a densely populated urban area without roads of adequate size to allow a police response to an emergency. In the US, a facility like that couldn't get a high enough clearance from the CDC to do WMD research. Maybe the facility had the WMD because of an ongoing local medical emergency like an Ebola outbreak. But if it wasn't something like that (and that wasn't indicated at all in the movie), the UN should look into imposing regulations on who has access to biological WMD's, the safety of research facilities, and sanctions on any nation or facility which breaks the rules. Back to the movie...the problem most of the public and governments appeared to have with the series of events was when Crossbones set off his (inobvious inaccessible focus) suicide bomb in the middle of a dense crowd of people. The purpose of an IIF is that people don't notice it. Professional hand-to-hand combatants who were familiar with Crossbones himself and who were also familiar with explosives weren't able to spot the bomb despite being in his presence for several minutes. I don't think it could be argued that if the Avengers had let the local police handle the situation that they would have spotted the bomb and have had the time to evacuate the area. After it became clear that the bomb was going to go off inside of a crowd of people, the Avengers had the choice of letting the bomb go off inside a crowd of people or trying to move the bomb up and away from the crowd of people. There was no way to know how powerful the bomb might be. There was no way to know how soon the bomb would go off. There was no way to know whether there was a significant number of people in the multi-story building nearby or whether that building would be in the bomb's blast radius. The best available option to preserve lives was to move the bomb up above both the crowd and the building. Fortunately, the crowd was saved but the bomb exploded before getting high enough to spare the building. I really don't at all understand world leaders, particularly Wakanda, getting into a hissy fit about this. If the Wakandan nationals had been in the crowd walking toward the building (rather than already inside) and had been saved, I would presume by his juvenile reaction to the event that the leader of Wakanda would have been perfectly fine with that and would be praising the Avengers' brilliant reaction to the crisis. Sorry, most world leaders in a terrorist event don't blame the first responders because their citizens were 40 yards closer rather than 40 yards further away from the terrorist when he sets off his suicide bomb. Anyway, I don't see anything at all there to blame the Avengers for. "Let the terrorist have the WMD because if he were to have a suicide bomb which no one can see, then he might set it off" isn't really a valid plan for dealing with emergencies. ======= So from my perspective, there's no justification for the Accords to exist (and no justification for them to have been either proposed or ratified but let's set that aside for the sake of conversation). Should the Avengers have signed on to it? Tony Stark is mentally unstable. When he was confronted by the mother whose son was killed by Ultron, Tony lost his ability to reason just as he did during various comic book story arcs like his Armor Wars and Civil War. That was true to the comics but doesn't make him, at all, right in his position. In the HYDRA incident and the Ultron incident, the delay of just a couple of minutes would have meant the world as we know it would have been destroyed along with millions of lives. There's not going to be a UN committee already gathered together 24 hours a day waiting to render decisions on whether to send in the Avengers. Just getting the committee up to speed on the information they would need to have in order to make a decision would take longer than a couple of minutes. By the time the committee had time to discuss and debate whether to send in the Avengers, the world would have been destroyed for sure at least twice and probably a third time already that we know of. So I don't see any way at all for that committee plan to work. (Now if they wanted to make the Avengers do a UN committee after-action report so that better pre-planning and responses for future missions could be done, I could see something like that being useful. But that isn't part of the Accords.) If I were in the Avengers, I'd have made an intellectual case to the Secretary of State, an imbecile who can't think things through on his own, and to Stark, who is mentally unstable, and try to jolt either of them into seeing that the Avengers' actions were appropriate and necessary. I'd also do the media circuit and explain to the press and public exactly why they'd already be dead many times over if the Accords were in place. If that didn't work to stop the Accords from being signed, I'd advocate the Avengers not sign, stay together, and respond to any future world-threatening crisis as if the Accords didn't exist (while continuing the media appearances). Eventually, the Avengers would either save the world again and wouldn't be jailed for it due to the political backlash. Or some country which signed the Accords would experience a big enough crisis to invite the Avengers in even though they aren't UN sanctioned and that country would also become an advocate to repeal the Accords.
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    Unpopular Opinion Challenge

    Green Lantern
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    Duke Bushido

    The strangest character concepts

    Not really an unusual concept, but an unusual campaign. Due to numerous weather-related cancellations one night, only my brother John and I showed up for game night. (hilarious, since we both rode motorcycles through the storm to get there). Jim, refusing to let the evening go to waste, announced "Screw it! You guys make characters!" Sure! For what? I don't care. Whatever you want. What kinds of characters, then? Personalities? Powers? Maybe a hint at genre? Tell you what: Duke, you go into the den and surprise me. John, you stay right here and surprise me. I'm going to get a couple of lanterns in case the power goes out and pop a couple frozen pizzas in the oven while we still got power. Back in a few." Twenty minutes later, he called for our characters. I had made an eleven-year-old Japanese-American orphan with a powerful TK and a couple of mental powers who was looking for his allegedly-kidnapped father. John had made an adolescent dragon. "Cool." Said Jim. "I can work with this." And he did. For about three years. It was a total blast.
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    Avengers Endgame with spoilers

    I wonder what the numbers would be for modern movies if the only time and place you could ever see them was during their run in a theater.
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    L. Marcus

    What is this weapon called?

    "I call it Vera!"
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    Today is special because ?

    As we all know, at one time, thirteen colonies in North America had been taken, built, and occupied by England's ruthless use of flags! Fluttered all the time, and gave cruel neener neener neener to those who had to face the fact they were not in control of their own destiny. But what could possibly stand against the might of a flimsy piece of cloth fluttering over us? THEN... the Contiental Congress realized the only way to knock the Brits back! A STERNLY WRITTEN LETTER! They called it a declaration just to make super DUPER Official, signed it, and sent it off to the King and Parliament. This so hurt England's feelings their flags shriveled up from the pain of rejection! (Happens to a lot of guys) France was stunned "Wait? The Americans have learned bureaucracy? I didn't even know they could read and write!" With their flags neutralized, England tried more agressive tactics and seized our greatest cities... George Washingon was like "HA...cities are for tourists.. catch me if you can..." And Nathaniel Green like "English Monkey in the middle!" ANd England was like "STOP IT! You're not playing the right game!" And France was like "You mean the game where your guys get trapped in the cities they took and now are surrounded?" And England was like "YES, thank you, civilized behavior at last and... ooo poop" And America was like "We're free now... saaay it... no crossing fingers..." "But I get repaid for this right?" France asked "Oh..yeah sure, you bet," America said "Pff, good luck collecting from THESE guys" England snorted, "little ingrates' And Canada was like "Don't worry, mum, we still love you" And England was like "Yes, your'e my favorite now, and I will never ever forget yo.. oooo look, is that Australia?" And Canada was like "#$#$#$#!" And since then, every July 4th, we Americans celebrate the power of a sternly worded letter!
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    Funny Pics II: The Revenge

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    In other news...

    Ark Encounter sues insurers
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    Old Man

    Funny Pics II: The Revenge

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    Avengers Endgame with spoilers

    Unsung hero of Avengers: Endgame -
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    Funny Pics II: The Revenge

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    Funny Pics II: The Revenge

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    My respected peer from the far north, you have told me that America is resilient, and it is tough and my nation will yet make it through Trump and our other troubles. Even when we were feeling very defeatist. Let me return the favor... Where Britain Prevails And America rises! There's Canada getting things done more quietly. The moose block the traffic of wicked and kind alike, the snow falls on the rich and poor with little concern for economic state... the bags of milk that freak your southern neighbors out (And thus add to the flavor no doubt) continue on. Witty words continue to trickle down onto the modern pen and paper to delight the television masses , crowds cheer a small puck skittering on the ice, and corruption aside, troubles aside, Canadians continue to get the job done. Outnumbered, Outgunned, but rarely outclassed, they wear their humble maple leaf inside their hearts if not always over them. They strive to make their nation a Mosaic , then sigh as Lenny or Pierre go a bit too free form (DAMN IT LENNY! Quebec we understand but we thought we could count on Alberta to behave!) with the art. But they trudge on, the soldier on, they earn their loonies, love their families, and sing Tim Horton's praises even if they don't go there because..well, damnit it, Canada. They'll deal with political scandals, yahoos, and morons in power just like every other democracy, but hold to a quiet optimism that next decade, they won't screw up in the same old ways, it'l lbe brand NEW Screw ups that occur. And that is progress of a sort they can accept. Utopia? Never happen. Heaven? Well, that's your right to believe in or not. But Canada? Canada rolls up it's plaid sleeves (Having been forced in this bad scenario to all dress like lumberjacks) and gets on to work keeping the snow clear and slowly improving what they got..while waiting patiently for the moose of '#### happens' to clear the path so they can resume. Canada will make it. It has survived sharing a blanket with an elephant that tosses in its sleep for quite a while. It has dealt with an often contrary Mother nation that ignores it or calls it to go hours out of it's way to pick up something would you dear? It takes in the huddled masses then sighs as they keep huddling like a Middle School chaperone trying to get the girls and boys to maybe dance together to some really wonderful songs by Rush... come on, you kids have heard of Rush right? Canada is not the world, and the world is not Canada, but if one nation has a chance of acting as a flotation device in this sea of insanity we seem to be plunging into, I would put money on Canada fitting that niche. And if Canada does it, maybe other countries will go "I can do it too" and bob to the surface as well... until each, inspired by the example, will make its way clear. Of course, on behalf of America, if and when that happens, we'll claim we were the ones who take the credit for it. It's our thang and the world owes us after saving their asses from WW... (Checks date) Oh my god has it been that long? Okay, yeah, that excuse is getting thin. Anyway... you're not doing it for the glory, you're Canada. But do it I think you will
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    Scott Ruggels


    A GM doesn't have to follow the books. If invisibility makes everyone invisible in the party as long as they stick within a 10m radius of the caster, then everyone and everything would be invisible. You guys tend to overthink things way to much.
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    I first started playing Champions/Hero System with 3rd Edition in the late 1980s and over the years collected earlier edition books followed by 4th, 5th, and 6th Edition. In terms of 6th Edition products, I have Champions Complete, Hero Basic, and Champions. Am not sure if there is an overall reason why 6e is disliked, but here are two observations for your consideration that I gathered from my own experience as a customer and from talking with the dozen or so players/fans I meet in game conventions over the years when I run Champions: 1) In terms of style and graphic design, Champions 6th Edition products seem dated compared to other superhero game systems. Champions Complete's cover and interior b&w art was average and the soft-cover binding was okay, but previewing it next to other games like Mutants & Masterminds, Icons, or even Savage Worlds: Supers on the display rack, there was a distinct different in quality in terms of style. While some in this forum liked the textbook design for the 6th Edition rule book covers, the fans I spoke to in person didn't care for it (myself included). People still do judge a book by its cover to see if it's even worth previewing or passing on it outright. 2) The amount of rules made it difficult to introduce new players to Hero System. I had Hero Basic, but others had saw how many other rule books there were to get started for 6th Edition and were immediately turned off. A common occurrence was that the players had previously played Champions until <insert edition number here> for one reason or another but then stopped, most commonly due to the excessive rules being piled on in later editions. The Champions Now kickstarter is drawing upon 3rd Edition or early rules for various reasons, drawing a mix of support and criticism of Hero Games senior staff being out-of-touch as to what their fans want as mentioned in other discussions. Even now, my go-to system of superhero games for brand-new players has been Icons and not Champions, and that's even with simplified versions of characters that I created (4th Edition versions). People who still play Champions/Hero System are going to choose their favorite edition and pull aspects from others accordingly to round out their campaign. It's unrealistic to convince them which is better than the other (or vice versa) in terms of game mechanics. Some like the simplicity of 3rd Edition and earlier (hence, Champions Now that's under development), some like the completeness of 4th Edition (BBB with George Perez cover art), others like the detailed comprehensiveness of 5th Edition (sourcebooks are extremely well done), and others like the new mechanics of 6th Edition (e.g. no "freebies" from Figured Characteristics).
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    Today's Dumb Criminal Story ...

    'Frosty had the last laugh': Vandal tries to run over giant snowman, hits tree stump instead
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    In other news...

    So when I was young I had heard of the word 'suede' because of the Elvis song Blue Suede Shoes. Then one day I was reading a D&D supplement or module or some such and came across a really cool new monster: the Pseudo-Dragon. For some reason, I decided they were pronounced 'Swaydo-Dragons' and referred to them as such until I was laughed out of a D&D session a few months later. I have to catch myself calling them 'Swaydo-Dragons' to this day. Thanks for letting me get that out, please continue.
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    "Imbecile" refers to lack of intelligence. All of Thanos's other actions and interactions with other characters display his exceptional intellect and cunning. "Delusion" is an idiosyncratic belief or impression that is firmly maintained despite being contradicted by what is generally accepted as reality or rational argument. Thanos has been living his conviction that his plan is the right one for so long, he's incapable of seeing its flaws despite his intelligence. In that he's like a great many real people. His plan, despite the incredible odds against it, actually did work. It won't have the end result he assumes, but he did exactly what he set out to do.
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    Duke Bushido


    It's not just Superman, LL. Modern society has an active interest in destroying and devaluing any icon of Valor, morality, or idealism. I spent years going a little nutty: I couldn't understand why people worked so hard to find and expose any tiny failing in a public figure. Remember that this is the same media (no; it's not, but it would like you to believe it is) that once concealed FDRs polio for as long as possible. At any rate: With hate, snark, depression, and cynicism at all-time highs, society _wants_ the paragon of virtue destroyed. It makes it far easier to continue not trying to be one.
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    Champions : Return to Edge City - Magick GM: I want to know when you all became competent. Flux: Probably didn’t want to embarrass ourselves now Allana is on the team - ‘Not in front of the newbie!’ Hero Shrew: I just want to know what kind of look Witchcraft is going to give us when she finds out we caught her sister, and didn’t know who she was. GM: Well, she’s too nice to cackle maniacally. GM: When last we met Talisman escaped from your custody, and only THEN did you realise who you’d caught. Hero Shrew: Well, all humans look alike to me. Fireflash OoC: ‘When last we met our heroes were in a bottle at the bottom of the Marianas Trench being eaten by octopi.’ Flux: How did we end up here? Fireflash: ‘Ten Minutes Earlier…’ Allana: I’m wondering how the octopuses got into the bottle. Hero Shrew: Oh, if we do end up in a bottle at the bottom of the Marianas Trench, you’re not opening the cork - I’ve seen that episode of Mythbusters. Hero Shrew: Do we need to make flash cards of ‘UNTIL’s Most Wanted’? We do need to find out just how much of the pilots‘ memories have been erased - what’s the last thing they remember? Fireflash: Who wants to question them? Hero Shrew: I’ll do it! I’ll do it! Fireflash: Anyone else? As it happens, it won’t be that easy - the pilots are still unconscious. Hero Shrew suggests we check the Zone Patrol power armour for serial numbers - as it happens, they didn’t file them off. Finding out who stole the suits could be an important step in the investigation - if Hardlight didn’t botch his end of the research. But as it happens we do determine that the suits were first used in the building of the Marsden Wall, but the construction company was one of the ones that folded after the Edge City fusion reactor went up. Perhaps we can source the brass they used for the armour’s embellishments? Flux: They might have bought the brass out of town. Hero Shrew: Sure. And it’s not like the local retailers would have had Peruvian demons on tap. Flux suddenly realises he can adapt that spell he used to locate the source of Scooter’s thirty pieces of silver. It utilises the principles of Contagion and Similarity, but it’s not psychometry. Flux: Illusions of Porn Past is the reason I don’t do Psychometry. GM: It’s like stumbling on someone’s search history. What Flux determines is that whoever made the suits was extremely careful to ensure that the brass for each suit is magically distinct from that in the next suit. They were extremely careful to ensure that the demons couldn’t assist each other. GM: Allana’s superhero name is technically Nocturne. Flux’s nickname for Allana is Clue-bat Flux: She just turn up looking over my shoulder says things like ‘should that be that colour’ and I’m all ‘hmm’. Then I realise she’s leaning over my shoulder. Hero Shrew: She can lean over my shoulder anytime *leers* GM: So what are you doing during all this research and phonecalls, Scooter? Hero Shrew: Eating mealworm bars and watching Allana’s breasts. Flux: Scooter, leave them alone. I mean her alone. Get out of here! Sorry, Allana, I’ll do my breast to keep him away from you. GM: You’ve made me very happy - this is the team I remember. Because you still don’t have a monitoring roster, you’re still relying on social media to find out when anything is happening. The news we’ve missed because none of us are actually watching the bank of monitor screens is a superhuman punch-up happening out at the far end of Olympic Park. Fireflash: Everybody to the Qruiser! Hero Shrew: It’ll take a while to get back to the base, I’m in Marsden. Flux: *sigh* Since Scooter is bouncing from rooftop to rooftop, and Allana flying there under her own power, and Hardlight driving the Qruiser, it’s up to Flux and Fireflash to check Facebook and find out what’s actually happening in Olympic Park. A lot of it is ‘Maybe this time we’ll see her tits!’ GM: It’s Guilt-rider and Iron Maiden being attacked by Morningstar and Shadow Dragon. Flux: Shadow Dragon? GM: He’s a mercenary with darkness powers. Think Ghost Shadow without the weeaboo. And Morningstar is an actual demon. Guilt-rider is currently riding her motorcycle down the street backwards, shooting with both hands. Flux: If she wasn’t a criminal I’d date that woman. GM: Yeah, I kinda have bad news for you. Flux: Yeah, guessed as much. Iron Maiden (who Scooter still thinks is a robot) is keeping some kind of illumination field on herself and Guilt-rider. Flux: Ah - Shadow Dragon’s darkness powers. Fireflash: Well I’m about to Flash him. GM: Yeah, Shadow Dragon is that much of an arsehole - he’s riding on Morningstar’s shoulder so he can keep shooting energy blasts at Guilt-rider as they chase her down the street. Fireflash: Then I’ll flash both of them. Fireflash blinding them does make it much easier to blast a crater in front of them, Scooter to tackle Morningstar out from under Shadow Dragon, and Allana to literally piledrive Shadow Dragon into the road every time he gets up. Then Scooter punches him down the street, and through multiple vehicles. Shadow Dragon: Oh god, I can’t see- Ow. Ow. Ow. Guilt-rider proceeds to propel him through a few more with her new Windchester. Shadow Dragon: Oh god, I still can’t see-Ow. Ow. Ow. Guilt-rider: So, do you want to talk or do you want to try and take me in? Fireflash: Yes. Hero Shrew: Both, ideally! Hardlight: *blasts Morningstar unconscious and bubbles Guilt-rider with an improved forcebubble* You’re under arrest! Guilt-rider: We know how this works! *bounces excitedly* Allana: She is an ally of the Moreaus. Fireflash: Let her go - arresting them now would just be a dick move. Guilt-rider: No no no, keep it up for a bit, this is cool! *does flaming Wall of Death loops around the inside of the bubble* Flux: *magically switches off all the cameras in the area* OK, now we can talk. Guilt-rider: I dunno who they work for, but their Boss-man wanted me to fix some big project of theirs. But I took one look at the ugly guy and said to meself there’s no way I’m working for somebody who hires tha-What’s happening with Chop-socky and the other guy? Shadow Dragon and Morningstar are sort of dissolving into black smoke, just like Talisman did when she escaped - Hardlight hurriedly bubbles them in the teleportation-proof bubble he devised after our run-in with Talisman. Flux: Hello PRIMUS, calling in a high-speed extraction, we’ve got Shadow Dragon and Morningstar here and they’re trying to teleport out. We’ve got it blocked for now. PRIMUS operator: Huh, that’s not in their profile. Inbound ETA six minutes. Allana: I just want to check how long they’re going to stay out. Guilt-rider: They’re tough boys, but…. *gets distracted by Allana’s breasts* Fireflash: Into that, are you? Guilt-rider: You gotta problem with that? Fireflash: No, just jealous. Flux: We really should be arresting you. Guilt-rider: On what charge? Flux: Well, those weapons for a start. They need to be licensed. Guilt-rider: No they don’t - none of them are legally firearms. Flux: What about her weapons? Guilt-rider: Iron Maiden? Good luck arresting her. Hardlight: Guys? Four minutes? Flux shows Guilt-rider his notes on the Zone Patrol armour. Guilt-rider: Huh - so that’s why they wanted to hire me - it’s the same kind of thing I did with Growler. Growler’s a fire-elemental. But he likes being a motorcycle. Guilt-rider eventually admits, reluctantly, that she saw Shadow Dragon and Morningstar talking to Talisman, KIllzone (the merc that kidnapped Fireflash months ago and collected a hand-off from the Six Teens) and one Weyland Sandford, a tech-savvy diabolist competent enough he once worked with the violently feminist Raven. She won’t say WHERE she saw this, but if the meeting was there then they were definitely doing business. Guilt-rider and Iron Maiden exit stage right when the PRIMUS vehicle arrives. The Silver Avenger herself has come along. Silver Avenger: Bit strange that these two are working together. Hero Shrew: We’ve also got information that they were seen conspiring with Talisman, Killzone, and Weyland Sandford. Silver Avenger: Where’d you get this information? Hero Shrew: Anonymous source. Fireflash: Guilt-rider. She just left. I wanted to arrest her, but there’s no outstanding warrants. Silver Avenger: Yes, she’s pretty good a skirting right on the edge of the law. Fireflash: There were a few things we could have got Iron Maiden on, but, you know... Silver Avenger: What, THAT Iron Maiden? Hero Shrew: Who was Iron Maiden? Flux: A band. She was a Russian superhero, so from the point of view of the Americans, a supervillain. But apparently General Winter, another Russian super, has confirmed that this Iron Maiden is the same woman from the 70s. God knows why she’s working with Guilt-rider. Wayland Sandford is a diabolist, but there’s no way he’s working for the deranged DEMON organisation. The Descending Hierarchy HATES everybody involved with DEMON. Any diabolist worth his salt will summon an uncontrolled demon the moment DEMON comes knocking, knowing they’ll be rewarded. Summoned Fiend: Fool, your soul is forfie- is that DEMON? Very good, carry on. And here’s a 50% discount voucher on your next summoning. Allana is going to try to backtrack to where Morningstar and Shadow Dragon first started their fight with Guilt-rider and Iron Maiden. Growler might be able to turn invisible, but there left a lot of burnt rubber on the asphalt while there were trying to escape. Maybe there’ll be an earlier trail to track from there, or camera footage Flux can raid. We do find the vehicle that Guilt-rider was doing some after-sale work on when Shadow Dragon and Morningstar teleported in. And four blue reptilian humanoids. Although going by the fourth one, and her Radiation Hazard nipple pasties, they’re actually mammals. Flux: They could be fat reserves. Hero Shrew: Venom sacks? Allana identifies them as very minor players on Edge City’s gang scene. They claim that the vehicle is theirs, that Guilt-rider was working on the engine, and that they took one look at Shadow Dragon and Morningstar when they showed up and legged it. Fireflash: Probably wise. GM: Anybody going to look them up later? Hero Shrew: I’ve got two reasons to look one of them up later. GM: You WORK at a TITTY-BAR. Hero Shrew: I can enjoy them in my time off too. The Toxics, as they call themselves, are not Moreaus, and do ally themselves with Freak Legion. Nobody seems to know what they are, but the very-obviously-female of the group has a tattoo - MOAM - that means Mother Of All Mutants, and she actually is their mother. Hero Shrew: I’m not going to say it. Not going to say it. But MOAM isn’t the four-letter acronym I was thinking of. Hardlight: The other three must have been very well fed as kids. GM: Sort of hot, despite having no noses. Flux: That’s because they weren’t the Voldemort kind of no nose. Hero Shrew: Oh right, Voldemort - the man who lost a ‘got your nose’ game vs. a one-year-old. We spend the trip back criticizing the design ideas that went into a household robot design with a bust and high heels. Me: Although bear in mind that Boston Dynamics taught their latest robot how to twerk. GM: I’m letting you know that the gem giving Hardlight his powers is one of a set of five, like the ten rings of the Mandarin. Hero Shrew: Maybe you can go find the space-dragons in their short shorts and ask for another. Flux attempts another ritual to track down the villains, based on the resonances of the powered armour exo-frames. It seems they originated in part of East Chesterfield, a light industrial zone. Combining it with the brass detector he considered earlier should narrow it down even further. Or would, if half the party members weren’t wearing jeans with brass rivets. And if brass wasn’t a good anti-corrosion material. Hero Shrew: Well, you just keep doing the scans and the rest of us will go around peering in the windows of any Ye Olde Abandoned Warehouses. That won’t work either, since the East Chesterfield is quite busy, and most of the team are pretty conspicuous. Random NPC: Did that warehouse always have a gargoyle? And why does it have enormous ti- Allana: *extends her wings* Random NPC: Leaving now. GM: The wizard is the most normal person in the party. Flux: Yeah, it’s one of the reasons other wizards hate me. ‘What, no dragons in the basement? No kidnapping maidens?’ Allana: ‘God you’re boring’ Eventually Flux narrows it down to a small tool and die-maker’s place, that apparently makes custom parts. Custom parts of the kind that would go into demon armour, presumably. We decide to come back tomorrow, when we aren’t busy with day jobs, etc. GM: I point out that the only people in the party with appreciable social skills are Allana and Scooter - who have trouble being accepted as people. Fireflash has people skills too - she heads in, in costume. The rest of us eavesdrop over her phone. The machinist, a young man with impressive tattoos, etc - introduces himself as Weyland Sandford. Uh-oh. Fireflash: Hello there - I was wondering if you could help me? My colleagues and I are tracking down the source of some unusual brass alloys. Weyland: And you tracked a particular alloy down to my business? That seems pretty unlikely. Fireflash: You’d find some of my compatriots pretty unlikely. Weyland happily identifies the sample as part of a custom job he did, and describes the client as one ‘Mr Black’. GM: I’m disappointed you didn’t bring up the fact he’d been seen associating with Talisman and Shadow Dragon. I even had a speech for him. ‘I’ve got two counterpoints for you - the NAACP vs. Alabama in 1958, and the First Amendment. Also, f*** you.’ Hardlight: So we come back later. Fireflash: No, we come back quietly, later, and the one who can teleports in. GM: He’s also the one with the least moral compunctions against breaking in. PRIMUS Agent: I’ve got some bad news for you - Morningstar and Shadow Dragon got busted out. And the escorts all need hospital, and we can’t find the black box. Whatever it was hit the transport mid-air and tore it open. And they’re mercs - either who hired them had more muscle, or came for them in person. We’ve got no idea where they are or who took them. Flux spies out Weyland’s shop that night, and spots an iron golem on patrol inside. Hero Shrew and Hardlight don’t spot anything, since the latter is trying to explain sexual harassment to the former, and why ‘Your tits look fantastic today’ is fine in a titty bar, but isn’t pretty much anywhere else. Fireflash and Allana, on the other hand, spot all the robed cultists heading towards Weyland’s shop, and pointing glowing sticks in Flux’s direction. Fireflash: Guys, can you stop being inappropriate and look at the freaking screen?? At least DEMON cultists are easy to recognise - their robes are pretty distinctive. Hero Shrew: How squishy are cultists? Fireflash: Pretty squishy - that’s why they’re only cultists. Hero Shrew: So if I can’t punch them without bringing Chunky Salsa into effect, should I just take their glowy sticks off them? Fireflash: Taken glowy sticks off people is generally good policy. Allana swoops past and snatches Flux out of the line of fire, before the rest of us move in. Hardlight knocks most of them out with a holographic blast, but that leaves the ones with actual spells as well as glowy sticks. Spells like Domination. DEMON Cultists: Help! Heeelp! Saaave us! Hero Shrew succumbs, despite his obstinate nature. Flux: We have a problem. It’s a problem we’ve had before - a Rogue Shrew. Hero Shrew: They keep telling me I shouldn’t punch normos! And Hardlight just blew up most them! GM: Exactly! Only these two got up again! Allana swoops back the other way and grabs Scooter. GM: Sometimes the team brick has to accept that they’ll be the Battle Taxi. She probably intended to use him as a bowling ball against the remaining cultists, but he manages to break free, to Allana’s shock. Hero Shrew: ANGRY SHREW! Fireflash blasts the last two while Allana continues to try and grapple Hero Shrew. Scooter attempts to jump onto the nearest roof - Weyland’s workshop. Despite the Iron Golem. Allana: Oh no you don’t *grab* Hardlight OoC: If only you weren’t being mind-controlled right now, you’d probably enjoy this. Hero Shrew OoC: *wistful sigh* yeah. Flux: So, what will your defence be at the war crimes trial? Allana: ‘I was not technically a person at the time.’ The mind-control wears off. GM: So you stop struggling? Hero Shrew: Yep. In fact, I suddenly start snuggling back closer. Allana: *Yanks Scooter out of her cleavage* GM: You also realise you were mind-controlled. Hero Shrew: Just a minute, there’s something I need to do *heads over towards the unconscious cultists, intending to kick them in the fork* All: *grapple Hero Shrew again* We start securing the prisoners, forks intact. A voice interrupts, from above. Ominous Voice: Well, that is unfortunate - I was hoping they’d do my job for me. Weyland’s workshop explodes. And the Black Paladin, astride a flying black steed, is revealed by the light of the blazing building.
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    I think this might be setting up Disney's channel, start up new series on there. Which would be unfortunate because I won't be getting Disney's channel
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    I included a section on Critical Hits in my "Lethality Guidelines" http://www.killershrike.com/fantasyHero/HighFantasyHERO/shrikeLethalityOptions_Unofficial.aspx CRITICAL HITS Some other games have a concept of "critical hits"; strikes that randomly do more damage than normal. The HERO System tends to shy away from "random" and lacks such an option natively. However different variations of critical hits have been suggested at or described as possible options in some supplements over the years, and some play groups have versions that they use. Described below is my version of "critical hits", which I call the "Rule of Three", that I've used successfully for years. I also describe a Critical Hit concept based on a "lucky die" mechanic, and a mechanic based on degree of success. NOTE: You should probably only implement one kind of Critical Hit rules in a given campaign; two or more can get severely out of hand. RULE OF THREE If a character (PC or NPC) rolls a natural three on a 3d6 roll under type of check then they have the option of either taking "max effect" or an "epiphany". MAX EFFECT If the three was made for an Attack Roll max effect is the maximum possible damage or effect with that attack (treat all effect dice as having rolled 6's). If the three was made for a non attack roll, not only does the character win any opposed roll (even if the opponent made their roll by more) or succeed at their task, but they do so in a stylish looked-cool-doing-it fashion which is also justification for gaining a "Display of Power" bonus to a Presense Attack made sometime within the next few actions against anyone that observed them. EPIPHANY The character has a flash of insight regarding the skill or ability that they rolled a three for and their competency with that ability is expanded. The character gains +2 character points to allocate towards a bonus with that skill or attack. For attacks this translates into a +1 OCV Combat Skill Level with that attack. If a skill this translates into either a +1 or +2 with that skill depending on whether the skill is on the 3/2 or 2/1 costing model. If the three was rolled for a familiarity, the familiarity becomes a full skill instead. This can not be used to upgrade existing levels; for example a character could not opt to bump an All Combat level to an Overall Level with the 2 free points gained in this fashion -- the 2 pts must be spent specifically for the task they were gained from. However, levels gained in this fashion can themselves be upgraded later with experience. For example a 2 pt +1 OCV level with a specific kind of pistol could be upgraded to a 3 pt "Pistols" tight group level later on. LUCKY DAMAGE DICE Some other games have the idea of a "lucky die" which is rerolled and cumulatively added if its max value comes up. In other words, if the lucky die is a d6, then if it rolls a 6 it is rerolled and the result adds to the original 6; if another 6 comes up it is rolled and added in again and so forth until it stops rolling 6's. The HERO System already grants more damage to a 6 when doing Normal damage in the form of +1 BODY inflicted but Killing damage gets no such consideration. In the interests of increasing lethality you as the GM can decide to up the ante further by implementing a "Lucky Damage Dice" House Rule for Killing damage. You can specify that this rule applies to all Killing damage dice, which is a powerful / dangerous kind of critical hit that will occur often and can result in one-hit kills vs. even protected targets, or you can specify that only one die (represented by a physically different die) is "lucky" which is much less extreme. DOVETAIL WITH LUCK POWER Alternately, you can converge this with the Luck Power and allow characters to buy Luck dice defined as "Lucky Damage Dice" instead of the normal function of Luck dice, and a character can roll as many Lucky Damage Dice on a given attack as they have purchased up to the limit of the attack (a character with 3d6 Lucky Damage Dice using a 2d6 Killing Attack would only roll 2 dice but both would be "lucky"; if they later picked up a weapon that does 4d6 Killing they would roll 4d6 and 3 dice would be "lucky"). CRITICAL SKILL / DEGREE OF SUCCESS Some games feature a mechanic whereby more skilled attackers inflict more damage due to their increased skill. The HERO System allows this to some extent if Hit Locations are being used since a more skilled attacker can overcome to hit penalties for choicer hit locations, but using Called Shots can result in a total miss which can seem very odd in practice. An alternative to relying on Called Shots (and even Hit Locations in general) is a mechanic whereby characters that hit by more than they needed inflict more damage. The base mechanic is +1 Damage Class per 1 point a character made their Attack Roll by; thus in a 3 OCV vs 3 DCV scenario, an Attack Roll of 10 is made by 1, which grants the attacker +1 Damage Class. This is easy to remember and scales evenly, but doesn't overly reward characters that make truly impressive to hit differentials. BASIC EXTRA DAMAGE SEQUENCE Hit by: 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Extra DC: 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 This can be scaled up or down by the GM to suit their campaign by varying the ratio of extra success to extra damage; for instance a GM could set the ratio at +1 Damage Class per 2 points a character makes their Attack Roll by. LESS EXTREME EXTRA DAMAGE SEQUENCE Hit by: 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Extra DC: 0 0 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 A GM could also make hitting by a little not make much differenct but hitting by a lot being extremely lethal by basing the to hit vs DC ratio on a Fibonacci sequence instead as displayed in the following table. Basically using this kind of progression hitting by 5 or less is not much different than the basic progression (and is in fact more moderate overall), but an Attack Roll that hits by 6 is more comparatively deadly, and anything that hits by 7 or more is almost absolutely fatal. FIBONACCI EXTRA DAMAGE SEQUENCE Hit by: 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Extra DC: 0 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55 Any other progression of this sort is equally valid based on the GM's preferences, of course. The following displays the same concept on an exponential progression which is easier to remember and more consistent with HERO System doubling rules but would result in excessively higher damage if on the same scale as the Fibonacci sequence; thus this chart is based on a progression of hitting by 2 more than needed per step. EXPONENTIAL EXTRA DAMAGE SEQUENCE Hit by: 0 2 4 8 10 Extra DC: 0 1 2 4 8 And so on; it's just a numbers game. Any approach that is easy to remember and apply at the table that rewards hitting with a margin of succes at a rate acceptable to the GM and players is equally valid for that group.
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    “There’s no point in acting surprised about it. All the planning charts and demolition orders have been on display at your local planning department in Alpha Centauri for 50 of your Earth years, so you’ve had plenty of time to lodge any formal complaint and it’s far too late to start making a fuss about it now. … What do you mean you’ve never been to Alpha Centauri? Oh, for heaven’s sake, mankind, it’s only four light years away, you know. I’m sorry, but if you can’t be bothered to take an interest in local affairs, that’s your own lookout. Energize the demolition beams.”
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    Today's Dumb Criminal Story ...

    Drunk Man Broke Into Zoo, Was Beaten Up By The Squirrel Monkeys He Tried To Steal
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    Funny Pics II: The Revenge

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    But I did not swear!

    Yosemite Sam is the greatest 'clean' cusser in the history of cussing. Learn from his example. https://youtu.be/wWYFxekoAsM
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    And as bad as the 2nd Edition Failure Magic Failure table was, the 4th Edition is even worse. Someone had preordered the books ahead of time and they finally got delivered last session. Minor Chaos Manifestation (lowest table) The 2nd Edition was some cosmetic stuff. The worst effets would spoil your parties food (anything in 10 yards) or reduce your magic atribute for a few minutes. 4th Edition Minor Manifestation Table instead has effects like this - If any person within 1 mile gives birth within the next year, the child will be a mutant (wich in Warhammer is slightly less healthy then being a deformed birth in Sparta) - Any plants within Magic x 100 yards dies, this includes crops "Well, that table explains while rural villagers hate mages!" Major Chaos Manifestation (the Medium Table) In 2nd Edition had this as magic feedback: You take 1d10 wounds, no thoughness or armor reduction applies. The 4th Edittion equivalent is this: You and every ally with 10 yards take 1d10 wounds, no thoughness or armor reduction applies. If there is no ally in range, the backlash is focussed on you and your head explodes. "The mages credo: Never cast alone!" "Well, that does explain why mages keep taking apprentices." "Come with me Harry!" "But I am Tom." "Look, I am not going to learn every new Apprentices name. If you survive a week, I might make the effort!" "I always call my aprentices Rod. Lightning Rod!"
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