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  1. True enough, so you're left with the second paragraph of the writeup for Megascale:
  2. As you note, ignore the part about Characteristics. Dispel is an Instant Power, but it's the effect that you're interested in -- if an ability that has been Drained (or Suppressed) is Dispelled, as the Drain/Suppress fades the ability may "snap back" into being if the current points exceed the amount Dispelled.
  3. Just a quick heads-up for folks: the rules questions forum has been changed a bit, given Steve's schedule and general lack of time to jump in and answer questions these days. The forum is now an open question and answer forum. Threads should stick to similar themes as previously (rules questions pertaining to 6E). Anyone can respond now...and folks can vote/rate answers. The highest rated answer is listed first...and the original poster can select a best-answer (which will be pinned to the top of the list). I'm treating this as something of an experiment for now -- we'll see how it works over time and adjust as needed.
  4. Think in terms of DCs -- a 1 1/2 d6 HKA is 5 DCs. With Reduced Penetration, you'd split that into two 2 DC rolls (there's no "partial damage class") -- 1/2d6 or 1d6-1 You always round down for cases like that -- golden rule: you can't get a bonus out of the Limitation. If the target does not have any applicable defenses, you should not be better off with Reduced Penetration than without.
  5. It should pose some amount of difficulty to get into -- be that time to change, a Secret ID, focus, magical incantations, etc. If the character can simply change to Hero ID at will with no limitation or repercussion, there's no value to the limitation. If the character wants a completely different look when in Hero ID (i.e. your example of human to demon) they should purchase the appropriate Powers -- Shape Shift, Multiform, etc.
  6. None? The forum-correct way to do it is through the use of multiple, nested containers with the various IPS-specific styles defined: <div class="ipsSpoiler" data-ipsspoiler=""> <div class="ipsSpoiler_header"> <span>Spoiler</span> </div> <div class="ipsSpoiler_contents ipsClearfix"> <p> hidden </p> </div> </div>
  7. Generally up to the GM, but I'd personally say that you would need to purchase a new Maneuver. Martial Maneuvers are meant to represent a specific movement and not something that you build on over time (by adding different elements to the Maneuver)....so a particular Martial Art may have multiple forms of Strike, representing more and more advanced knowledge within the art.
  8. You've essentially spelled out what you need to purchase: Multiform with the Personality Loss and Requires A Roll Limitations....Or just Personality Loss, which already entails some difficulty changing back.
  9. You would need to buy Affects Physical World on all STR that you wanted the Advantage to apply to. If the character only has the base 10 STR, you would need to purchase APW against that 10 STR (costing 20 points). If the character purchases +10 STR (for a total of 20) and you want for the full 20 STR to affect the physical world, you would spend a total of 50 points (10 points for +10 STR, 40 points for Affects Physical World on 20 STR)
  10. It simply acts as a Grab, using the Clinging STR to hold onto the stuck individual. All other questions are answered the same as for a grabbed character.
  11. A fellow rogue would be As Powerful. Fellow rogues (all of them) would be More Powerful.
  12. You also get something that doesn't scale - you cannot use it to travel, say, across the planet.
  13. You're not really asking a question here... Social Complications don't have parentheses by default in HD as that is how they were requested (by the game designers). If you want parens included, simply add them in. If you add the opening paren, HD will take care of closing it.
  14. Not entirely sure if this will work: Legacy support for BBCode has been deprecated and disabled on these forums as a result.
  15. That’s correct- in 5E Growth was a level-based Power. It changed to discrete increments in 6E (e.g. Large, Giant, etc)
  16. Every major browser (on all platforms that I've checked) supports printing/saving to PDF -- so just pick the HTML export format of your choosing and you're all of one extra step away from a PDF.
  17. Don't use the character packs as solid examples of how to build things -- way too often the creators of the various packs fell back on Custom Power when they got confused.
  18. Guys - we're lapsing into the political again. I know that it's hard to keep politics out of a discussion of COVID-19, but posts that are primarily (or even pointedly) about politics need to be made in the political discussion thread. I want to keep this thread open, but will need to close it or start issuing infractions if the political posts continue.
  19. Been wondering at the lack of news on the national scale. It's all over the news locally -- 140mph winds registered in Cedar Rapids...essentially a Cat 4 hurricane (though to be fair, those wind speeds weren't sustained). Our immediate area was only lightly hit by it -- no major damages -- but IA was hammered. Also Trump's response was...lacking. He signed off on federal disaster aid, but only on the minimum, giving federal funds to cleanup municipal areas. He did not sign off on giving disaster assistance to the actual people impacted.
  20. Sorry, same response: clear your cache.
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