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  1. Moving this to a discussion forum as it’s not really a rules question.
  2. I would recommend going to www.java.com and downloading the default JRE (Java Runtime Environment). It’s the large red button in the center of the main page. At present, that will give you Java 8, which is more than sufficient to run HD.
  3. Pawsplay will no longer be joining this conversation.
  4. That's not how Skill Levels work. If you want a permanent +X to a given Skill, you would buy up that Skill. Skill Levels are applied at game time and are separate from the Skill itself.
  5. Also, just to head off any other misunderstandings: the reason people with weakened immune systems should not be vaccinated is not because they'll catch COVID, or the flu, or whatever the vaccine is looking to prevent (again, that's physically impossible in modern-era vaccines). The vaccine is genetically modified to remove pathogenicity, but to still retain replication abilities -- that's what triggers the body's immune response and trains the immune system to recognize the virus (or bacteria) going forward. If you have a compromised immune system, your body may not be able to keep up with
  6. It’s important to understand what “attenuated “ means - it’s not a virus that is near death but otherwise normal. It’s a virus that has been genetically modified to replicate its form but to remove pathogenicity - you’re not going to get the flu from the flu vaccine, and you’re not going to get COVID from any of the COVID vaccines (none of which are that form). of the three that are currently approved in the US, two use mRNA (very new tech that teaches the body’s own cells to produce the markers that will create an immune response in the body) and J&J uses genetically modified
  7. Never any form of active virus...unless you go back to the early 1900s. Modern era vaccines have exactly zero active/actual virus/contagion
  8. Characteristic Maxima are defined under Campaign Rules.
  9. Um...that's not how vaccines work. At all. They are not live versions of the virus. They are not "near dead" versions of the virus. They are utterly benign replicas that teach the immune system. You can have a massive overdose of a vaccine and not contract the virus.
  10. Side effects are based on the body's immune response to the vaccine, so they're not going to necessarily track with physical fitness or age (though the latter may factor in). If someone has had the virus previously or simply has a strong immune response in general, they're going to experience more/stronger side effects. It's why the second shot of the 2 dose vaccines give stronger side effects.
  11. I'm not really sure what you're asking/looking to do....prefabs are just pre-constructed Powers. If you want to present options for the user of the prefab, you simply build the Power multiple times (each way you'd like it to be presented).
  12. "My body is a temple: ancient, crumbling, probably cursed."
  13. Slight change in plans - originally was scheduled in a location about 2 hours from me, but got a call from our local hospital saying that they can get me in on Friday...for the J&J vaccine. That'll get me fully vaccinated about a week ahead of my wife, so I've got that going for me...which is nice.
  14. VPPs are often/frequently handled differently from other Power Frameworks, and there are multiple statements in the rules on VPPs that can be interpreted to indicate that Partially Limiting the VPP itself is not something that should be done (game balance, yadda yadda). There's a reason VPPs have a stop sign. But it's moot. If you want to allow a Partially Limited VPP you build it in HD the EXACT SAME WAY you would build any other Partially Limited Power.
  15. Again, make two VPPs as described above - no different from any other Partially Limited Power, assuming your GM allows it.
  16. Just to head off any misconceptions, I'm not entirely sure that the construct you're after is legal. The Control Cost of a VPP can take on Limitations and those Limitations can apply to all Powers bought through the VPP. So far so good. But I don't believe you can "partially Limit" the Control Cost. Particularly given that if you did so, you'd essentially be looking at two separate VPPs, one with the OAF applied to the Control Cost, and one without...and Powers from two Power Frameworks explicitly cannot modify or apply to each other. If the GM wanted to allow it anyway, you'd need to pur
  17. Set for the first dose of Moderna on Tuesday. Second dose April 27...which means both my wife and I will be fully vaccinated in time for some anniversary celebrations in May.
  18. I think the main thing that bugged me with GoT was the glorification of graphic violence and the effect that it had on society in general (inuring many to that). The best example I've got is the Rape of Sansa: imagine if that had been S1E1, the public outcry you would have heard over the graphic, on-screen depiction of the rape of an underage girl. The show would have been yanked from the air. By the time the series got around to it, however, they had already pushed society's tolerance for that well past that point....and I find that depressing. As for the books themselves, I f
  19. 6E1 page 320: Like Area Of Effect (Radius), an Area Of Effect (Cone) is three-dimensional.
  20. There aren't really any hard and fast rules for that...beyond using something reasonable. Your character likely doesn't need to have a gigapixel image associated with it, so size the image to suit the purpose before adding it to your character.
  21. Glad you got it working! You'll likely still want to look at the size of the image files that you're associating with characters, shrinking them if they're overly large -- throwing more memory at HD will let it load them, but there's rarely a need for that kind of overhead.
  22. OK...a couple of things that I'm seeing in there: 1. You're going to want to close some of the characters. HD is loading 26 characters into memory during startup...while not an issue per se, it will tend to bog things down. 2. One of the characters (I believe Gorgosaurus.hdc) appears to have an inordinately large image file associated with it. The image file is causing Java to run out of memory on your system. You'll want to either change that image, unload/close that character, or increase the memory available to Java (you'll be able to do that in File -> Preference
  23. Please post the contents of the trace.log file from your HD installation.
  24. That software is 15 years out of date -- I doubt that the installer is going to work at all under current Windows systems.
  25. TL;DR: delete your appPrefs.xml file before starting HD Most likely cause is that your monitor configuration has changed (either change in resolution or manually moving your HD directory from one system to another), causing the presets for dialog positions and sizes (that you specified to save within the application preferences) to not apply correctly under the setup that you're now using. Essentially, HD is positioning things where you told it to put them...it's just that those positions are now off screen.
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