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  1. Check the documentation that comes with HD - it has a reasonably full listing of the available tags.
  2. Even some of the materials needed to make masks are skyrocketing in price -- trying to source elastic bands has been something of an exercise in frustration. Likely leaving that part to the hospital, since the mask itself can be sterilized pretty effectively but those bands are somewhat tricky (and would not be coming from a sterile environment if I were to put them on). Also: welcome back, Mightybec! [insert ominous background music here]
  3. Jeebus - negative much? 1. The Hospital is enthusiastic about receiving the masks and shields. We're going to talk about the multiplexing tubes for the ventilators to ensure that they will work with their setup, but to say that there's interest is an understatement. 2. The nozzle is brass, surgical steel (non-ferromagnetic), silicon, and either ruby or sapphire (depending on size). The bed is glass. 3. DO NOT FUCKING TRY TO DISSUADE PEOPLE FROM HELPING, YOU UNBELIEVABLE ASSHOLE. NO ONE is talking about just showing up at a hospital and dropping a truckload of supplies in th
  4. They’re good with them. And TPU is not carcinogenic.
  5. Getting setup with a new 3D printer (courtesy of my brother’s company 3DUniverse) - going to start making N95 masks, faceshields, and potentially multiplexing connectors for the two ventilators at our local (rural) hospital. Should be an interesting way to spend the shutdown.
  6. Missing some off of there...at the very least, a local distillery (Blaum Bros.) is making hand sanitizer (and donating all of it)
  7. Read the rules regarding.
  8. Which reminds me - that is one thing that's changed: prior to all of this, I'd head down to the pub for "happy hour" once or twice a week. Meet folks there, have a few, chat, etc. Now everyone wants to do that remotely. Everyone. Separately. I think I've had 6 happy hours this week...and most of them went over an hour. Work has one scheduled for 10am tomorrow (most are in the UK)....and then there's the local Friday afternoon one...and then the family on Saturday...and a virtual Sunday brunch. Plus side, local distillers (and brewery) have taken it on themselves to drop off
  9. I'm working on similar (since I can't get into the forge and hit things, currently) -- figure I'm either coming out of this ripped, alcoholic, or some strange combination of both.
  10. YOU'RE an unusually large figure.
  11. Oh...in that case, we should be able to lift the shelter in place orders and return to normal by Easter. /me ducks.
  12. I'd look to Italy and Spain for fatality rate comparisons -- China attacked this with a massive effort to build hospital facilities, which helped to ease their death rate considerably.
  13. I'm fine - Gen-X and have worked from home for over 10 years now...I was made for this. The town I'm in is eerily quiet (normally a big tourist/vacation town), but the whole midwestern attitude is coming through and folks are really banding together and helping each other. Nice to see. On the personal front, may use this as the kick in the pants I needed to get a full forging operation setup at home (the "working museum" blacksmith shop that I normally forge in is closed until this all clears up)
  14. The US now has more active cases than anywhere else in the world. #winning
  15. We'll be past that by the end of the day.
  16. I may or may not have a glider tattooed on my forearm...
  17. Not sure if it's been posted yet or not, but the paper that's likely driving a lot of the time estimates: https://www.imperial.ac.uk/media/imperial-college/medicine/sph/ide/gida-fellowships/Imperial-College-COVID19-NPI-modelling-16-03-2020.pdf?fbclid=IwAR2EzKndfMupd6kQ4mQ7sl9aTW9XQ7p_8tsgwDkeq664mosM5OCxZw_NU9g TL;DR: The current social distancing/self-isolation/school closure is likely to continue for a minimum of 3 months. If relaxed after 3 months, there would be a resurgence of cases with ICU peak being exceeded in October and an estimated 1.1-1.2 million deaths in the US. In o
  18. You will need to recreate the files.
  19. You’re highlighting hdc (character) files.
  20. Posted in the past, but the Die Roller from HERO Central: dieRoller.html Instructions included onscreen. As far as TRNG vs PRNG, PRNG is all you need -- you're not dealing with cryptography, you're mimicking dice. Dice are not a source of random numbers....they're not even a good replacement for a PRNG.
  21. Use any of the available export formats and then save as/print to PDF from the relevant viewer (e.g. your browser, Word, etc.)
  22. It’s developed on a Mac, so yes - it will run just fine on one. The Java requirement still applies.
  23. Cassandra will not be joining us on the site for a few months.
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