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  1. Re: 6E Rules changes confirmed so far


    In terms of selecting some sort of magic-user class in a class based system I'm not sure what concept would call for it' date=' either. But I could think of a wizard who, depending how magic worked, had lost the ability to cast spells for whatever reason (call it an unusual handicap) but still had the arcane knowledge, ability to read scrolls, use arcane items only wizards understand, and be the overall loremaster / indiana jones character. You could build that with other "classes" in some systems, or simply do it however you wanted in systems without classes, but I'm sure, beyond what I just proposed, there are some good concepts a creative player could come up with for a "wizard without spells."[/quote']I ran a character like that, Old Thom the Sage, in my very first Fantasy Hero campaign. Thom carried a staff, had a long white beard, and looked the very archetype of a mage. Unfortunately he had no magic beyond being tougher (read: harder to kill) than he looked and possessing a minor bit of inherent Regeneration. What he did have was a deep scholarly education in a variety of topics, fluency in a dozen languages including High Demonic, a devious mind, and a ruthlessness belied by his genial personality. Despite being almost useless in combat (he could barely defend himself), Old Thom was one of the party's most important members. He was always useful, either from some arcane bit of lore or simply his ability to speak Dwarvish, Elven, or Latin when no one else in the group did.


    You couldn't realistically build a sage character in AD&D. Old Thom was the character that convinced me Fantasy Hero was a better game system than AD&D for my style of play; and I never looked back.

  2. Re: 6E Rules changes confirmed so far


    The vast majority of games that I have played in and run are heroic rather than superheroic. As a result it is less common that people mess much with the figured characteristics. Usually SPD is bought up to the next level and if a character is supposed to be tough we might buy up PD and ED a little. STUN' date=' REC, END are almost never touched and remain at their base (figured) levels.[/quote']Even in my superheroic games REC, END and STUN tend to be left at their default Figured values unless the character concept is supposed to be higher, such as a brick.

  3. Re: 6E Rules changes confirmed so far


    I think you have a totally weird idea about what a warhammer is.


    You think this is gonna ring your bell?




    No people would get their skulls crushed not "their bell rung" when smacked by a warhammer.

    One weapon having both types is certainly plausible. Why not simply assume the blunt end is a Normal attack and the pointy end is a Killing Attack? The choice of end for the wielder might well depend on the target.

  4. Re: 6E Rules changes confirmed so far


    I guess this is where the GM description of the campaign needs to come in strongly. Energy blast and killing attack can be used for either baseball bat or warhammer' date=' both of them or neither. It should be for the GM to decide what he wants the mecahnics to be used for and what he does not.[/quote']I've always viewed Killing Attack as being "things that poke holes in you" and Normal Attacks to be more along the lines of "blunt force trauma".

  5. Re: 6E Rules changes confirmed so far


    So our Char lineup will be Str' date=' Dex, Con, Body, Int, Ego, Pre. Then Secondaries as OCV, DCV, OECV, DECV, PD, ED, SPD, REC, END, STUN. [/quote']I'm not sure that there's any distinction (real or imagined) in 6E between Primary and Secondaries if they're all starting with a base number even if those base numbers are different. Seems to me the system just increased to 17 Characteristics - more if any of the old Characteristics (such as DEX) have been split.

  6. Re: 6E Rules changes confirmed so far


    Personally I have decided against buying 6E since most of the announced changes are very much disliked by me.
    I don't dislike all of them by any means. That having been said, I also see few thus revealed changes I like better than 5ER. Nobody in my gaming group is enthused by the changes announced and several actively dislike some announced changes, so I've got no real reason to switch to 6E. As I said during the 6E discussions, Steve Long was his own worst competition.


    I'll almost certainly buy 6E eventually (at least in PDF), but I'm in no hurry and see almost no chance our group will ever adopt it.

  7. Re: 6E Rules changes confirmed so far


    The upside to using Powers for Talents is now we have a non-arbitrary model to utilize when we decide we want some new Talents for our game.


    And sometimes we call those Talents 'Superskills' or 'Heroic Skills' or 'Cinematic Abilities' or 'Talents' or 'Feats'


    It's a useful guideline I think. Especially to new players who don't have an intrinsic understanding of balancing the System that comes from a decade or more of use.


    So there's that angle to consider.

    Good point, although I suppose I could be stubborn and declare that those builds should be for illustrative purposes only to calculate pricing. Seems to me Talents get used fairly often as "superpowers" in games or genres that don't allow Powers.

  8. Re: 6E Rules changes confirmed so far


    It won't be because Talents are built with powers and Skills. So there will be a built in mechanic in the talent that wasn't in the Stat. As I said earlier I imagine that it will be purchased as +1 with all Pre Skills (5) (+1 limit) only vs targets that that are attracted sexually to the PC which should come out to 3 pts or 5pts for +2 to the Roll.
    Most people don't look at the "build" for Talents at all; they simply buy the Talent - especially if they use Hero Designer which doesn't show the build.


    I've never liked the fact Talents are "built" with Powers and/or Skills anyway; I've always felt they should be entirely self-contained as unique abilities in their own right. I'd hoped that would be one of the changes in 6E although we don't know if that's the case or not yet.

  9. Re: 6E Rules changes confirmed so far


    My prediction is that most people will be saying that they bought 4 levels with Striking Appearance - Beauty. Most folk won't even know that there was ever a Com score or even care.
    I didn't say it would be a majority. Most players I know don't remember how many Levels they have in something; they remember what the number is. IOW, most players IME know they have 6 rPD, 6 rED from Combat Luck and not that they bought 2 levels in it. Same with Skills: They remember their PC has Climbing 16-, not what their base number was and how many Levels up they bought it from that base.

  10. Re: 6E Rules changes confirmed so far


    Well' date=' if you never used COM in the game, then of course you wouldn't. For those of us who actually [i']did [/i]use it, it will be missed...


    Or grandfathered back in. :D

    Here's my prediction: Ten years from now, when Comeliness hasn't been an official part of the Hero system for a decade, Hero players are still going to be using numbers to describe their characters' attractiveness.


    GM: "How much Striking Appearance did you buy for Miss Justice?"


    Player: "I paid 4 Points, so she has an 18 COM."


    The numbers may mutate to Olympic-style 1.0 - 10 as guys do rating women ("Man, Angelina Jolie's an 11!"), but relative numerical ratings aren't going to go away. It's a shorthand people understand naturally.

  11. Re: What Non-Fiction Book have you just finished?


    I finished Saul Friedländer's excellent two books Nazi Germany and the Jews: The Years of Persecution, 1933-1939 and Nazi Germany and the Jews: The Years of Extermination, 1939-1945 last week.


    I'm about halfway through Ian Kershaw's massive 1056 page tome Hitler: A Biography (An abridgement of his two books Hitler: Hubris and Hitler: Nemesis).

  12. Re: Order of the Stick


    So' date=' Roy is currently dead. Halley is likely to die, Belkar could be going to meet his death. V is who knows where right now but based on the tail he/she picked up V could be in grave danger. That leaves Elan and Durkon. I wonder what the chances are the somehow Elan will save everyone?[/quote']Given that this is Order of the Stick, I'd say about 100%. :)

  13. Re: Order of the Stick


    is glad people still are' date=' really. i'd hate to see the fan base dry up, really, it has had so much good stuff. we'll see.[/quote']I think with the last couple of episodes Rich Burlew is starting to put everyone back together again. I don't think it'll be too much longer before the OotS is reunited (after a few rescues and resurrections, of course). :)
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