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  1. This is what we do. Seven of our eight players also GM. Not only does it help prevent GM burnout, but it reminds everyone how it works on both sides of the GM's screen. Really keeps the metagaming down.
  2. Our MidGuard campaign had its 25th anniversary this past summer. Granted, only two of the original characters and three of the original players are still in it, but IMHO that's more than balanced by the fact two of our eight players are the grown sons of one of the original players. Our team started as the world's first superheroes at 250 points, and now occupies the Justice League/Avengers rung of the team ladder. There are other teams, both PC and NPC, but MidGuard is the big gun. (Every member of the team but one is now 500+ points, and mine - Sil'f, the only continuously-run character - has reached 638 points.) It's been fun running characters with such long histories together, and a number of the characters have become close friends "off camera" as well as teammates. Close enough we've been able to design scenarios based on likely reactions by those friends.
  3. Why not simply eliminate the concept of Killing Attacks entirely and simulate the effects of swords, guns, lasers, etc., with Advantages such as Armor Piercing, Penetrating, Semi-Armor Piercing, and AVLD (Does Body)?
  4. Interesting. I've never given sex-based differences in any of my campaigns, but it's a logical extension especially when building normals. Realistically, a "normal" woman should have a STR in the 5 or 6 range and normal men would have around 8. Of course all bets are off once you start building supers or even basic heroes for a non-supers game.
  5. I'd have given Batman a SPD 5 and axed the Batplane, which he lacked in his early career. I know you are using templates for these builds, but must every character have an 20 STR, 18 DEX, 20 CON, and 18 COM?
  6. Huh? How do you figure that?
  7. Huh? How do you figure that?
  8. Why? Will he be tougher than Supergirl too?
  9. Agree 100%. The chance of the high multiplier is precisely why many players purchase it, not because it is killing, but because it is a "fight-stopper". With normal attack dice, the more dice you roll the more average the result is likely to be. A 12d6 Normal attack will probably do about 42 Stun. But with so few dice the chances of the roll being average diminishes. An equivalent 4d6 Killing attack, with only average rolls on the BODY of 14, can quite possibly do 70 Stun. A Multiplier roll of 4 does the same 42 Stun on average, 56 with a roll of 5, and 70 with a roll of 6. So a player is gambling on his 50% chance of doing average or better damage, with a good multiplier roll quite possibly ending the fight in one hit. One of the things about 6E that most saddened me was that they didn't correct the KA travesty. The Killing Attack mechanism is broken, and always has been. This isn't Steve Long and DoJ's fault; they inherited it when they bought the game system. It should probably have been eliminated in favor of using Advantages like Piercing, Penetrating, or Armor Piercing to simulate damage from bullets, swords, lasers, and the like. EDIT: I am reminded that 6E has changed the Stun Multiplier to 1-3; which is one of the few changes in 6E I like. I was speaking of 5E and previous versions. I still dislike Killing Attacks and the whole Multiplier method, but the 6E version is at least somewhat better.
  10. I still think Flash's standing defenses are much too good compared to Supergirl's, but that's your call. Don't forget that Flash will also lose any protection from the Combat Luck during Move-Throughs and Move-Bys.
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