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  1. That’s more of a game-time control than a construction control. For construction of abilities, you can change how HD handles END in general, but not for a specific ability/type of power (beyond what is specified in the rules).
  2. Sure - you’d need to create a custom template (HDT) file, but there are up to 10 custom Characteristics that you can define (along with inter-dependencies for things like Figured Characteristics)
  3. Simon


    There is absolutely no need to remove it.
  4. Simon


    SOURCE is not used in 6E templates.
  5. *shrug* check under the various Multipower entries.
  6. Can’t give a screenshot right now as I’m lacking my main system (restricted to mobile until it returns)....but look for a checkbox for “Common Modifier”
  7. First off, make sure you’re using a Heroic template (either the built-in one or one based off of it) — that’s the only way to get certain Modifiers like Real Armor and Real Weapon. Apart from that, it’s generally just mirroring the way it’s written up in whatever book/supplement you’re drawing from.
  8. NP...it’s one of the trickier mechanisms in HD. I wanted the ability to edit the display to be easy, but that wasn’t really compatible with a transparent edit of a build. Once you’re used to it, it’s not a big deal, but you do have to get used to it...
  9. I’ll need to wait to respond until I’m on a more appropriate system...but I’ll state that ability overrides (including Science Skill exactly like you’re describing) have been done...so there’s something awry in your HDT file that’s causing the issue. Again, once I get my main system back online, I’ll take a look and let you know specifically where the issue is.
  10. It’s actually in the rules, but somewhat obscure: Charges on a Multipower affect the MP itself and not the slots (i.e. how often you can change the MP). You’ll want to apply a common modifier to have the charges apply to the slots.
  11. Slightly tricky here: what you’re doing is editing the text/display of the ability and not the ability itself. If you double-click on the text, it will take you into edit mode — the blue text indicates that the display is different from the default for the build. If you double click on the cost (or right-click and edit) you’ll be take into the edit window for the ability and can assign/remove levels to your heart’s content (and have the cost and display affected as appropriate). If you have edited the display for an ability (such that it’s displaying in blue), double-click on the text to
  12. Character packs contain the characters/items from the relevant book pre-entered in HD format. They are not necessary — you can enter everything on your own into HD if you so choose...or only enter those items that you decide you want to copy out of the books, etc. HD itself will give you everything you need to create characters, items, etc. in accordance with the rules of the system (either 5E or 6E). It is not a replacement for said rules — you’ll still need to know the system in order to know what HD is doing, how it’s calculating points, etc. As for examples of the character sheet,
  13. I am unfortunately without a laptop at present (out for repairs)...and it’s relatively tricky to go through xml files in any detail on a mobile platform. Without going through the file, the main thing I would suggest is that you look at where you’re adding the science skills definition in the HDT file — since HDT files can contain character data as well as rules information (template data), they can get a little confusing....particularly as character data and template data have a very similar structure/appearance. Make sure that you’re not putting the information into the <CHARACTER>..
  14. The list itself would be in a prefab. The “save as template” functionality allows you to define base/starting purchases on a character as well as prefabs to be loaded, so using the two in combination (creating the prefab and then saving the base character with prefab(s) loaded as a template) would give you a more “complete” solution/look.
  15. Typically with a prefab — make a list named “Choose 6 points from the following” and then put the available Skills to choose from inside the list. Save as a Prefab and you should be good to go.
  16. Try <!--ATTRIBUTE_VALUE-->characteristicString<!--/ATTRIBUTE_VALUE-->
  17. Only when they reopen prematurely. IL has actually done a pretty good job of managing the safeguards and phased re-opening....and has been trending downwards even after going to Phase 3 of the reopening plan. If all continues as it has, we're looking to move to Phase 4 in about 3 weeks. Should things start to take a turn for the worse, the plan has always been to move back to previous phases based on the numbers that are coming in.
  18. Yes, of course....helping someone troubleshoot a bad installation of Java (not HD) means that pen and paper (and keeping track of all of the HERO System rules surrounding character generation) is easier. Couldn't be clearer.
  19. Yeah...you don't have Java properly installed. I'd remove the JDK that you attempted to install (google is your friend as that is going to be well outside of the purview of this site). Once that's done, go to java.com and install the current JRE -- it's the big red button that says "Java Download"
  20. It's sounding increasingly like you don't have Java installed properly on your system. Open a terminal and enter java -version That will run Java and output the current version that is installed.
  21. A couple of things: 1. You need the JRE, not the JDK. The JDK is for developers. It will include the runtime environment that you need for HD, but also has a LOT of stuff that you won't need. The JRE is the runtime environment only. 2. Most likely, your system is prompting you to approve opening a downloaded application. If you missed the popup, you'll likely see it in the Security & Privacy section of your System Preferences panel. Also note that you need to have HD in a directory that you have full read-write permissions to.
  22. Should be available now (update just posted). Note that they're both containers -- they'll need ending tags to match.
  23. I would recommend reading through the documentation on exporting/printing characters. As for where to save the file, generally there are no requirements - place the file wherever you like. For associated images (if they're not included in the export file itself), the export will generally tell you where they need to be placed (typically in the same directory as the export file).
  24. Sounds like the characters you are viewing have the HDC file linked - your browser is rendering it rather than saving the file...so just right-click on the link and select "Save As..." or the equivalent.
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