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  1. Re: Character: Quadriplegic Kung Fu Master! Delightfully insane. A great spoof on the more outre martial arts masters (Master of the Flying Guillotine, for example).
  2. Re: Dive for Cover There's some validity to this. I can't see any real reason a character can't abort to simply running away. I suspect it's because some players would abuse that to make Move By/Throughs while supposedly "escaping." Were I to revise the DFC from scratch, I think I'd do two things: 1) Dive for Cover would be literally a leap to avoid harm, and the character would go only as far as his STR would take him from a standing start. He would then be considered "out of combat" (i.e., half DCV and 0 OCV) rather than Prone until he regains combat status on his next Phase. I might also change the name of DFC to something more generic like Evade/Avoid Attack/Injury. 2) I would allow a new defensive Action called something like Flee which would allow the character to Abort to a half combat move and travel away from the threat. The character could not move closer to the source of the threat in any way; although they could stay at the same distance but still move "sideways." Since the character is fleeing, his OCV drops to 0 but his DCV would increase by some small amount; perhaps +2 or +3. Since the earliest cellular organisms first consumed their neighbors, fleeing has been a valid defensive technique. I see no good reason characters playing Hero can't do the same.
  3. Re: Dive for Cover When you DFC, you are Prone. You cannot use Breakfall (and by extension Position Shift) to nullify the Prone penalty. From the 5ER FAQ: Question: Does the Position Shift Adder for Teleportation have any effect on Dive For Cover — for example, does it allow a character to Dive For Cover without suffering “prone” penalties. Answer: No.
  4. Re: Dive for Cover It's not a glitch IMO. A 1 hex DFC should obviate an HTH attack. That's not only fairly realistic but completely in line with source material. Why shouldn't a jump of 2 (or more) meters get you away from claws/sword/karate chop? Dive for Cover is a desperate attempt to get out of the way of an attack. It has sufficient penalties (both against success and if it is successful) to be a legitimate maneuver as currently written.
  5. Re: Order of the Stick Just six more days, Herm. Chill.
  6. Re: Combat Skill Levels vs Martial Arts
  7. Re: Combat Skill Levels vs Martial Arts
  8. Re: Combat Skill Levels vs Martial Arts I'll send you my bill for the threadomancy. 3400 or so Rep points should cover it.
  9. Re: Combat Skill Levels vs Martial Arts OTOH, Michael Jordan's skill with a batarang is nothing to write home about either.
  10. Re: Character Wuji His OCV & DCV do seem a bit low for a pure martial artist, but not too too low. I normally don't consider 19 PD/19 ED low defenses for an MA; it seems just about average for the ones I've seen. Overall a very nice character, if perhaps stretched a bit much in the Martial Maneuvers department. I'd go for fewer maneuvers; more Levels; especially with all those powerful attacks in the MP.
  11. Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? Pyramid - The Alan Parsons Project Eve - The Alan Parsons Project Gaudi - The Alan Parsons Project
  12. Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? Journey to the Centre of the Earth - Rick Wakeman
  13. Re: Order of the Stick My only problem with the current OotS storyline is that it's getting so the villains are more entertaining than the heroes. While villains are often more interesting, they still shouldn't be more important than the heroes. Seems like the Stick members are only showing up in about one out of five strips. Here's hoping it'll go back to something more normal after the writer gets us through this "epic" story and back to something less grand.
  14. Re: Megascale Move(damage) question I thought Megascale for movement was inherently inaccurate ("No personal Scale"), which therefor precludes using it for a Move Through anyway. Megascale also precludes using it for Move Throughs without express GM permission. I might allow it for a "Save the World" situation, but the result would still be a dead hero.
  15. Re: Weekend Warriors -- Campaign Log
  16. Re: Weekend Warriors -- Campaign Log Great stuff as usual, Edsel! You and your crew have a lot to be proud of. BTW, flash suppressors are designed to prevent the shooter from being blinded by his muzzle flash, not the target(s). And not leaving shell casings as clues is one reason most of the world uses bolt-action sniper-rifles...
  17. Re: Character: Admiral Dame Honor Harrington I agree. Or just as likely treecats tend to bond with humans who have high empathic potential and/or strong personalities. That makes even more sense when we consider that both the Harringtons and the House of Winton were genetically modified. I thought I recalled her mentioning the ability to get images from Nimitz was still intact despite his injury, but I may be mistaken.
  18. Re: Character: Admiral Dame Honor Harrington It was clear Honor could still sense Nimitz's emotions even when the were separated on the Peep battlecruiser in In Enemy Hands. Given the large size of that ship, I'd say it's reasonable to assume her connection with Nimitz works over at least a few hundred meters and does not require line of sight. I think I'd look at a limited Mind Link first as a basis for her connection with Nimitz rather than telepathy. It's clear she still senses only emotions from humans, but can get images from Nimitz and her communications with other treecats fall somewhere in between. It's also obvious (and is explicitly stated by the treecats in one of the short stories) that she no longer needs Nimitz to sense emotion, although it looks like she doesn't quite realize that yet.
  19. Re: Character: Admiral Dame Honor Harrington Nicely done. My biggest quibble is I think, based on her performance in HtH combat in The Honor of the Queen, that she should be a SPD 4 rather than 3. I'd also use Killing Strike instead of Nerve Strike; Honor's coup de vittese is an art designed to kill. It's described as an "all-out-go-for-broke offensive style designed to utilize the greater size and reach of Westerners." No DNPC/Follower for Nimitz?! And where's her empathic abilities?
  20. Re: What Fantasy/Sci-Fi book have you just finished? Please rate it... Wow. Quite a difference from my own opinion. AAC was the book that finally convinced me that the Honor Harrington series had jumped the shark. I found it by far the least interesting of all the books, hated the developments in the protagonist's personal life, and considered the huge battle to be extraordinary dull - the war itself was very contrived and the final battle itself almost anticlimactic. It was like Weber decided to substitute massive scale for good writing. "Oh look! Hundreds of ships of the wall will make this a neato battle!" Yawn. I've about given up on Honor Harrington; which I find very depressing since it was by far my favorite SF series. Fortunately The Shadow of Saganami set in the same universe shows Weber hasn't lost it entirely. Hopefully the new series will keep that feel.
  21. Re: Weekend Warriors -- Campaign Log It'd be a more useful in the long run to get an informant inside the VAIS, but bugging their HQ would be almost as good. I don't know if any of the WW have Secret IDs that would provide that kind of access. Our Hudson City group has a female Asst. District Attorney they rescued from being murdered as a Contact who feeds them info and helps with investigations somewhat, but what they really need is a contact inside HCPD. They had a possible candidate in a female Asian-American HCPD detective sergeant named Ellen Kwan, but their last exploit earned her get an official reprimand and right now she's not in a cooperative mood. That may change with time (or not). So far HCPD and the city administration has largely ignored our three super-vigilantes (we're 250 point street-level supers, not ordinary Joes with guns like those much braver souls in the Weeked Warriors), not only because two of us rescued the governor and mayor at a charity banquet, but because thus far we've avoided any body count (all three heroes have CvK, which haven't prevented more than a few broken bones and hospializations among the bad guys). The police make occasional vague rumblings about preventing vigilante justice, but thus far nothing concrete has come of it.
  22. Re: Combat Skill Levels vs Martial Arts Sounds like an interesting system, and I'll look forward to seeing the details. I've always thought my PC Zl'f, even out of Hero ID and thus with "only" a DEX 23 and SPD 4, would be pretty formidable against a typical black belt or Special Operation type. For obvious reasons she can't compete in formal tournaments to find out, but I figure she works out occasionally with the former British SAS and Norwegian Jägers that comprise our headquarter's security detachment and would hold her own (or better) against even those guys pretty well.
  23. Re: Combat Skill Levels vs Martial Arts I do something similar with my PC even with my non-martial arts Skills - I first buy her a Familiarity with the Skill, then after a few game sessions or perhaps six to twelve months "in game" time I'll buy it up to the full CHAR-based level to represent her first learning the basics, then getting some experience using the new skill. (It took her nearly two years of real time to get a Perk: Private Pilot's License and also full-fledged Combat Pilot after buying TF: Light Aircraft.) Does your ranking system for MAs include Damage Classes as part of the formula as a character learns to hit harder and/or do the maneuver better with practice? How would you classify a PC with 54 CP in Martial Arts alone (10 Maneuvers, 3 Damage Classes, 4 Weapon Elements) plus 3 Weapon Familiarities? Better than a typical black belt, I'm sure?
  24. Re: Combat Skill Levels vs Martial Arts
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