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  1. You will need to recreate the files.
  2. You’re highlighting hdc (character) files.
  3. Posted in the past, but the Die Roller from HERO Central: dieRoller.html Instructions included onscreen. As far as TRNG vs PRNG, PRNG is all you need -- you're not dealing with cryptography, you're mimicking dice. Dice are not a source of random numbers....they're not even a good replacement for a PRNG.
  4. Use any of the available export formats and then save as/print to PDF from the relevant viewer (e.g. your browser, Word, etc.)
  5. It’s developed on a Mac, so yes - it will run just fine on one. The Java requirement still applies.
  6. Cassandra will not be joining us on the site for a few months.
  7. When there's something more than the aforementioned esoterica, yes. For the minor stuff, it's just stated in the thread that spawned it...and, I suppose the recent PDF thing, but I suspect that's been non-functional for the past few updates at least.
  8. Depends on what version you're running. There haven't been too many noticeable changes over the past 6 months or so...mainly relatively esoteric tweaks to some pretty specific rules cases.
  9. The following is purely to vent. It's needed. Working at the forge a couple weeks ago, had a bunch of folks come through for a day of training and fun. Figured what better way to spend that than working on forging a new hammer that I've been eyeing for a while now -- a Japanese-style forging hammer. This would normally be done with a power hammer and/or press (which I don't have as it's a historic site that I forge at) to work a 3" diameter piece of 4140 round stock down to a 1.25" octagonal face, this was a great project for a group of strikers -- the guys that swing the big 10
  10. Windows UAC will prevent applications from writing to certain protected directories. Try unzipping the download into your Documents directory.
  11. Most likely: run it from a directory that you have full access to.
  12. The store page has never said anything about PDF (and still doesn’t)
  13. Possibly, though it's not high on my list of priorities.
  14. Yup - there was a lot in there to support JRuby and the gems for PDF functionality. I also cleaned out some old APIs that were no longer in use (from the days of the v2 to v1 converter).
  15. Looking like it's time to pull that functionality from the app. The PDF feature was created by an outside developer using JRuby and would appear to have compatibility issues with current versions of Java (specifically, current Java compilers). Use the export functionality to print characters.
  16. Yeah...that's not how it works. Delete your existing directory or "install" the current version of HD into a new/empty directory that you have full access to. Replacing only HD6.jar will create a mismatch in the other files and APIs used by the PDF functionality.
  17. 1) Yes, any of the character templates (File -> New Character -> [Heroic or Superheroic] -- it has to be a character, not a vehicle, base, AI, etc. 2) Look into Windows UAC Buying HD would only change things if you haven't updated the software since before the server move (beginning of 2014). If that's the case, then yes, you will need to "re-purchase" HD in order to get at any of the updates that have been released over the past 6 years.
  18. 1. Print to PDF is for characters only...and they need to be built using the default/built-in templates. 2. Ensure you have full access to the directory that you’re running HD from.
  19. So your software is over 6 years out of date (and outside of the support contract) and you're wondering about issues? Two things: 1. You're so far outside of the support contract that you purchased HD under that there is nothing I can do to help. I think that the issues you're seeing are due to Windows UAC, but it's going to be on you to figure that out. There are likely also a large number of issues caused by the way you've been transferring HD from system to system (extra files, extracted jar files, etc.). 2. No other support will be available for you unti
  20. You do not have full access (or, more appropriately, the process running HD does not have full access). May want to follow the install directions included on the download page...
  21. Change the totaling options for the Running Powers (likely to Do Not Add).
  22. Creating/editing export formats is on you (or on you to find someone to do it for you). You're looking to implement a rule variant that is not part of character creation (which is what HD focuses on). It can be done, but you're going to need to put some work in to do it.
  23. The text of any ability can be edited (in full) through the remarkably tricky mechanism of clicking on it (the text) and editing it. Any ability with text edited in this manner will be displayed (within HD) in blue to indicate that the display may not match the ability construction.
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