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  1. This is where you're being inconsistent. You want various Powers like Enhanced Senses to put a slight drain on the suit's "battery" (END Reserve) -- that's accomplished by having them use the END Reserve. They use END. You don't need or want to create some new Limitation that reflects those Powers using/requiring the Reserve to function - that's simply how END and Reserves work. Saying that you want those Powers to rely on the suit's battery, but not use END is being inconsistent in your definition -- they either need the battery to function (they use END) or they don't. So...you have Powers that take the Costs END Limitation as needed and are set to draw from the Reserve. These Powers will be taking negligible amounts of END relative to the combat abilities...and that's fine. You size the Reserve to let you use the abilities you would typically have active in combat (including those minor ones) for the typical time that you want to be able to operate at full power. Saying that the non-com abilities will slowly drain the suit's battery over a long period of time is something that you would simply define as a facet of a Reserve that can only be charged up at the base. Unless you really want to get into LTE rules (most don't), then you just define what this is -- you don't track END outside of combat, otherwise. The suggestion to use separate Reserves was based on your earlier explanations of what you were after (or my reading of them). Your current explanation is a straightforward END Reserve, with a Limited REC (can only recharge at the base)
  2. That's an END Reserve. Anything that requires the "battery" to function costs END and is set to pull from the Reserve. If you're talking about months outside of combat for the minor systems to drain the battery, then don't worry about any Limitation on the Reserve itself (since it's not limiting) -- just buy the Reserve with enough END to last you the amount of time you'd like in combat, Limit the REC to only occur at the base, and you're done. Again, outside of combat, you're not tracking END usage in the same way...and avoiding dealing with LTE is not a bad idea at all (the reason it's listed as an optional rule). Powers that use the Reserve don't get some additional Limitation to reflect that they need the Reserve to have END or they go down -- that's just how END-using Powers work.
  3. See previous response - you're not looking at it right...and it sounds like you're still figuring out the concept (or explaining it differently now). What you're describing with just a few non-com systems bound to the suit's battery is simply a matter of tying them into the same END Reserve as everything else. So one END Reserve, sized based on the amount of time the character should be effective in combat. You're looking to have the effect of END usage over long periods of non-combat time...but then not wanting to deal with the hassle of figuring END usage over long periods of non-combat time. So figure out what the effect is that you're looking to model. If I'm reading your most recent explanation correctly, you're looking for some non-com abilities to be bound to the suit's power supply....and the suit's power supply should be slowly drained by those non-com systems over a period of time (days). Non-com abilities that you want to function in that manner need to Cost END and be bound to the suit's END Reserve. This will have a negligible effect in combat....and out of combat you can avoid having to deal with LTE rules or any fiddly things like that by Limiting the suit's END Reserve (not the Powers themselves) -- easiest would be to use Limited Power to represent the END Reserve draining slowly over time when away from base (base the value on however often you want to track it -- loses 200 END daily, 10 END hourly, etc.). The Limitation value would be based on the GM's input for how often the characters are going to be away from the suit's power source for extended periods.
  4. You're basing that calculation on 6 hours of combat. That's not how END works over time.
  5. That’s all in figuring the reserve…in play, it’s pre-figured - reserve 1 will last for 2 days (or whatever). as for cost - that’s the concept.
  6. The concept that he’s after is fiddly by nature (and questionably conceived, as noted above). I dislike handwavium to get around bad/fiddly concepts.
  7. You're still just borrowing trouble. Buy 2 Reserves, if you want. Reserve 1 powers the essentials. Has a REC slightly less than the burn rate of the essentials. Any non-com ability that you want to run off of the suit takes the Limitations mentioned above (Costs END, Always On), where appropriate. Reserve 2 powers the combat abilities. Has a REC that only applies when at the base. Done. If you want Reserve 1 to only function when Reserve 2 is active (has END available), that's a simple Linked on Reserve 1.
  8. Essentially a gamification system for the forum software. Awards are given at certain milestones (first post, 500th, etc.). Points are given for most activities outside of the NGD (posting, following, etc.). You also receive points for reactions to content (again, outside of the NGD). Total points accrued determine your rank....which, in turn, means absolutely nothing.
  9. I still think you're creating a contrived problem. You're describing a basic power armor setup. Take the basic systems (e.g. Life Support, Enhanced Senses, etc.) -- everything that draws power from the suit (or requires the suit to be powered). All of them that are normally Persistent/0-END abilities take the Costs END Limitation with the END Reserve set as their END source. They also should likely take Always On, since it sounds like you don't want the character turning them off to conserve energy (though if you're ok with disabling basic functionality in order to eke out the last bits of the Reserve for a big Blast, then don't take this). The END Reserve's REC is set to be _slightly_ less than what these systems will draw. Let's say that all the basic systems total out to 40 END - set the Reserve REC to 39. You'll be able to run for a long time before the Reserve runs out...unless you fire up other energy-hogging abilities that drain the Reserve faster (like combat abilities -- shields, blasters, etc.). Set the size of the Reserve itself based on the typical drain during a combat situation - what it would take in a given Phase to have typical basic systems fired up, plus defenses and common attacks. Multiply by the character's SPD and then determine how long you want the character to be in full combat before running out of juice (e.g 2 minutes of full combat would multiply by an additional 10 -- 10 rounds * characters SPD * END drain per Phase) Note: having a character "only" be able to be in full combat for a few minutes is not only not-limiting, it's very much on the long side of typical.
  10. You're not talking about a Limitation for the character needing to have END-- if the Power uses END, then needing to have END available is just the nature of the Power. If you want the Power to be used a limited number of times, use the Charges Limitation. There are a LOT of options to play with there where you can represent fuel (Fuel Charges, Recoverable Charges, etc.) If you want the Power to be otherwise normal but draw off of a small battery/reserve, buy multiple END Reserves -- to power each individual component as needed. Which Reserve a given component uses is defined when buying that component -- maybe the same as others, maybe one all its own. In either case, not a Limitation, just how you set it up/build it.
  11. Could be worse -- when someone asks me how I managed to pay for college, I can honestly tell that that I used to strip and grind for cash. I was materials science and engineering -- spent summers working in a concrete research lab, stripping and grinding samples.
  12. Hey folks - just chiming in here to ask that we keep things civil. There are a number of hot button topics being discussed and things are getting a little bit personal -- let's try to avoid the latter. By and large, folks are handling this discussion quite well - I'm just asking that we keep it that way. Stick to discussing the topics, not the posters.
  13. <!--ATTRIBUTE_VALUE-->getTotalCost<!--/ATTRIBUTE_VALUE--> or... <!--ATTRIBUTE_VALUE-->totalCost<!--/ATTRIBUTE_VALUE--> either will work and return the same.
  14. Batch files are for windows systems. Mac/linux use shell scripts.
  15. The contents of the container should be the name of a getter method on the current object -- if a match is found, the container will be replaced with the output from the matching getter method.
  16. A batch file is just a text file with a group of commands to pass to the command prompt. You can find any number of references online for what they can include. Create them like any other text file (Notepad or whatever your editor of choice is) and give it a .bat extension.
  17. Nothing easy, no. ATTRIBUTE_VALUE will get you the levels that have been added in for height, width, etc...but you'd be doing math from there. I'll also point out that you're going to likely want to stick with the values in the Notes field -- there are some really screwed up calculations required to calculate some things on Vehicles (in particular) that go against all of the rounding rules in the system (which are a whole 'nother topic of discussion). They're generally table-based and follow their own, special logic.
  18. Plugins need to be packaged in a .jar file with a manifest containing the following information: author contact description mainClass (the class file containing the "public static void main()" to launch the plugin) name Once packaged, place in the plugins directory and HD will load it during startup. The Notes column on the Characteristics tab are generally compiled from various methods within the relevant Characteristic -- you'll want to look to those to see if you can put the information together differently/the way that you're after. Or you can parse the notes string itself.
  19. Champ was over 13 years old - that’s a long life for a GSD. It’s rare that there’s an autopsy when a dog that old passes, unless there was some cause for concern or other mystery to the passing beyond simply being time. Run free, Champ.
  20. The following is really only going to apply to a relatively small number of people, but it's still good information to have out there. I wanted to take a quick moment to run through some of the changes to the warning system that came through with the recent update to the site. Before I get into the specifics of how they work, a quick comment on when warnings are handed out: The moderators on this site (myself included) will hand out a warning when a post is viewed to have crossed "the line". For folks wondering exactly where that line is so that you can tread close to it but not cross it, don't. Just don't. If you try to tread close to the line, you're going to run afoul of it eventually, either because you screw up or because we shift the line...and as you'll see below that can add up and result in your no longer being able to access the site at all. Just be nice -- this is a forum for an RPG. Treat others with respect, don't be inflammatory, and all will be good. In the words of Wil Wheaton: "Don't be a dick." So...on to the warning system. Anytime someone receives a warning, they will receive 1 point. As the points accrue, the penalties get worse. 1 point: posts for the next 72 hours will go into a moderation queue, where they will be reviewed by the moderators prior to being visible to the general public 2 points: posts for the next 14 days will go into a moderation queue and the poster will be prevented from posting anything for 24 hours (a short time out) 3 points: moderation for 60 days, no posting for 2 days 4 points: moderation for 120 days, no posting for 30 days 5 points: banned from the site As a general rule, the moderators (and particularly this admin) like to be bored. When we are forced to work (i.e. take action), it's annoying. We don't _want_ to give out warnings. We want to sit back and enjoy the site. If you do manage to post something that gets a warning, your best option is to take your medicine and treat it as just that: a warning. Arguing your point with us just creates more work for us...which is not going to end well. If you feel you must argue your point, you would be well advised to understand the above comment about what makes a happy moderator (or admin) -- approach it carefully and delicately. You're asking for forgiveness...if you attack the moderators, additional warnings (often plural) will be levied. I'm significantly nicer when people attack me than when they attack a moderator (and I'm not that nice when someone attacks me).
  21. The +1/2 Resistant Advantage is being applied to the character's PD & ED Characteristics. To do this, you figure out the cost of the Characteristics (as you note, that would be 56 points for 28 PD/28 ED), apply the Advantage, and then pay for the difference (since you've already paid for the Characteristics). 56 * (1 + 1/2) = 84 points total. 84 - 56 = 28 points that you would pay to make the 28 PD/28 ED fully Resistant.
  22. Just FYI for folks, the forums went through a minor version upgrade earlier today. Things may be a little wonky for the next couple of days while posts re-index and the new ranking system rebuilds/recalcs. Hopefully nothing too disruptive, though you won't see any ranks until the rebuild completes. There are a number of new features/enhancements, but they should all be pretty transparent (nothing that you need to do to see them). The new ranking system is currently set to improve rank (which is, in itself, a relatively meaningless thing) based on posts, followed content, reactions, etc. in all areas outside of the NGD. To be clear, this won't affect post count or other metrics, just the new/improved ranking system.
  23. The mismatch in serial numbers is between the paperwork (which has a serial number that appears to have started in the 1950s) and the physical truck, which has a serial number stamped into the steel of the left frame (the one I gave above). The link to restoring cornelius has great info (went through it previously)...but they only really go back to 1928 with the serial number information. Close, but not quite there I should also mention that the paperwork has the date as 1918, but the body style doesn't match IHC trucks from that time (they had a sloping/angled hood)
  24. This is an odd one for this site, but we have such an eclectic and varied knowledge base that I figured it's worth a shot. Recently came into possession of this old beauty: The paperwork that I have on it is decidedly off -- has it as a 1918 International Harvester flatbed truck...along with a serial number that didn't start being used until the 1950s. It's pretty much all original apart from a few minor things (fuel filter, some wiring, etc.). While we're working on fixing it up, I'm trying to dig up as much information on it as I can...which is where you lot come in. Anyone have knowledge (or ability to gain said) of early IHC trucks based on serial number? The serial number that is stamped into the frame is ST23353B. The research that I've done so far has it as a 1924-1925 IHC Model S Speed Truck...which, handily enough, seems to match the serial prefix. I'm curious how much additional information I can gather on this (in a vain attempt to impress the mechanic that's working on it with me).
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