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  1. Okay, can't find anything on this, so I'll risk a new thread... I play a character, and in another game GM one, who have BoECV entangles. If they were normal entangles, a friend or even a police officer could cut them out of the entangle and take them to safety or into custody. But when the entangle is BoECV, and you've mentally paralyzed someone, and the DEF is so high that there's no hope of Joe 10-Ego ever doing enough damage even with pushing... how do they get out of the entangle?
  2. Re: My Craziest Idea Ever? Of course, megascale growth doesn't give you any of the fantastic bonuses to STR and the like that 27 levels of actual growth would provide, right?
  3. Re: Alternate defensive maneuver names free of implied sfx Honestly, I would not be surprised to see some variation on the ideas presented here used in 6e when it comes out. That said, if you have UMA, you see the rules for creating your own maneuvers - so you can create something that is functionally equivalent to Dodge, call it Interpretive Dance if you choose to, or even tweak it some to include some OCV bonuses.
  4. Re: A DC Animated-style HeroMachine Is that "M" like a supermodel's mole? It moved from one side to the other between shots.
  5. Re: What's in the moon? An out-of-control slower than light colonization ship carved out of a huge asteroid... A planetoid-sized Galactic Champions level supervillain... A solid diamond, formerly the core of a large gas giant whose gaseous atmosphere was stripped away when it's star went nova...
  6. Re: A DC Animated-style HeroMachine Can you at least pick a song I want in my head?? Like, maybe...Enter, Sandman:
  7. Re: Devils Tower: How to? Could it be, instead, a base?
  8. Re: An odd form of memory manipulation Might depend upon the sfx of the transform as well. If they were very specific about saying that the memory itself was utterly erased, then yes, hard to actually get that one back. But if, on the other hand, the change was more subtle, essentially erasing every connection with sense memory and other neural connections, but the memory is still there, then we're back in business.
  9. Re: Right Place Right time Might just be me, but every character in my games seems to have that. Oh, sure, they come upon a dry well every now and again, but they have an uncanny knack for being right where I want them to be when I wanted them there. If you insist upon codifying it, I think I would take it as some limited form of Luck.
  10. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... And in the same team, you'd get these savants who kept rolling "roll again twice" every other roll until you were ready to strangle them.
  11. Re: MP adding to a power outside of framework Yeah, notes are nice and free-form, but I was really looking for something that I could flag, like the Primary/Secondary pulldown, that would make it read +4D6 Energy Blast, x3 END Cost...rather than having to spell it out explicitly.
  12. Re: MP adding to a power outside of framework I tend to agree with KS, and the rules do allow for it, with GM approval. Shrike, do you use Hero Designer? If so, how do you get it to note that they are additive, rather than distinct powers?
  13. Re: Inceptum Terminus: I Present The Dream Team I was ready to be TERRIFIED by Nightmare - a mentalist with a 30 EGO is nothing to sneeze at, after all. And yet, with Telepathy as the only true mental power, I found myself experiencing the "tempest in a teacup" feeling. Then I got to the next two, and resumed wetting myself. 10 ECV in every campaign I've played in is essentially mental ninja, and add 10 or 12 dice of mind control to the mix and you've got the makings of a disaster.
  14. Re: Inceptum Terminus: You Decide the Fate! Chicago for sure - center of gravity for the whole country. DC for obvious reasons, but probably really pasted, from Maryland all the way through northern Virginia. Denver, as a likely communications nexus (and home of Qwest, one of the largest telecomm companies in the country)
  15. Re: Normal Human How would y'all feel about NCM being expanded, slightly, to enforce that the character have no powers outside of normal human ken. Talents, sure, perks, why not, foci, up the yin-yang, but nothing that is inherent (as opposed to Inherent +1/4) to them?
  16. Re: Attacks That Follow The Target.
  17. Re: A DC Animated-style HeroMachine I can post this guy now. He's one of the first supervillains in my Awakenings: Chicagoland campaign. I'm comfortable sharing because the characters will all have seen him on the news, breaking apart a maximum security prison in Joliet, and shooting down a news chopper that got too nosy. The name he goes by? Dominator Six.
  18. jwpacker


    Hey, does anyone have any zombie automata they'd like to share? I'm thinking roughly 50 pointers?
  19. Re: Who homages the Watchmen or those the Watchmen homaged? Not in doing it, nor in feeling uncomfortable with it, I'm sure.
  20. Re: Who homages the Watchmen or those the Watchmen homaged? Not one of us had ever heard of the Watchmen when we were playing Champions back in the day, but one guy we played with seemed to make nothing but unconscious Sally Jupiter homages... Looking back, it feels like Moore stole the idea from him! I'm personally in the same boat as many who have commented here - I tend to really geek out on characters who are essentially normal, but the peak of normal, or at least really close to it. It kinda irked me that in the Champions books, Teleios with his 30 stats is listed as being the perfect human...
  21. Re: "As Long as I Have Will to Fight..." This might be way out there, but maybe it's an Aid (Succor?) to DEF, BODY or both, only applies to weapons carried by the character, only if he has the will to fight?
  22. Re: Music during sessions? I've never used background music for RPGs, but when we used to get the whole house together in college for a rousing game of Cosmic Encounter, it was always the soundtrack to "Flash Gordon" for us.
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