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  1. Sounds like you’ve unpacked the download (installed) to a directory you don’t have full permissions to. Try putting it in your Documents directory or off of your Desktop.
  2. Joining in with everyone else in sending best wishes your way.
  3. It's not a bug - that's the way that Social Complications are intended to be displayed. If you want parentheses, add them.
  4. A -3 penalty to the Climbing roll is taken at the time of the roll -- it has nothing whatsoever to do with character creation.
  5. Sounds like you unpacked/unzipped the .jar file, then. 1. Delete everything in that directory. 2. Re-download HeroDesigner.zip (Purchases section of your Client Area) 3. Unzip just the download (HeroDesigner.zip) into the now-empty directory. 4. Double-click on HD6.jar If step 4 does not launch HD, but instead prompts you to unpack/unzip the file, then cancel out of that and do the following: 1. Make sure that you have Java installed (www.java.com) 2. Google “jarfix”— the first result will contain a small executable that you can run to correct .jar file associations on yo
  6. You are incorrect on your understanding of the rules. HD is doing things correctly.
  7. As explained on the download page: HD6.jar is the Java executable that launches HD.
  8. Of course there have been updates -- you can download them anytime from the Purchases section of your Client Area....and should before posting any "bug report"
  9. I'll generally post in this forum if there are any major changes/additions. The bulk of the updates are pretty minor tweaks (addressing some rather extremely esoteric rules/constructs). The most recent update, as an example, just updates the documentation (removing references to the old Print to PDF functionality)...since Rod Currie is awesome and continues to work on that kind of thing
  10. About the only thing you'd need is to ensure you have Java installed (www.java.com) -- that's the main requirement for HD. Other than that, a few things tend to crop up on Windows systems (mainly not knowing what to do with Java executables (.jar files)) -- there are instructions on the download page for HD that will cover how to address that, should the situation arise.
  11. I'm not showing that behavior.
  12. In a word: no. You handle it the same way you would any other Everyman ability: put it in a list with a cost multiplier of x0
  13. Given what you're looking to do, you need to create a character from the template rather than trying to add it to an already loaded template -- File -> New Character -> New Character (Custom/Non-Standard Rules)
  14. Laptop is back...a couple of things: 1. Don't extend builtIn.Main6E.hdt -- extend one of the rules-specific templates. In your case, builtIn.SuperHeroic6E.hdt 2. Lose the SOURCE container -- it's not needed and appears to be causing issues (due to the lack of any matching source material in the app, since they're moot for 6E)
  15. That’s more of a game-time control than a construction control. For construction of abilities, you can change how HD handles END in general, but not for a specific ability/type of power (beyond what is specified in the rules).
  16. Sure - you’d need to create a custom template (HDT) file, but there are up to 10 custom Characteristics that you can define (along with inter-dependencies for things like Figured Characteristics)
  17. Simon


    There is absolutely no need to remove it.
  18. Simon


    SOURCE is not used in 6E templates.
  19. *shrug* check under the various Multipower entries.
  20. Can’t give a screenshot right now as I’m lacking my main system (restricted to mobile until it returns)....but look for a checkbox for “Common Modifier”
  21. First off, make sure you’re using a Heroic template (either the built-in one or one based off of it) — that’s the only way to get certain Modifiers like Real Armor and Real Weapon. Apart from that, it’s generally just mirroring the way it’s written up in whatever book/supplement you’re drawing from.
  22. NP...it’s one of the trickier mechanisms in HD. I wanted the ability to edit the display to be easy, but that wasn’t really compatible with a transparent edit of a build. Once you’re used to it, it’s not a big deal, but you do have to get used to it...
  23. I’ll need to wait to respond until I’m on a more appropriate system...but I’ll state that ability overrides (including Science Skill exactly like you’re describing) have been done...so there’s something awry in your HDT file that’s causing the issue. Again, once I get my main system back online, I’ll take a look and let you know specifically where the issue is.
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