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  1. Re: Partially Limited Multipower Reserve? No, they won't. My statement above was a bit poorly worded. Charges won't affect the cost of the slots regardless of their value (that's why they are a "special case"). Advantages on an MP never affect the cost of the slots (in accordance with the rules). Nor do they increase the maximum Active Cost of the Powers that can be placed in the MP. So, for example: a 60 point MP with a +1 AOE (Radius) Advantage placed on it will cost 120 points. A 12d6 EB slot in the MP will cost 6 points (as an ultra slot). It will still be AOE (all slots will be). Additionally, the 12d6 EB is the maximum that will fit into the MP. A 13d6 EB will have too high of an Active Cost for the MP and will not be allowed in.
  2. Re: Partially Limited Multipower Reserve? You can do partially limited powers in HD. You construct them in pretty much the same manner as they are described in 5E and 5ER. You can also assign 0-END to the MP as a Common Modifier and have it apply to each slot. I should note (since you mentioned it) that Charges is a "special case" when applied to an MP as a Common Modifier (affecting all slots) -- it will affect each slot (making them 0-END), but if it's an Advantage, it will not increase the cost of the slots. This is in accordance with some rather complex rules in 5E and 5ER (Charges are moderately rediculous in their complexity).
  3. Re: Partially Limited Multipower Reserve? And others would say the lack of reasoning on your end is equally amazing. Have fun!
  4. Re: Partially Limited Multipower Reserve? Then I suspect that we have little more to say on the matter. I can see the internal consistencies with the rule. Steve (obviously) can see the internal consistencies (as he wrote teh rule). You don't. Such is life.
  5. Re: Partially Limited Multipower Reserve? Because in neither case are you applying a Modifier to the MP Cost which does not apply to every slot (in its entirety). Simple as that. A partially limited MP requires that you have two distinct pools (regardless of whether you list them as the same to save space on writeup), each with their own list of Modifiers.
  6. Re: Partially Limited Multipower Reserve? A partially-Limited MP is functionally no different from two separate MPs whose slots add together. It is constructed the same way. The points are the same. The usage is a combination of two slots from two different MPs, which goes against the rules of the system. Partially limiting a slot is fine, but you cannot do that to the MP. As soon as you do, you end up with two separate MPs which are adding together. The fact that you want to list them as a single entity on the sheet is just shorthand and does not change the fact that you have two distinct and separate frameworks (with differing Modifiers) adding to each other. I don't see how the rules can be any clearer on this. The page that Steve pointed out flat out states that you cannot partially limit a Power Framework.
  7. Re: Partially Limited Multipower Reserve? I would charge him 68 points, as that is the cost of the MP when constructed in accordance with the rules of the system. Your complaint seems to be that the limitation doesn't have enough effect on the cost after you take into account the 1/10 cost break of the MP itself. I don't view that as a valid complaint. You've got a 60 point slot costing you 6 points and you've got a 36 point slot costing you 4 points. That's they way MPs work -- the difference in the cost of the slots is reduced by a factor of 10 (when dealing with ultra slots). Internal consistency is in reference to the rules of how Frameworks interact. Two Framework slots cannot add to or modify each other. You cannot Link two Framework slots. You cannot use two Framework slots in an MPA. You cannot have a 6d6 EB in one slot and a 6d6 EB in another slot and expect to end up with a 12d6 EB. The rule disallowing partially-limited power frameworks is utterly consistent with this concept. To allow partially limited frameworks is inconsistent with the rule that two different framework slots cannot add to or modify each other, as I pointed out in my post (above).
  8. Re: Partially Limited Multipower Reserve? It's not that complicated, really. Quite the opposite. I'm sorry that you don't value internal consistency in your games. I do....so I'm quite happy with the rule. As an aside, Steve just gave the page reference in 5ER which explicity states that a partially limited Framework is not allowed under the rules (see the rules questions forum).
  9. Re: Partially Limited Multipower Reserve? no....a partially limited slot is just fine. A partially limited Framework is not.
  10. Re: Partially Limited Multipower Reserve? Just as an aside, I think that I can understand the reasoning on this: two Framework slots (either in the same Framework or different Frameworks) cannot add to or modify the other. No Linking of two different Framework slots, no adding of Powers, no MPAs, etc. Let's say you wanted to go the "partially Limited MP" route. You want a 60 point reserve, 30 points of which are through a Focus (OIF). So you build it: 30 points straight, 30 points with a -1/2 Limitation (20 points) for a total of 50 points for the MP. A slot in the MP that would be easy to calculate for our example would be a 12d6 EB. Cost breakdown is the same as for the MP, with the final slot cost ending up at 5 points (ultra slot). This is no different from: MP1: 30 point Reserve 3u) 6d6 Energy Blast MP2: 30 point Reserve, all slots: OIF (-1/2) 2u) 6d6 Energy Blast Those two MPs cannot be used together. You don't get a 12d6 EB out of that. At best (if the GM allows for MPA using two different Frameworks), you get 2 6d6 Energy Blasts. In short (too late): this all flows from the rule that you cannot have two different framework slots add to or modify each other (5ER 310). In order for that rule to hold, you cannot have a partially Limited (or partially Advantaged) Framework.
  11. Re: Partially Limited Multipower Reserve? It's not legal. The book is rather poorly worded on that, but you cannot partially limit a Framework. Something I've checked with Steve on in the past (on several occasions). The question has come up on the rules questions forum before (some time ago). You'll find the answer here: http://www.herogames.com/forums/showthread.php?t=21407
  12. Re: Leaping is persistant? We are a collective of one.
  13. Re: Leaping is persistant? HD lists Leaping as Constant (which, handily enough, is what 5ER lists it as).
  14. Re: Fixed/Flex Multipower Also, if you want to "trick" HD into allowing it, you'll have a much easier time by just enabling Cost Multipliers....then you can put the items into a List and "roll your own" Framework. Set the cost of the list, set the multiplier on each slot....and you're good to go.
  15. Re: Fixed/Flex Multipower Actually, from a straight rules-perspective, that's not legal. Two different slots of a Power Framework cannot add to or modify each other. In the same way that you can't use two different slots in an MPA. As for having to "trick" HD, the only reason it's not there as an option is because it is not rules legal. HD is built for 5th edition rules. You can make it do what you want, but you'll need to do a little "tricking" in order to get there, as you are working outside of the rules of the system.
  16. Re: Character Generator? It will show you the costs "real-time" as you make changes to a power (and show the value of any Advantages/Limitations as appropriate)....but it won't explain the break down....it just takes care of that for you. It will explain why various Advantages or Limitations are not available for a given Power construct (e.g. "Damage Shield can only be applied to Constant Powers"), but that doesn't sound like what you're looking for.....
  17. Re: Character Generator? It should be mentioned that there is a free demo for HD available in the free stuff section. It doesn't allow you to save (or read character files) but the bulk of the character creation functionality is in place. The demo installer will give you HD 2.02 -- you can apply the updates to the demo version just like the regular version, allowing you to see all of the functionality (and bug fixes) that has been added in since the initial release of HDv2
  18. Re: D6+1??? They exist for all attacks. The progression goes as follows: 1 pip 1/2d6 1d6-1 1d6 1d6+1 1 1/2d6 2d6-1 2d6 . . . etc. The pricing for +1 pip, 1/2d6, 1d6-1 and 1d6 are stated in 5ER.
  19. Re: Characteristic Linking? What version of HD are you using? Under HDv2, I show Linked as a valid option for Characteristic Powers.
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