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  1. Re: Superhero Generator Project That's the exact method by which I live my actual real life. What a coincidence!
  2. Re: Split's Serpent Society Thread thanks for necroing this up! I did put some time into it. You can see Crossbones and some other notables here. Spidey: I am satisfied with Cobra's numbers, since most of the sources I was able to get jibe well at his speed figure. Please adjust them however you like for your consumption though- I have no ownership over the character or the concept, it is just what seems right to me. Since it's just a super-short-range power, I upped the END requirements.
  3. Re: Black Superheroes Anything I say can and will be used against me in the court of public opinion. So I'll just say, good site.
  4. Re: Poison's Champions Art Thread And really, who doesn't have nipple tape lying around
  5. Re: The great supervillain market The Sizzler... now, there's a Mystery Man if I ever heard of one. Very well done to that kid. Which I didn't mean to be a pun, honest
  6. Re: Please Write up our Luchadors Moustache FTW!
  7. Re: Hero Philosophy - SPEED So true. With a good sized VPP, a SPD 4 speedster is totally possible. My own signature speedster is SPD 5, DEX 23, but he could just as easily have been 4 and 20.
  8. Re: Captain Nebula re: name: Nah, you're not overdoing a theme, you're homaging the Golden and Silver Age. Especially the Silver Age. Everyone had names that were either alliterative or referential. Category one: Clark Kent, Lex Luthor, Lois lain, Lana Lang, Gorilla Grodd, and so on. Category two: Knight and Fogg, Dr. Octopus, Dr. Steven Strange (a twofer- alliterative and referring to a strange ability), and so forth. When I really get a good idea with my heroes, it works out that way, too. Homage is totally cool. I devised a thrown objects guy whose secret ID name is Clinton
  9. Re: Lucha Hero No, no way. He'd be in TNA or RoH Lilian Garcia is one of the WWE ring announcers. It's the voice-over.
  10. Re: Captain Nebula re-iteration of previous
  11. Re: Lucha Hero Oh! No pic, I only made him up for a WWE console video game. I don't know if any of the freeware could do him justice. I think he'd need to be rendered by Dr. Destiny for any of his personality to come across. Entrance theme: Another Day by the Crown City Rockers. Subject to change based upon who Vince can get more money from. Lilian Garcia: Weighing in at 185 lbs. from El Paso, TX, it's EVP! He wrestles in a WWE-logo sleeveless T with the Mexico flag on the back and black Adidas tracksuit pants. "Regular" white wrestling boots with Mexican flags on t
  12. Re: Hero Philosophy - SPEED I don't actually play with the Hero system since my table gang likes AD&D. But it makes real sense for SPDs to stay low for all the reasons stated. The best reason though is it allows VIPER agents and so forth to give the heroes fits. The problem is the tragedy of the commons- since nobody wants to see the "other guy" get more GM time (a finite resource), it makes sense for each individual player to make his or her playing piece with a relatively high SPD, even though this means SPD creep will slow the overall experience to a glacier's pace. T
  13. Re: Demolition Dunphy: Where's the Love?! ...and since I just wrote him, I ought to know better. Let me look... OK. Got it. He is Class 10 Strength. Which in Marvel's old FASERIP system translates to Incredible (40). Which is where I got the 40 ton figment from. He is class 10 strength. Which means he can lift about 10 tons without Pushing. About STR 43 in Hero system.
  14. Re: Demolition Dunphy: Where's the Love?! Actually, there's no evidence that he's the peak of Power Broker's abilities. His strength is paltry compared to some of the people Power Broker has worked on. USAgent can press 40 tons, and he was a Power Broker product. In fact, Power Broker's treatment can go awry and confer so much strength that the recipient's body structure cannot support the added muscles/power, and needs to be augmented by a metal exoskeleton. But yeah, D-Man would be like the #3 contender for the ECW championship.
  15. Re: Lucha Hero Dumb question warning What's an "ic"
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