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  1. Let's start with basics: 1. What are the contents of the directory that you're looking to run HD from (file listing)? 2. What (exactly) are you doing when you "try to run the .jar file with javaw"? 3. What happens when you double-click on HD6.jar?
  2. No worries -- most likely the problem is with the file association. You'll want to make sure that the path listed in the ftype output is correct. Uninstalling and re-installing Java should have fixed it, but you can always use the directions in the initial post of this thread to set it manually. if you cd into the HeroDesigner directory ("cd \Users\[your username]\Documents\HeroDesigner") and enter what I listed above, you can skip over all of the file associations that your system seems to not have correct.
  3. Opening up IE is new... Let's try verifying the Java installation: Open a command prompt, cd to the directory that you unzipped HD into (where is that, by the way?) and then enter java -jar HD6.jar
  4. Hm. Let's try it this way and see if we get better results: BACK OFF. Now. If you cannot keep the conversation civil and discussing the topic rather than the posters, you will not be involved in the conversation. Clear?
  5. Information on what problems you're having would help... What you're doing, what's happening, etc.
  6. You've likely messed it up more at this point by pointing to the wrong directory on your system for .jar files. Enter the following to take things back to where they were when you started: ftype jarfile="C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre1.8.0_66\bin\javaw.exe" -jar "%1" %* If HD is starting (giving the loading image) then your problem is not with file associations. Create a new thread and post the contents of the trace.log file from the directory that you installed (unzipped) the HD download into.
  7. Not entirely sure what you're posting...looks like you had a valid file association in the first command (ftype | find "jarfile") which you then changed in the second command...likely to an invalid path on your system. If you're looking for help, you may want to start by stating what the problem is and NOT blindly executing commands on your system without paying attention to the instructions included with them.
  8. Do NOT extract HD6.jar. This is explained in the download instructions and elsewhere. HD6.jar is the executable for HD. You are going to want to delete everything and start from scratch if you unpacked HD6.jar. If you want help, you're going to need to provide information specified in this thread. Specifically: 1. The output of java -version 2. The output of ftype | find "jarfile" 3. The directory that you have unpacked HeroDesigner.zip into (the directory that contains HD6.jar).
  9. If you like, sure - a batch file will essentially do the same thing as the file association. If you want to avoid the batch file route (for whatever reason), you'll need to figure out what's wrong with the permissions on your system that are preventing the file association from firing (or causing it to error out)
  10. Well, first you're going to want to get Java fully installed on your system -- it's not part of the system path settings (which is why just typing "java" at the command line gave you that error message). Easiest way is to uninstall all copies of Java from your system and reinstall from http://www.java.com Once you've done that, try just double-clicking on HD6.jar -- the reinstall may fix the issue you're having. If you're still having problems, repeat the above steps to ensure that java is in your path and then enter the following from a command prompt after cd-ing to the directory th
  11. Simon

    Site Re-Launch!

    Note: access to the former site has now been discontinued.
  12. HD is available for purchase in the store: http://www.herogames.com/forums/store/product/1-hero-designer/
  13. Simon

    Site Re-Launch!

    The stated link (above) works just fine. Not that I disagree with downloading upon purchase and maintaining your own backups. The link included in the main post will be kept active for another month before being taken offline.
  14. There is no way to access the old HD Vault, though users may post items that they have from the old Vault into the Downloads section (and have been), so files that you're looking for may become available over time. The search function is about as close as you're going to get to the sorting that you're looking for....and depends largely on the extent to which the file uploader uses the tags that are available to them.
  15. Simon

    Site Re-Launch!

    The link is in the main post: http://www.herogames.com/userCP.htm
  16. 265 downloads

    A listing of most export tags that are available for creators of custom export formats for HERO Designer. Note that if you're looking for a specific function/tag that does not appear in this list, it may have been implemented but deemed too esoteric for inclusion in this list -- ask in the HERO Designer forum and you'll be pointed in the right direction.
  17. 302 downloads

    A zip file of the JavaDoc for HERO Designer. This file will only be needed/useful for folks looking to develop plugins for HD and documents the packages, classes, and method calls that are available when building Java classes that will interface with HERO Designer.
  18. As HERO Designer has reached a stable point in its development over the past year, updates have slowed significantly. While the product is still under active development and is fully supported, the feature set and enhancements are not changing at a rate that supports the service contract model which has been used to date. As a result, HERO Designer is now shifting to a straight sales model -- simply purchase the application through the store and as updates are released, you will be able to re-download the application to apply the update. At such time as major changes/enhancements are made
  19. You've probably noticed that the site has undergone something of a change... We're pleased to introduce you to the new (and improved) HERO Games site. We've updated the software package that this site utilizes, focusing on integration and improved functionality for you (yes, you!). The site, store, and all other sections are now driven through the same database -- requiring only one registration. We've kept the old forum registrations active in order to maintain all forum content. There are more new features than we can comfortably list here, but of particular note is the addition of m
  20. 433 downloads

    The default character sheet for 6th Edition characters. Modeled off of the default character sheet format for 5th Edition characters with additional Characteristics and maneuvers added in to support 6th Edition. The file "HeroSystem_6ELogos.jpg" file needs to be included in same directory as the character's export file.
  21. 703 downloads

    The default character sheet for 5th Edition characters, modeled off of the character sheet included in the 5th Edition books. The file "herologo.jpg" needs to be included in same directory as the export file.
  22. 1,277 downloads

    The current documentation for HD (last updated on June 17th, 2010). To integrate the documentation with HD, simply download the file and save it in your installation directory as "HDDocs.pdf".
  23. 278 downloads

    A 1920 x 1200 wallpaper of the awesome FANTASY HERO cover by Tyler Walpole!
  24. 1,528 downloads

    The official character sheet from the 6th Edition rulebooks.
  25. 274 downloads

    A wallpaper featuring the Champions 6E cover, with art by Paul Pelletier!
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