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  1. Keep politics to the political discussion thread, folks. (offending post has been hidden -- that will be the one warning given)
  2. Once again: there is nothing to solve. The "problem" (such as it is) is between the user and understanding access permissions on their own system. HD cannot and should not bypass these.
  3. Folks, keep current/real world politics to the Political Discussion thread, please.
  4. Again, it will not go through. There is no asynchronous system for charges on this site.
  5. You're not understanding -- the transaction failed. There is no further processing to be done and no change will occur relative to the invoice.
  6. The charge likely failed (and you would have received a message stating so on the site when you attempted to make it). The credit processor that the site uses first verifies the card and info entered -- this shows up as a "pending" transaction. If the information is rejected by the credit processor (typically for an address mismatch, especially for international cards/addresses), then you receive an error message and no further processing is done. The pending charge will remove itself from your account after a certain period of time (dependent on the card issuer, I believe). If
  7. You have one cancelled invoice (meaning you cancelled after starting the checkout process) and one open invoice (meaning you have yet to actually pay for HD). The download will be available as soon as payment is received.
  8. JMOz will no longer be part of this conversation.
  9. JSON is JavaScript object notation. Think of it like HTML, just for machine-machine communication. You would need to know the specific JSON structure/format expected by Tabletop Simulator and then create an HD export format to produce that (assuming that everything Tabletop Simulator requires is available in HD)
  10. The one thing a tolerant society must not tolerate is intolerance.
  11. What Capitol Police looked like during the Black Lives Matter protest.
  12. Yes (though there are ways around it). I truly dislike folks changing fonts.
  13. If I'm understanding the question correctly, it's largely academic and answered in gameplay. Let's take an example: Character A acts on DEX 18 during Phase 4. He chooses to use an Attack Power with the Gestures Limitation (specifics don't really matter here). This presumes that the character is able to perform the Gestures (i.e. not Grabbed, Entangled, or otherwise restrained). Just like any other Attack Power, it's going to work unless another character interrupts them. Without the Gestures Limitation, the options to interrupt Character A and prevent them from using the Attack Power a
  14. the contents of the container should be the name of a getter method on the current object (one which does not require any parameters). The javadoc will have the full reference for methods...you'll want to start with GenericObject and move to the more specific subclasses from there. <!--ATTRIBUTE_VALUE-->APPerEND<!--/ATTRIBUTE_VALUE--> or <!--ATTRIBUTE_VALUE-->getAPPerEND<!--/ATTRIBUTE_VALUE--> either format will do the same thing (the app will add the leading "get" in if needed)
  15. Go to your Purchases page (where you originally downloaded HD)
  16. You could redefine/override the LANGUAGES container itself in the template, but the familiarity chart is not for the faint of heart...
  17. Just like any other system: you need a fully functioning installation of Java on the system.
  18. The system shows an invoice created (i.e. you added it to your cart and went to checkout), but no payment made. If the card was declined/payment failed, you'll often still see a pending transaction on the card from the initial check that the payment processor performs (checking address verification, etc.)...but that will go away without funds being withdrawn.
  19. Either build them on the Equipment tab or put them in a List with a Cost Multiplier of 0
  20. See the sidebar example on page 197 of 6E1 for a "STUN Transfer" writeup which lays out the recommended way to join a Drain and an Aid (which is what you're looking to do).
  21. More or less what it says: Haymaker (the Maneuver) cannot be Pushed -- it does not cost END on its own but is, rather, modifying the Attack that the character is Haymakering. So you can Haymaker your character's punch (Attack with STR). You can also Push your character's STR for that same Haymakered punch. But you cannot Push the Haymaker itself.
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