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  1. The trace log won’t show anything - the problem is not with HD.
  2. What ibenny said. re-downloading HD will not affect anything - the problem is not with HD. You could give a Word document a .hdc extension and it’ll be shown in the character open dialog...it’ll throw all sorts of errors if you try to open it, but HD will show it along with all other files of the right extension.
  3. I've got the minimum cost corrected...I could swear that it was intentionally removed before, but can't for the life of me find out when/why. The abbreviations are all there, but are not considered Writers' Guidelines compliant so will not display if you have strict writers guidelines compliance checked off under the app prefs.
  4. ibenny is telling you the same thing, just a direct route to see the extensions. Also note that your system will have prompted you at some point to allow Java to read your Desktop (and likely Documents) directory -- if you didn't give it that permission, then HD isn't able to read the directory.
  5. There is no breakdown -- there simply are no files with the proper extension in the Desktop directory. My personal bet: you have your system hiding file extensions, so the "Edit_2020.hdc" file on the desktop is likely "Edit_2020.hdc.xml" or similar.
  6. The sole "filter" that HD uses to determine what files to show is based on the file extension -- e.g. if you're looking to open a character file, only files with a .HDC extension will be shown.
  7. Fixed abilities (e.g. all newspaper boys get TF: bicycles) just purchase and save the character data as a template. select x of the following list is best handled by naming a list just that and saving as a prefab. Have that prefab loaded and saved with the character template. This character gets X skills (general rule) is something you’d either need to communicate as a gm or setup with point limits under the campaign rules.
  8. Items in the Equipment Guide are constructed just like anything else in HERO System. If you're looking for a list of pre-constructed items, you're talking about a prefab -- and I believe that the character pack for the Equipment Guide has exactly that (for purchase).
  9. Weapons and other Equipment are constructed according to the rules of the system. If you don't care for any of that, then use a Custom Power.
  10. Depends on the Power -- want twin laser beams shooting from the eyes? Buy one and then double it. Don't really care about the effect of two lasers, just the SFX? Ignore the quantity field.
  11. The 5 point max is hard-coded into HD (by request), so it will not change.
  12. OAF you can apply, STR Min you cannot -- it applies to Attack Powers, which DCV is not.
  13. The supplements don't always follow the rules. And DCV won't have access to those Modifiers no matter where you buy it -- they're not valid for Characteristic Powers under the RAW, which is what HD follows.
  14. Ah...misread the problem. As indicated, those mods do not apply to DCV in the RAW. You’d need to either place the DCV component outside of the MP (which would be more appropriate) or use Custom Modifiers.
  15. You need to be using a Heroic template/rules (those Modifiers don’t apply to Superheroic)
  16. Simon


    And....? They're HTML comments - they won't render.
  17. Simon


    Entirely dependent on the export format. If HTML (which appears to be what you're using), then just use HTML comments: <img src="img/..." /> <!-- image needs to be placed in an img folder to read, change this if you want it elsewhere -->
  18. Simon


    Not entirely sure what you're referring to. If you're talking about the .hdc file itself, just use XML-style comments. If you're talking about within the HD interface, use the Notes field on any given ability...just set it not to print.
  19. I’m sorry...is the person who has been treading the line with being banned from this discussion voicing issues with the moderation here?
  20. Custom Modifier for the second Requires a Skill Roll, since it's not part of the core rules (i.e. the core rules allow only a single instance of Requires a Skill Roll).
  21. ScottishFox will no longer be joining this discussion.
  22. I find it astonishing how many people fail to notice a fully armored, kilted Mando walking down the street...
  23. Is anything affecting the cost or output of the abilities in any way?
  24. Simon


    Looks like there was still an old copy somehow making it into the update. Not really worth an update all on its own, but I pushed one up anyway....so that the obvious is now stated in the docs.
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