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  1. Re: The status of normals in the Superhero genre
  2. Re: The status of normals in the Superhero genre I did weight training when I was on my high school swim team, so I'm familiar with what's involved (and our school's strongest football player could benchpress over 360 pounds at age 17). It's considerably easier to bench press weights than it is to "clean and jerk" them because you're not fighting lateral motion, especially since most if not all schools are now using weight machines to increase safety. Olympic weight lifting is lifting barbells, it's simply not the same thing as bench pressing weights in a machine for strength training. You think any of those TCU football players are lifting 400+ pounds over their heads? I seriously doubt it. Those are males. Normal women in Hero should have a STR of 4 - 7, not 8. We've given them an 8 STR in the interest of game balance and political correctness, but it's not realistic. The average adult woman has the same upper body strength as a 12 year old boy. A 15 STR for a tiny 101 lb. superheroine is still comfortably superhuman, especially since she could Push to 25 STR and thus lift 1760 pounds, or 721 pounds more than the heavyweight (231+ pound male) men's world weight lifting record! As I said previously, power is relative.
  3. Re: The status of normals in the Superhero genre IIRC, STR's lifting ability is defined in 5e as "how much the character can lift, stagger a couple of steps, and drop." I can't think of a better description of what a weightlifter does. (And I could make a pretty good case that these types of extraordinary athletes are in fact Pushing their STR.) Having both wrestled (and fought) with dogs, and watched innumerable nature special on wolves, I would argue that wolves and dogs are by no means inherently more dexterous than a healthy athletic human. In the wild, wolves get plenty of exercise and don't grow fat and lazy. I suspect hunter/gatherer humans were in just as good shape. Wolves often seem to have fast reactions because they have sharp senses and in a tense situation are essentially "holding an action" in order to react to a threat. I would rate wolves as having a DEX of 8 - 13; which is certainly no better than a trained soldier or athlete. I can accept cheetahs and big cats as having good DEX (18-20 seems reasonable), but I don't think they're substantially better than a acrobatic human. Quickness is part of all cats' schtick, be they tabby or tiger. And certainly any good demibrick is stronger than an elephant.
  4. Re: Rep Points? No, it's far worse than that, Alice: You've finally become "one of the guys." Perhaps you should adopt a "bouncier" avatar or one which displays more cleavage to remind people you're woman? (Don't hurt me!)
  5. Re: Where else do you roll down? Actually I rather like rolling high or low depending on circumstances. It helps keep players honest. If high is always good then the temptation to use loaded dice becomes that much greater.
  6. Re: Aging Campaigns How many points do you pay for your characters to have the Perk: Invulnerable; PCs player sleeps with GM?
  7. Re: What Fantasy/Sci-Fi book have you just finished? Please rate it... I love Hiero's Journey (and just loaned it to Mentor a few months back), although Unforsaken Hiero was nowhere near as good. I first read HJ way back in high school in the 1970's. It's influence on mentalists in many game systems is clear.
  8. Re: What is the Soul/Spirit, and how do I attack it? How about AoE 1 Hex with Selective Target (Only Extradimensional Beings)? That would prevent the human hostage from getting hurt by your attack. Another option of course is to simply make it a Stun-Only attack, which means even if you accidentally hit the hostage it won't harm him or her. Blast bad guy, repeat as necessary, then separate hostage from unconscious demon and vaporize/send back to Hell with a different attack.
  9. Re: What is the Soul/Spirit, and how do I attack it? I gotta admire your optimism that a handful of geeks on a message board can answer a question that theologians and philosophers have been wrestling with for millenia.
  10. Re: Jane's Superhumans I kinda got the impression Publius was considering doing a real book of characters like this based on the official CU characters. Kind of a "what KS: Supers 12-" would give you. The tactical section would list best ways to combat the hero or villain in question, as well as list known or obvious weaknesses. I think that would be a great addition to the official Hero Games lineup myself, even if it's only released an an e-book.
  11. Re: Jane's Superhumans Thanks for the input. Yeah, Zilf seems like a pretty good approximation for the slavicly-challenged. Someday I'll track down a Russian and show him the name in Cyrillic (I have a Russian-English Dictionary, and carefully copied the script.) I reread most of this thread last night, and thought to myself "This is a great thread." I think I'd better give tinman rep for the whole thing just for starting it. If you've enjoyed this thread as much as I have, stop by Post #1 and give tinman some rep. We can always use imaginative new guys here.
  12. Re: Jane's Superhumans I think Blackjack is going for the "faceless" look. I do know her eyes are all white with no pupils or irises, and they glow. Hero Machine 2 does faces, so if he left facial features off it was deliberate. This particular mouth might work well on your most pic of Zl'f. I think the reason you weren't quite happy with the previous mouth is it was a bit too large. Nothing really wrong with it, just not quite right. I want Zl'f to look serious, but certainly not mean or angry.
  13. Re: Jane's Superhumans To the best of my knowledge (since I haven't been able to actually verify this with a native Russian speaker), it's simply pronounced Zlf. The "L" is soft, and with no vowel sounds at all. The apostrophe represents a Russian "letter" which renders the preceding consonant "soft," hence in Cyrillic the word is rendered with four letters. The similarity to the word "sylph" is obvious. I usually just pronounce it Sylph unless I'm feeling particularly pedantic.
  14. Re: Jane's Superhumans VESUVIUS True Identity: Unknown Classification: Indeterminate Base of Operations: Unknown, believed to be Europe. Appears worldwide. Group Affiliation: MidGuard Threat Level: 3 Offensive Rating: High Defensive Rating: Moderate (Comparable to light armored vehicle) Identifying Characteristics: Humanoid construct of semi-solidified magma. Charcoal gray skin with ‘veins’ of red-hot lava and flame, glowing red eyes. Power Description: Vesuvius has the ability to manipulate nearby stone, sediment, and other earthen materials including those of his own body. This allows him to throw bolts of lava or punch with rock-hard fists. He can immobilize targets by wrapping them in stone, cause the ground under a target to erupt, and even rip open vents to super-heated subterranean steam pockets. He can instantly dig tunnels by simply moving the earth out of his way. Physical Description: Adult male, muscular build Tactical Assessment: The versatility of Vesuvius’ powers makes him difficult to classify. Primarily, Vesuvius uses his earth manipulating powers with the range, damage potential, and effectiveness of light artillery or light anti-tank weapons. Unlike artillery, though, Vesuvius is well-armored enough to resist small arms fire. Also unlike artillery, his superhuman strength and stone fists make him capable of causing severe damage to targets in hand-to-hand combat as well as at range. His only significant tactical weakness may be his possible inexperience and impulse to rush into combat apparently without assessing the situation. However, his inate toughness makes this a difficult weakness to exploit. Psychological Assessment: In his few public appearances to date, Vesuvius has shown a tendency toward flamboyance and excitability. He seems to revel in the thrill of being a superhero. Given the obvious durability of his rock-like form, it is hard to say if he is reckless, inexperienced, or merely confident in his powers. He is, though, unquestionably exuberant. Normally, a new metahuman with such power and tendencies would be cause for concern. However, his association with MidGuard tends to lessen the possibility that Vesuvius will go rogue. Legal Status: No current legal entanglements. MidGuard enjoys friendly relations with most democratic nations. Blackstone's Metahumans™ 2006©
  15. Re: Jane's Superhumans ZL’F (“Pixieâ€) True Identity: Elena Yurievna Classification: Skilled Close Combatant Base of Operations: Unknown, believed to be Europe. Appears worldwide. Group Affiliation: MidGuard Threat Level: 2 Offensive Rating: Low Defensive Rating: Very Low (Comparable to human norms) Identifying Characteristics: Long blonde hair, White costume, No Mask, No Footwear, No gloves Power Description: Zl’f appears to be an example of a perfect human specimen - most notably in terms of speed and reflexes. She is able to reach running speeds of approximately 100 kph while evading concentrated assault weapons fire, and a maximum speed of over 200 kph. Her running broad jump exceeds 40 meters. This speed, combined with her training as a world-class gymnast, gives her mobility, acrobatic skills, and ability to avoid attacks far beyond any other known subject. Her musculature and metabolism are also superhumanly efficient, allowing her to recover rapidly from extreme exertion or injuries. Physical Description: Apparently teenage female (Actual DOB: 17 March 1983), slender build, height 147 cm, weight 40 kg Tactical Assessment: Zl’f measures at or above the maximum of all known scales of hand-eye coordination, reaction time, and balance. While not superhumanly strong, her ability to strike at near-supersonic speeds can generate sufficient impact energy to incapacitate even armored soldiers. Her fighting style is an eclectic combination of conventional martial arts and modified gymnastic maneuvers, concentrating on evasion and high-speed, high-finesse attacks. While she does not normally employ weapons, her impromptu use of a staff in MidGuard’s May 2005 clash with the super-mercenary team Storm Front demonstrated considerable skill. Perhaps in part because of her phenomenal speed, Zl’f is extremely pro-active in combat situations, acting decisively to quickly neutralize opponents. Her light defenses make her susceptible to intense countermeasures such as explosive ordinance or heavy zones of automatic fire. She is limited to conventional means of entering structures. These factors severely limit her capabilities against hardened targets and in large-scale strategic engagements. However, her speed, aggressiveness, and ability to evade most attacks make her extremely dangerous against lightly armed forces, small units, or in a surgical or tactical engagement. Psychological Assessment: Zl’f’s personality profile indicates a stable, well adjusted young woman. This is confirmed by numerous documented instances of public interactions, including press interviews. Her likelihood of going rogue is considered minimal at best. Zl’f’s aggressive style of fighting does not spring from any general aggressive tendencies but seems rather to be a compensation for her lack of significant defensive abilities. Legal Status: No current legal entanglements. MidGuard enjoys friendly relations with most democratic nations. Blackstone's Metahumansâ„¢, 2006 Edition©
  16. Re: Jane's Superhumans CYBERKNIGHT True Identity: Unknown Classification: Heavy Ranged Combatant Base of Operations: Unknown, believed to be Europe. Appears worldwide. Group Affiliation: MidGuard Threat Level: 3 Offensive Rating: High Defensive Rating: High (Comparable to main battle tank) Identifying Characteristics: Streamlined blue armor; stylized midnight blue chess knight on chest Power Description: Cyberknight is virtually a flying arsenal. His advanced non-metallic armor possesses a wide array of both beam and missile weaponry. It is also apparently equipped with a number of sensors, possibly including radar and night vision gear, and enables Cyberknight to fly at speeds in excess of 1100 kph. This armor apparently also grants its wearer considerable strength and toughness; Cyberknight has been reliably reported lifting weights in excess of 40 metric tons and surviving direct hits with light antitank weaponry. Physical Description: Adult male, athletic build, estimated height 205 cm, estimated weight 110 kg (in armor) Tactical Assessment: Cyberknight is probably best treated as an advanced attack helicopter such as the AH-64 Apache. He generally prefers to hover and attack at range with missiles or energy weapons. However his defenses are vastly tougher than that of any flying vehicle and his strength makes him very dangerous in close combat; hence Cyberknight will engage in hand to hand combat far more readily than will most ranged combatants. While not particularly agile by metahuman standards, his reflexes and quick tactical thinking indicate excellent overall conditioning and probably some type of military or paramilitary training. Psychological Assessment: Cyberknight has been the official leader of the superhero team MidGuard since it first appeared in early 2000, although he has been notably less active since 2003 for reasons unknown. His public appearances indicate both comfort with authority and a certain aura of command. While his armor’s weaponry is potentially lethal, Cyberknight has shown a marked reluctance to use deadly force in combat. Based on past behavior, it is considered highly improbable that Cyberknight would go rogue. Legal Status: No current legal entanglements. MidGuard enjoys friendly relations with most democratic nations. Blackstone's Metahumans™ 2006©
  17. Re: Jane's Superhumans Thought I'd post a couple of the Blackstone's Metahumans™ writeups we came up with for our character's. SILHOUETTE True Identity: Unknown Classification: Heavy Close Combatant Base of Operations: Unknown; widely believed to be Europe. Appears worldwide. Group Affiliation: MidGuard Threat Level: 4 Offensive Rating: Very High Defensive Rating: High (Comparable to main battle tank) Identifying Characteristics: Solid black female form, white hair, glowing white eyes. Power Description: Extremely strong and durable, Silhouette also possesses the ability to fly at modest speeds of approximately 40 kph. Her form is apparently able to endure virtually any hostile environment including deep underwater and intense radiation, and she can desolidify in order to pass through solid matter. This appears to confirm previous reports that she is able to alter her physical density at will, from totally insubstantial to considerably denser than steel. Her maximum mass appears to exceed 300 metric tons. She has been reliably observed lifting weights of over 150 metric tons. Her general agility level appears to be that of a well trained human, but does not indicate superhuman capabilities. Microanalysis of debris by Dr. Kevin Green of UC Berkeley from fights where Silhouette has been present has shown mild gravitational distortion; leading to speculation her powers may be gravity-based. Physical Description: Adult female, average build, estimated height 165 cm. No apparent costume. Tactical Assessment: A formidable and highly capable combatant, Silhouette is the heavy fighter for the world's premier hero team. Her ability to pass through solid walls makes it extremely difficult to successfully deny her entry to any defended position, and she is functionally immune to small arms making it difficult for troops within a building to bring sufficient firepower to bear once she is inside. Use of heavy weaponry against Silhouette is difficult due to her ability to desolidify and proclivity for passing through walls and/or the ground, but constitutes the only realistic likelihood of stopping her. Psychological Assessment: An objective evaluation of Silhouette is difficult due to her apparent reticience to speak to the press and authorities. While she will reply to direct questions, her short answers to inquiries and general avoidance of publicity may indicate a certain level of insecurity or may simply show a dislike of the press. Considering her apparent central position within MidGuard (In a February 2005 interview, her teammate Elena Yurievna, AKA Zl’f, stated the two were close friends.), it is considered highly improbable Silhouette would go rogue. Legal Status: No current legal entanglements. MidGuard enjoys friendly relations with most democratic nations. Blackstone's Metahumans™ 2006©
  18. Re: Jane's Superhumans You said, and I quote: "hell any country that would elect Regan [sic] and Arnold would make a real super thier [sic] king!" It's pretty hard to take that as anything but an oblique attack on the obvious stupidity of Americans for electing two former actors to political positions. Well, heck, if we'd made Ronald Reagan president then obviously we're dumb enough to make Booster Gold our monarch. Those previous posts were discussing the intended subject, supers in the real world. Nobody else seemed to see any need to throw in gratuitous anti-Reagan comments. You could have made a perfectly valid point about celebrities in politics without saying anything about Reagan and Arnold. It's indisputable that supers in the real world would become celebrities to some degree. Western civilization has long been fascinated by the unusual, and what could be more unusual than people with actual superpowers? I can't help noticing that your spelling and grammar has markedly improved. That's amazing. I salute your sudden education.
  19. Re: Jane's Superhumans Poor punctuation and capitalization. Correct spelling: believe celebrities Reagan their belligerent Overall grade: D+ You want to talk politics, take it to the NGD board.
  20. Re: Jane's Superhumans So far as I know the Patriot Act merely gives the government the same investigatory tools against terrorist suspects its had for years against organized crime. Mobile wiretaps, unannounced warrants, etc. Pretty routine stuff, except now it's being applied against terrorists instead of just racketeers. While I might possibly see the government requiring registration much as with guns, there is no way I could see simply being a metahuman being a crime in and of itself here in the US. They might make failure to register a crime, but I suspect that would fail the 5th Amendment test agaist self-incrimination. (Although once you used your powers to commit a crime, the whole weight of the US Government might land on your head!)
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