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  1. I'll get that changed for the next update.
  2. It also wouldn't work as intended -- reservations still fall under federal law.
  3. It can be used, but if you choose to use the Primary/Secondary tags you're going to get the output that you're showing above as those exist primarily to support Characteristics.
  4. Which are pulling the Characteristics. Under 6E, you'll have Primary and Secondary values for them. Under 5E those values will still exist in the code, but are unused and will not be following HERO System rounding rules.
  5. Because you're treating them like Characteristics, which they are in 6E but not in 5E.
  6. Odd...I had apparently caught that one in the 6E template, but not in the 5E template. Fixed now.
  7. I've got that corrected for the next update.
  8. For the drive to first (second place is first loser), that exists with or without performance enhancing drugs. Athletes at all levels are pushed well past their limits. I can attest to this personally at the high school level. Not for some "you're gonna make it someday, kid" kind of vague promise - just to perform at your absolute top level. As a senior in high school, I was competing with six stress fractures in each forearm (taking 6 Nuprin at a time, four to six times a day). Cartilage in my left elbow and wrist is virtually non-existent. Etc. etc. Was I going to make a career out of gymnastics? Hell no...never was an intention. But I was damn sure going to give it everything I had while I was in it. If someone could have given me a drug to prevent the stress fractures in my forearms, I'd have taken it in a heartbeat. Instead, you've got Olympic gymnasts who can't take collagen supplements much less pain relievers -- and those guys are going through far worse than I did. I'll also note that drug testing of minors is not something that is performed routinely....or, at least, it wasn't way back in my day. Were steroids and other drugs banned? Certainly. If you were caught using them, you'd be booted from the team. But that would take someone actually knowing that you were taking them -- i.e. someone having it out for the athlete (for whatever reason). The ban on performance enhancing drugs isn't about non-pro levels - they handle things their own way, typically though that "we have been informed that little Bobby (who weighs in at 250lbs of muscle at 15 years old) is taking steroids...we may need to look into that" mechanism. The ban really only applies in a formalized manner at pro and international levels of competition.
  9. Totally agreed -- if anything it will act as a deterrent to top performance.
  10. Question on doping: how long do you think until it's generally accepted? It's always portrayed as "giving an unfair advantage"...largely because it's only those who break the rules that do it. If the rules change to allow it, then it gets back to the origin of the rule...which, as I understand it, is meant to prevent the athletes from damaging their bodies in order to achieve peak performance. That whole argument against performance-enhancing drugs has never rung true for me. I was a competitive gymnast throughout high school and college. Even without going to the national level, in order to compete at the level that I was at you put your body through hell (I'm paying for some of that now). Professional athletes, in order to be competitive, are destroying their bodies (without drugs). There are a number of banned drugs that will help alleviate some of that damage. Others that will allow for increased performance with less damage...and some that will increase performance at the risk of increased damage. Where is the line that you draw? Most of the lines that are currently present seem arbitrary and based on false logic. To take the Tour as an example, most of the banned substances that the riders are testing positive for are focused on increasing oxygen utilization and heart function. Some of the truly gifted riders come by these benefits naturally (larger heart capacity, etc.). The damage/risk that those taking the performance enhancing drugs face are not really any different from the damage/risk that those with a naturally larger heart/greater blood flow face. We're talking about people that are going to push themselves to the utter limit, with or without the drugs to help them get there -- the damage is going to be done through the performance of the sport itself at that level of competition (regardless of the sport).
  11. 1. This forum is for questions on HERO System Sixth Edition rules -- this is not really a rule so much as an option for tool-kitting, so not truly applicable to this forum. If you'd like discussion on the subject, I'd recommend posting to the discussion forum. 2. That said, in order to keep things consistent with the rules, I'd have to answer with the following: For Characteristics not normally affected by REC, you Regenerate 1 characteristic point every time interval (your second option) -- this keeps the cost structure consistent with the standard BODY Regeneration For Characteristics that reduced through normal use (END and STUN), you Regenerate your REC to the Characteristic's maximum every time interval (your third option) -- this changes Regeneration slightly for these Characteristics so that it is not replacing your normal REC with something cheaper (it is not recovering END or STUN that are used/reduced) - it is only used to Regenerate "lost" values in these Characteristics (i.e. lost maximum through Drain, etc.).
  12. There's nothing that states that the super-rich need to spend all of their money on purely philanthropic endeavors. It's great when they do (or come close, like the Gates), but it's not a requirement or an indication of morality. The first private (non-government) crewed flight to space is not an insignificant thing. A vanity project? Perhaps...but that doesn't diminish the significance. For a (long) while, private space travel is going to be prohibitively expensive. That's the nature of things -- the same could be said of the early days of ocean/sea travel.
  13. OK...this is kind of tangential, but sports-related and is actively in the process of happening (to me)...and I find it interesting...and saw this thread. So here goes: I was working at the forge today (read: heavy exertion). Not a sport yet...we'll get there next. Came home and The Wife had gotten some new sports drink (Lit)...with, among other things, fairly high levels of β-Alanine (which is used to increase endurance by delaying neuromuscular fatique). So now we're slightly sports related...and that's about as close as we'll come to this thread. Not terribly interesting yet. Pounded the drink (which tasted like and had the intensity of a green apple Jolly Rancher...not great, not horrible) and went outside to finish up a little work with an angle grinder. Started getting a tingling/burning sensation on hands, chest, and face. Thought I must have gotten something on me at the forge or when using the angle grinder so went up for a quick shower. Sensation didn't stop with the shower, but rather spread...back, legs, feet. Realized it wasn't anything I had gotten on me, but I must be reacting to something. Back to the β-Alanine - turns out that ingestion of it in high levels can cause paraesthesia -- commonly described as a tingling sensation (like when you bump your ulnar nerve). Locations that I have it are not common (at all)...but it's harmless. So I'm sensitive to β-Alanine (with full-body paraesthesia for what I'm hoping is a relatively short time after ingestion)...I'm choosing to view this as an odd and not-immediately-useful super power, though it's more likely a Vulnerability. We'll see if anything useful develops from it
  14. For both Modifiers, Steve wanted them to be moved to Custom Modifiers (given the options/lack of "hard rules" surrounding). You can add them back in via a custom template, if desired. So long as you keep the XMLIDs the same (just copy the definitions from the 5E template), they should pick up the original rules for inclusion.
  15. To explain a bit better (now that I have a free moment): 6E removed the default categories, but the decision was to leave the rules in place so that those that wanted to use them could still add them in (either they way you did or through a rules template)
  16. When you hit the + you should have a small pop up/overlay at the bottom of the screen which both keeps count of how many quotes you’ve selected and let’s you insert them into a post/reply.
  17. No update needed - the categories are defined under 5th edition…and were removed by default for 6th edition, though the general rules remain.
  18. I should have noted that you said you were getting “an error message” earlier. My bet is that your card is being rejected (the message would say this). What you’re seeing is the initial credit check rather than an actual charge. The actual charge is failing…most likely due to an address mismatch (the credit processor doesn’t think the address you entered matches what they have on file). What you see on your card is a pending item that will be released automatically after it times out. It’s a facet of how the current credit processor functions (and has functioned for years)…one of the reasons it’s being replaced.
  19. Try the downloads section of this site -- there are a number that replicate that look, including the default character sheet export.
  20. That’s because either of those Skills can be Adder/category based, which changes the cost structure accordingly.
  21. That message will show up when you follow a link for "next unread topic" and there aren't any to show.
  22. Offhand, sounds like you're following a link (or cached/saved page) for "next unread topic" -- that will return the above message when there are no unread topics (e.g. you've marked the site as read).
  23. I'm going to regret this....but that's not how this works. That's not how any of this works. If your phone autofilled your credit card information (and you then sent it to the server) there would be a record of that (even if the credit information that was autofilled was no longer valid). There isn't. If your phone autofilled your selection of PayPal for a payment option, then you would have had to click through to go to PayPal. As stated above, that is a possibility for where the problem lies - you submitted (multiple times) payment while on PayPal, but for whatever reason you were never redirected back to the site, so the transaction could be recorded. IF this is what happened, you need to contact Jason (open a Support Request) -- he can check HERO Games' PayPal account. If he finds matching credits in the account, he can refund one of them to you and apply the other to your pending invoice on the site.
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