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  1. Skill Levels. Alphabetically, between Shadowing and Sleight Of Hand.
  2. That's what had me confused -- I assumed he was looking for something other than normal Skill Levels (since those would be kind of obvious)...
  3. HD's calculation is correct. +4m Swimming is 2 points. 2 * (1+3) = 8 Active Points. 8 / (1+2.25) = 2 Real Cost There's nothing that is explicitly against the rules -- HD does not prohibit bad builds, it just enforces hard rules within the system. Whether a GM would allow the build (or if the build even makes sense) is something that you would want to determine outside of HD. As for Time Limit, it should be a Limitation...and is, depending on when it is assigned relative to Persistent being assigned. I'll look into why it's not recalculating its value automatically wh
  4. Are you referring to Penalty Skill Levels?
  5. Growth under 6th Edition is no longer a level-based Power (like Density Increase). Also note that (as always) Growth is not intended for characters that are always large -- it's meant for characters that can change their size...so the bonuses are not fixed (and are not always present).
  6. Simon

    gift card

    Then either: 1. Your mobile device is not sending the XHR request to the server (the request that submits the coupon code/gift card) -- entirely on you to figure out. 2. The gift card code that you're entering doesn't have any value (e.g. already used).
  7. Simon

    gift card

    Yeah...no. Step 3 (a.k.a. Confirm and Pay). You enter the coupon or gift card code into the field provided and click the apply button. A valid gift card/coupon will be reflected in the (now revised) cost, an invalid one will show an error message beneath the field (in red) explaining what the problem was.
  8. The option that is presented in HD is for multiple foci where loss of one allows the power to still function (at reduced effectiveness). The option that is being requested is for multiple foci where all foci are required for the ability to function at all (typically reflected by increasing the accessibility of the focus -- i.e. inaccessible -> accessible), where all foci are accessible, and the character suffers "some other restriction or drawback" when the foci are lost. In those rather restricted circumstances, there is an optional rule where the GM can assign an additional -1/4 to th
  9. Simon

    gift card

    Step 3 of the checkout process - if you're entering a code that's not being accepted verify that you're entering the right code (exactly as it appears). Email Jason if it's still not accepted.
  10. that's just it - he didn't harm the dog in any way. You don't take a dog on a flight to Mexico, typically - you leave it at home and have someone look after it.
  11. Seriously hate to do this, but I'm not sure that the dog bit is anything really bad on Cruz' part. He went on vacation (given the timing, that was _bad_)...and he had people keeping an active (supposedly 24hr) eye on his home...and taking care of his dog. That's inline with what I normally do, except that the folks I have watch our dogs typically stay inside the house. Not defending the "vacation" or Cruz (perish the thought), but I think the dog is the wrong angle of attack.
  12. Just added an explicit "Browse" sub-item to it.
  13. Please be aware that you're posting in the HD forum -- this is where you can get help on how to do something within HD...but you haven't really defined what you want to do -- use a different forum for that. Once you know the rules that you want to use to model the ability that you're after, if it's not clear how to do that in HD, then you come here.
  14. Perseverance has touched down on Mars and is communicating.
  15. You’re defining something that is outside of the rules of the system — the same answer applies. Custom Modifier for Limitations/Advantages that are outside of the core rules, Custom Power (or create a custom template) for Powers that are outside of the core rules. If “costB” is a standard Power, then just purchase it as such. If “costA” is a standard Skill, then purchase it as such. If “costB” requires a successful roll of “costA” then assign RSR to “costB”.
  16. If (as you said) the files opened from the recent files menu, then they ABSOLUTELY EXIST. You're not looking in the right directory. Period. End of story.
  17. No. See my reply above - you’re not looking in the directory that the files are being saved to.
  18. I suspect a Java update...I was showing the same behavior under MacOS when I checked it...and the code that needed to be changed to add the window decorations back in hasn't been touched in a long time.
  19. Main thing I'd look at is what directory you're looking in when going to File -> Open Character... HD does not perform ANY inspection of the files to display beyond the file extension, so if you're not showing any characters in the directory that you're looking in, then there are no files of the proper extension in that directory.
  20. I just posted an update which should fix that...
  21. Not to my knowledge...but it adds a bit of gravitas to the statement
  22. To quote the late, great Constitutional scholar, Trace Adkins: "First Amendment? The First Amendment protects you from the government, not from me."
  23. I neither create nor maintain the character packs -- if you find any errors in them, you'll need to submit a support request to Jason.
  24. Darkwing Duck will no longer be joining this conversation.
  25. I'm going to go under the assumption that your initial question (and responses) are not disingenuous -- but be careful. You are correct, we don't know how many would have died under Biden...hell, we don't know how many actually died under Trump because he managed to politicize a pandemic and usher in a post-truth era (the actual numbers are looking to be significantly higher). What we do know is that the numbers under Biden would have been significantly less since there has been zero indication that he would have dismissed the pandemic...much to the contrary, he and Obama prepared
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