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  1. beside the point. Easy to “hack” a single vote...and pointless. When you start talking about a scale needed to actually make a difference you look to concentration points- too much noise to do individual on a large scale.
  2. Best way to think of that is the scale needed to have any impact. is it possible (easy, even) to get at an individual ballot without detection? Yes. Full stop. but that’s like saying that you can get full access to one user’s Facebook account - doesn’t really get you anything. is it possible to get at ballots on a scale that would impact a regional election (without being detected)? Probably not. Vastly easier to focus on concentration points like polling locations.
  3. Getting a little ahead here while we wait for a response, but if you’re getting the splash screen when you double click on HD6.jar and it’s freezing up (not getting into the main app after a few seconds) while running from your Documents folder, the main thing that I can see is the ampersand in your directory name. It shouldn’t be an issue, but it’s possible that it’s causing problems when Java interacts with the native file system. If all of the above assumptions are true (and there’s a lot of them), try renaming the directory to something simple — just HD6 or HeroDesigner or something simi
  4. If they are getting the files out (i.e. able to double-click on HD6.jar), then the warning they're showing can be disregarded. If they're not getting the files out (the error is halting the operation), then they're _really_ in the wrong thread.
  5. OK...first off, let's stick with the Documents directory for the time being. Dropbox shouldn't be an issue, but let's work with one variable at a time. I was assuming given the thread you posted in that you're getting the splash screen when you double click on HD6.jar (indicating the HD is loading)...and that it's getting stuck right around the "Loading Plugins..." point. If that is the case, do you show a file "trace.log" in the directory that you're running from after the problem occurs? If so, please post the contents of that file in a follow-up. If yo
  6. What is the full path to the directory that you unpacked the download?
  7. About as well as any other app that requires a full installation of Java....which is to say not at all.
  8. However much you want to put into it -- there's no one answer.
  9. You don't -- threads are archived after not having any activity for 1 year. If you want to re-start an archived thread, you'll need to create a new thread.
  10. I am not going to play the game of explaining decisions made within HD or the templates that it uses.
  11. Sorry, not campaign rules -- check your preferences.
  12. Check your campaign rules.
  13. REQUIRES and EXCLUDES are the attributes you’re looking for
  14. The source book selection was intentionally removed for 6E -- elements that Steve considers canon/part of the core rules are added in, others are up to the user and/or character packs to include as needed/desired. That was part of the increased focus on toolkitting for 6E.
  15. You're not going to get the behavior you're after without overriding/re-defining one of the optionally Adder-based Skills (Animal Handler, Survival, etc.) -- they require custom code in order to flip between being either a straight 3/2 Skill or being Adder-based. Without that, Adders will work as they should -- adding into the cost of the Skill. As for the lack of the Adders in the output of the Skill, you have SHOWALIAS set to No, so they're not displaying (by design).
  16. Apologies - was looking at the Template class/container. I believe that you're referring to the SHOWALIAS attribute within the ADDER container. It does pretty much what the name implies -- specifies whether or not the Adder's display (what the alias defaults to) should be shown.
  17. Sounds like you’ve unpacked the download (installed) to a directory you don’t have full permissions to. Try putting it in your Documents directory or off of your Desktop.
  18. Joining in with everyone else in sending best wishes your way.
  19. It's not a bug - that's the way that Social Complications are intended to be displayed. If you want parentheses, add them.
  20. A -3 penalty to the Climbing roll is taken at the time of the roll -- it has nothing whatsoever to do with character creation.
  21. Sounds like you unpacked/unzipped the .jar file, then. 1. Delete everything in that directory. 2. Re-download HeroDesigner.zip (Purchases section of your Client Area) 3. Unzip just the download (HeroDesigner.zip) into the now-empty directory. 4. Double-click on HD6.jar If step 4 does not launch HD, but instead prompts you to unpack/unzip the file, then cancel out of that and do the following: 1. Make sure that you have Java installed (www.java.com) 2. Google “jarfix”— the first result will contain a small executable that you can run to correct .jar file associations on yo
  22. You are incorrect on your understanding of the rules. HD is doing things correctly.
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