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  1. Bengals win again! Man, they're defense is SO much better than the last couple years.
  2. What about a cloaked warbird or Klingon bird of prey? Asking for a friend.
  3. This one will wake you up before you go-go.
  4. I disagree. Let's call a meeting to determine who is correct, shall we?
  5. Mustard, lettuce, tomato, cheese
  6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_100-point_games_in_college_football
  7. What school do you go to for Igor training?
  8. One man's horrific tragedy is another man's funny story....
  9. Hamburger puns, cinnamon puns or hot dog puns?
  10. Weren't we about to go into a list of John Lennon Song Pun Questions?
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