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  1. 6E1 page 320: Like Area Of Effect (Radius), an Area Of Effect (Cone) is three-dimensional.
  2. There aren't really any hard and fast rules for that...beyond using something reasonable. Your character likely doesn't need to have a gigapixel image associated with it, so size the image to suit the purpose before adding it to your character.
  3. Glad you got it working! You'll likely still want to look at the size of the image files that you're associating with characters, shrinking them if they're overly large -- throwing more memory at HD will let it load them, but there's rarely a need for that kind of overhead.
  4. OK...a couple of things that I'm seeing in there: 1. You're going to want to close some of the characters. HD is loading 26 characters into memory during startup...while not an issue per se, it will tend to bog things down. 2. One of the characters (I believe Gorgosaurus.hdc) appears to have an inordinately large image file associated with it. The image file is causing Java to run out of memory on your system. You'll want to either change that image, unload/close that character, or increase the memory available to Java (you'll be able to do that in File -> Preference
  5. Please post the contents of the trace.log file from your HD installation.
  6. That software is 15 years out of date -- I doubt that the installer is going to work at all under current Windows systems.
  7. TL;DR: delete your appPrefs.xml file before starting HD Most likely cause is that your monitor configuration has changed (either change in resolution or manually moving your HD directory from one system to another), causing the presets for dialog positions and sizes (that you specified to save within the application preferences) to not apply correctly under the setup that you're now using. Essentially, HD is positioning things where you told it to put them...it's just that those positions are now off screen.
  8. You are incorrect on your initial statement...and ramble from there (too much to muddle through without knowing if you’re seeing an actual issue in the current update)
  9. HERO Designer includes full support for HERO System Fifth Edition and Sixth Edition rules. It does not include the sourcebooks, nor does it support Champions Now ruleset (which was a fan-created project that is based off of third and fourth edition rules).
  10. Without knowing any specifics about what you're doing I can only respond with general application behavior: ABBREVIATION in the templates defines the non-WG abbreviation to use for abilities (i.e. File -> Preferences... has "Use Abbreviations (where available)" is checked but "Use strict Writers' Guidelines compliance" is unchecked) WGABBREVIATION in the templates defines the WG-compliant abbreviation to use (when "Use strict Writers' Guidelines compliance" is checked along with "Use Abbreviations (where available)"). If a given abbreviation is applicable (conditi
  11. Meh. It's been done before.
  12. We can't let you get off that easily. *pause for effect* Tell us more about your wood. We need specifics. I am so going to have to ban myself if this goes on much longer...
  13. Can you get Cancer from Steve Long liking PP Porn? The answer in our 6 o'clock segment!
  14. And Steve Long just liked PP Porn...my work here is complete.
  15. Technically, it would be pen and paper porn, or (shorthand) PP Porn. Don't hate the messenger.
  16. 6E2 page 98 also discusses rolling of Normal Damage...including half dice. Again, Steve Long has given the rules and the cost structure for half dice of Blast (and other attacks) -- that is what HD is showing.
  17. Looks like an oversight when purchasing Costs Endurance (Only to Activate) as a Limitation. Corrected in the current update.
  18. 6E2 page 98, for starters...though it really doesn't have to go past Steve Long saying it should work like that.
  19. Not sure why that was setup like that, but I've got the templates adjusted for the next update.
  20. Skill Levels. Alphabetically, between Shadowing and Sleight Of Hand.
  21. That's what had me confused -- I assumed he was looking for something other than normal Skill Levels (since those would be kind of obvious)...
  22. HD's calculation is correct. +4m Swimming is 2 points. 2 * (1+3) = 8 Active Points. 8 / (1+2.25) = 2 Real Cost There's nothing that is explicitly against the rules -- HD does not prohibit bad builds, it just enforces hard rules within the system. Whether a GM would allow the build (or if the build even makes sense) is something that you would want to determine outside of HD. As for Time Limit, it should be a Limitation...and is, depending on when it is assigned relative to Persistent being assigned. I'll look into why it's not recalculating its value automatically wh
  23. Are you referring to Penalty Skill Levels?
  24. Growth under 6th Edition is no longer a level-based Power (like Density Increase). Also note that (as always) Growth is not intended for characters that are always large -- it's meant for characters that can change their size...so the bonuses are not fixed (and are not always present).
  25. Simon

    gift card

    Then either: 1. Your mobile device is not sending the XHR request to the server (the request that submits the coupon code/gift card) -- entirely on you to figure out. 2. The gift card code that you're entering doesn't have any value (e.g. already used).
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