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  1. Hmmm...Russian and Byelorussian are very distinctly entered into HD's templates as having a 4 point similarity (i.e. not a typo or anything like that)....but I can't find any reference as to why that was done, so I'm reverting them back to 3 point similarity (as shown in the familiarity chart). Should be corrected in the next update.
  2. “Nothing happens” isn’t really an option. most likely is that the dialog is being positioned off screen (happens when your screen setup changes). Delete your appPrefs.xml file before starting HD to reset everything. if an error is occurring (typically would have a dialog stating that) then I’d need you to post your trace.log file
  3. There is no translation function or functionality in HD.
  4. The OP has 48 hours to purchase a legitimate copy of 6E1 (he has exactly zero purchases and has been using pirated material). Failure to do so will result in his account being banned.
  5. Apparently using a pirated copy of 6E1, which he decided to post a direct link to 🤨
  6. Have you looked at Skill Levels, perchance?
  7. As there are no hard rules around skill combinations beyond "merge multiple skills together to make character creation and gameplay easier for new players" there's really nothing to include in HD. Either use any of the existing Skills and rename as needed or use a Custom Skill.
  8. Russia has been at the top of the bank fraud/hacking game for a LONG time now. Most often, they wouldn't need/want to take on the debt themselves - they have enough leverage on the banks (read: extortion) to be better off using them as a shield/cover for their activities.
  9. Likely masks would be better modeled as a form of tarbaby damage shield (only vs. virus particles being exhaled)...or a modified force wall...
  10. Changed permissions so that only Admins can post answers. Keeping it as a Q&A forum, since that functionality seems more inline with its purpose.
  11. And that didn't last long. Folks couldn't seem to grasp the concept that the Rules Questions forum was not the place for discussion. As maintaining the Q&A nature of that forum was becoming a PITA, I've changed things around -- only users belonging to the Rules Maven group will be able to respond to questions posted. If you'd like to be added to the group, message me for details....but all members will be required to understand (and abide by) the difference between answering a question and starting/furthering a discussion.
  12. Also - my knowledge on this is not deep...just getting up to speed after my COVID project IMG_1427.MOV
  13. Both Jango and Boba Fett rose to become Mandalore, IIRC.
  14. There is a very (very) deep well of canon that you can go down on that. Crusaders, Neo-Crusaders, Deathwatch, New Mandalorians, True Mandalorians....
  15. Replace Suppress with Drain -- apologies.
  16. It's not ignoring anything. Take the following: a magic spell that grants the recipient +30 Strength for 1 hour. Don't worry about the construct except that it is bought as a Power (Characteristics bought as Powers are NOT Characteristics). The recipient of the spell is trucking right along, feeling great....and is hit with a Suppress, knocking that spell down to just +5 Strength for his remaining 45 minutes. Sadness occurs. Even more sadness occurs when he is then hit by a Dispel, eliminating the Strength bonus altogether. But wait! That Suppress is going to fade.
  17. They apply to one and only one Skill, defined at purchase. As for why not just purchase levels on the Skill, you can...unless you want to apply modifiers of some sort (which is the point to the SL). Flip the argument on its head for what would happen if you could apply 2 point skill levels to any skill or even a related group of skills -- why would you ever buy levels on the skills themselves?
  18. Mostly (though not officially) confirmed. He had creative disagreements with the directors....specifically, he wanted to show his face more (a bit of a no-no). Plus side, he was only occasionally in the suit -- that was normally Brandon Wayne, who I believe is continuing on.
  19. Oh, if you only want a portion of it to be Resistant you can't use that "Add Modifiers to Base Characteristic" -- that'll apply to the entirety of the base PD/ED. Easiest is to leave the PD/ED at 10 on the Characteristics tab and then purchase +10 on the Powers tab with Resistant applied.
  20. On the powers tab, buy PD or ED, keep the levels at 0 (so you’re not adding any to the base), check the box to add modifiers to base characteristic, and then purchase whatever mods you want on the character’s PD or ED
  21. It appears that yes, I can. For everyone else: LEARN TO READ. The Rules Questions forum is not the place for discussion. I will start using the infraction system for repeat offenders -- it's not fair to those who want to use the Q&A forum for what it's supposed to be to keep moving questions here when you just can't keep yourself from commenting and discussing rather than answering.
  22. Yeah...and you'll want to look into the costing on those -- the Advantage was applied to the Maneuver, not to the base STR.
  23. Any Area at +1/4 gives you up to 2x2 meter areas (that must be adjacent). You would affect everyone within the defined areas unless you also purchase Selective, which largely negates much of the benefit of AOE attacks (you'd need to roll to hit each selected target at their normal DCV). 1. You are incorrect - a 50 STR character would have a base STR attack of 10DC. Applying the Advantage to the character's STR would allow them to make that 10DC attack on an area -- that's the point. 2. You're talking about purchasing AoE: Any Area as a Naked Advantage on the character's STR. T
  24. It would behoove you to truly define what it is you're looking to do. For example: "The character, with some effort, can energize their hands so that anytime they strike someone they absorb some of the target's energy, adding it to the character's STUN and BODY." Then go further: can they punch anything or does it have to be living? What about automata? Would a car do the trick? Can they boost their STUN and BODY past their normal levels, or only restore lost STUN and BODY? If the former, how quickly does that effect fade? If the latter, does the restored STUN and BODY fade or is it pe
  25. Nice resolution you folks have there. Shame if something were to "happen" to it. This right here is a good example of how defining what you want the effect to be will guide you to the right build. First and foremost, Healing is likely not what you're after. 6E1 page 232: Ignoring that, the first build you have (with Linked) won't give you the effect you're looking for. A generous interpretation of the Linked build would allow the character to spend the time to activate the Healing and then only let them
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