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  1. The Zoo Stories Comedy movies
  2. Is there something weird in the air down in Florida? Or the food? Or the water? Or all 3?
  3. The Oz book series by L. Frank Baum
  4. I'll just wait for each movie to come out and judge each on their own.
  5. There was only a 72 day layoff between last season and this season and this season, while on 72 games, was greatly condensed with several back-to-backs or only 1 day off between games. This could be a factor with all the injuries.
  6. This is me watching Great British Bake-Off
  7. It must have been exhausting having to yell Yahtzee! 5000 times.
  8. The 1st (and 2nd) Battle of Zurich Book trilogies/series
  9. Joe Manchin just *totally* screwed Democrats
  10. I saw the 'she's got help' scene in Endgame for what it was. A fan-service moment for female fans in a movie full of fan service moments.
  11. Tucker Carlson must be popular over there....
  12. In my experience all my Trump loving acquaintances spend half their time on Facebook complaining about how much they hate Facebook and that they're leaving Facebook, yet I still see them posting day after day, month after month, year after year....
  13. Many NBA fans need to be repeatedly punched in the face and grow the bleep up.
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