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  1. Try <!--ATTRIBUTE_VALUE-->characteristicString<!--/ATTRIBUTE_VALUE-->
  2. Only when they reopen prematurely. IL has actually done a pretty good job of managing the safeguards and phased re-opening....and has been trending downwards even after going to Phase 3 of the reopening plan. If all continues as it has, we're looking to move to Phase 4 in about 3 weeks. Should things start to take a turn for the worse, the plan has always been to move back to previous phases based on the numbers that are coming in.
  3. Yes, of course....helping someone troubleshoot a bad installation of Java (not HD) means that pen and paper (and keeping track of all of the HERO System rules surrounding character generation) is easier. Couldn't be clearer.
  4. Yeah...you don't have Java properly installed. I'd remove the JDK that you attempted to install (google is your friend as that is going to be well outside of the purview of this site). Once that's done, go to java.com and install the current JRE -- it's the big red button that says "Java Download"
  5. It's sounding increasingly like you don't have Java installed properly on your system. Open a terminal and enter java -version That will run Java and output the current version that is installed.
  6. A couple of things: 1. You need the JRE, not the JDK. The JDK is for developers. It will include the runtime environment that you need for HD, but also has a LOT of stuff that you won't need. The JRE is the runtime environment only. 2. Most likely, your system is prompting you to approve opening a downloaded application. If you missed the popup, you'll likely see it in the Security & Privacy section of your System Preferences panel. Also note that you need to have HD in a directory that you have full read-write permissions to.
  7. Should be available now (update just posted). Note that they're both containers -- they'll need ending tags to match.
  8. I would recommend reading through the documentation on exporting/printing characters. As for where to save the file, generally there are no requirements - place the file wherever you like. For associated images (if they're not included in the export file itself), the export will generally tell you where they need to be placed (typically in the same directory as the export file).
  9. Sounds like the characters you are viewing have the HDC file linked - your browser is rendering it rather than saving the file...so just right-click on the link and select "Save As..." or the equivalent.
  10. Not completely clear on what you’re asking....will try to answer both possibilities I can see: If the files you have are HD save files (which are an XML structure), they just need the proper extension to be used in HD — .hdc for characters (as an example) If the files you have are HCM files, those are created from HD exports, but that process is one-way. You use HD to create characters that are exported and loaded into HCM.
  11. Old holdovers from, I believe, HeroSphere integration. The UI controls for them were removed when HeroSphere went away.
  12. I have zero idea how Jason is handling Kickstarter campaigns in regards to delivery. Anything purchased on this site is part of your account and available for download. Anything purchased elsewhere (e.g. Kickstarter) would be available through the download mechanism provided by the campaign.
  13. If you didn't maintain backups of them, they are gone.
  14. The site moved to new software (and a new server) in 2013 -- while the forums were brought along for the ride, purchase history was not a part of the transfer.
  15. Simon

    Skills export

    That should be entirely up to the export format that you choose -- the actual export process isn't really any different for Skills vs. any other ability (all of the same export tags and structures are available)
  16. Store -> Manage Purchases Store -> Client Area -> Purchases Both get you to the same place.
  17. I would agree with awful at politics...the rest I think may be too dogmatic. He certainly leaned in that direction, but I don't think it was as cut and dry as all that...
  18. Considering that he spent a fair bit of time living in Dubuque, Iowa (the origin of "Winter is Coming"), I wouldn't be surprised...
  19. Posting out of curiosity and a desire to read a bit outside of my somewhat known "bubble": what do folks think of the History Channel's Grant miniseries? I'm in the town that he (and 8 other generals) called home both before and after the Civil War (aka locally The War of the Rebellion), so our perspective on things is slightly skewed. That said, I thought the series did an admirable job of showing a man who was trying to do good but (at times) betrayed by his belief that others were equally as good/just...which is to say, a good person (and an arguably brilliant general for hi
  20. Yup...though I would strongly recommend updating in that case (even if you still have it to make the transfer) -- you'll find a LOT more functionality in the current version.
  21. Also note: if you still have the HD installation from your windows system, it will run just fine under MacOS as well -- the joys of Java.
  22. No, since prior to 2013 (when we moved the site to new software and changed the sales model for HD), HD was sold under a 2 year support contract. You would have needed to renew your support contract in order to download updates/new versions/etc. We did continue to honor existing support contracts after the move, but those all ran out by 2015. The good news is that the cost to purchase HD was (intentionally) kept the same as the cost to renew your support contract ($25)...so you're not out anything.
  23. I'm sorry if the rules aren't making sense to you -- this isn't the place for rules discussion, this is a forum for discussion of HD. You expressed a concern that HD was not following the rules (math error), and I explained that it was and gave you the relevant rules. If you would like to discuss those rules, I would suggest posting in the HERO System Discussion forum.
  24. Again, please review the rules. They are not multipliers, they're Advantages and Limitations. As for a 1/2 Limitation resulting in a net decrease in cost of 33%, that's just math: The Active Cost of a Power equals its Base Cost * (1+Advantages total) The Real Cost of a Power equals its Active Cost / (1+Limitations total)
  25. You'll want to review the rules regarding how Advantages and Limitations work...as well as general math. 30/(1-.5) = 30/.5 = 60...and doesn't really have anything to do with HERO System. A 30 Active Point Power with -1/2 in total Limitations would calculate as: 30 / (1+1/2) = 30 / (3/2) = 60/3 = 20 points A 30 Active Point Power with +1/2 in Advantages would calculate as: 30 * (1+1/2) = 30 * (3/2) = 90/2 = 45 points Apply a -1/2 Limitation to the Advantaged Power above and the calculation follows the same rules: 45 /(1+1/2) = 30 points
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