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  1. Re: Jane's Superhumans Yep, that's a keeper!
  2. Re: Jane's Superhumans Nice analysis, Gary. And you're absolutely right; most Champions characters are designed to function in a superhero genre campaign. Many such characters are in some respects little more than anthromorphized tanks and aircraft, precisely the types of opponents modern militaries are designed to defeat. Rep for you.
  3. Re: Jane's Superhumans Well said, Kristopher. I only regret I can't give you rep yet.
  4. Re: Jane's Superhumans If we had played that often in the MidGuard campaign, Zl'f would now be capable of taking on Mechanon solo.
  5. Re: Jane's Superhumans For about 8 years we only played 3 or 4 times per year. It was only about two years ago, with the addition of Blackjack to our ranks as both player and GM, that we've started playing once per month again. At 2 - 4 points per adventure (and adventures often take 2 or 3 sessions), we've been slower than most groups to accumulate XP. (We also try hard to clamp down on "XP inflation." Few adventures are actually worth more than 3 XP IMO. Most we've ever given for one advanture was 5, but that one took 4 full sessions.) It's not like that doesn't have its good side, at least from a GMs view. Of course, from a player viewpoint there are never enough XP.
  6. Re: Jane's Superhumans I didn't take it that way at all; merely as a comment on how insignificant supers would be in the real world on the macroscale. They might be very important at smaller scales, but unless your campaign allows you to recreate Superman most supers are really not a match for modern military machines. But then neither are huge but less advanced militaries, such as Iraq's in the Gulf War.
  7. Re: Jane's Superhumans We've taken out some quite sizable groups of "conventional" troops in our campaign. We not only have a team teleporter, but also a storm diety avatar who can do horrible things to the bad guy's vision and PER rolls. And once we get amongst them, fear of friendly fire prevents use of most AoE attacks, which is often the only way normals can hit DCV 10+ PCs. That's not to say that we're immune to military hardware; in fact PC vulnerability to heavy ordnance was a central premise in setting up our campaign's parameters. Supers should not be able to ignore governments entirely IMO. If any national government, especially a major power, wants you dead you're in big trouble. I haven't ever run a sniper scenario (although we've been ambushed by supers more than once, including by Eurostar), mostly because I don't think getting killed from ambush isn't very heroic and we run a Silver Age style game. In an Iron Age world we'd be toast. Of course, in an Iron Age campaign we'd be playing very different characters.
  8. Re: Jane's Superhumans Nice anaysis, Kirby. But I suspect supers in the military would be used mostly as super-commandos to take out (or defend) high priority targets. They'd be wasted on static defense. (Our team MidGuard has done some training missions against "ordinary" agents and soldiers protecting a site, and as expected the supers succeeded almost effortlessly.) One thought I had on the "One super per million" rate of occurence of this scenario: Since a high population automatically means more supers (The US with 280+ supers would have a sizeable advantage over smaller adversaries such as Iraq or Russia), would this lead to worldwide governmentally-supported population booms as nations try to increase their pool of supers?
  9. Re: I amay have asked, but... Atlatls??? Spear throwers confer extra distance and hitting power, but they require specialized lightweight projectiles designed specifically for that purpose. They generally cannot be used with "ordinary" thrusting spears. The spears thrown by an atlatl would be be more like javelins or large arrows. They are even fletched. (I've used one, but since I'm a terrible shot when throwing things I can't address the accuracy issue.) I would treat an atlatl as a medium crossbow for most practical purposes, with a higher rate of fire (but still slower than a regular bow and arrows.. The main difference is that atlatl users cannot realistically carry as many projectiles. I would think 4 - 6 spears would be the maximum.
  10. Re: Animated Series Style Character Images
  11. Re: Animated Series Style Character Images I've posted this pic previously, but what the heck. The lettering is Cyrillic for ZL'F (The Russians have a letter for a silent stop, hence the four letters.)
  12. Re: Miniaturized Manufacturing Units? That's essentially what I've done. The ship's life support includes all the environments plus immunity to diseases, but lacks food and water (Need not Eat). While there will be some stored water and rations, most of their food and drink will come from the MMU over the long haul.
  13. Re: Miniaturized Manufacturing Units?
  14. Re: Miniaturized Manufacturing Units? Since the characters will be in space for nearly a year of game-time in the adventure I have planned, I need a way for them to make water, clothing, soap, deodorant, shoe laces, shampoo, spare parts, and all the little things one needs when one is away from civilization for an extended period. While I could just pack the ship to the gills (The ship is nearly 30% cargo space) with these things in crates, it will seem cooler to allow them to manufacture their own (and allow some in-game humor as their desperate attempts to make pepperoni pizza go awry.). And nobody will pack a puny 8d6 blaster when they can do better with their bare hands. They are, after all, superheroes. I'll try to check out that Stephenson book. If the players abuse this device despite my Limitations on it and any needed warnings, then it will malfunction permanently: The GM Giveth; The GM Taketh Away.
  15. Re: Miniaturized Manufacturing Units? Excellent observations, Joe. I do want this thing to have reasonable limitations so it doesn't get abused. Destroying the original is one way to prevent it. But I don't want to get too restrictive; that's part of the fun of having such a gee-whiz gadget available. As an example, I don't care if Eagle Eye makes hundreds of his low-tech arrows; he can only carry 16 at a time anyway. But I don't want CyberKnight creating 45 copies of his powered armor. But I think CyberKnight making spare components for his armor is reasonable since I allow that normally (He's normally working on his next version of the armor anyway.). And if we can manufacture virtually any element in a lab now (at outrageous cost in power and expense) then it should be child's play in the distant future for a machine designed to do so. (Using a purely arbitrary scale of 1 END/REC equals 10 megawatts, the two reactors on the 73½ foot long starship produce over 3.4 gigawatts of power between them; enough juice to run New Mexico. The entire US uses about 700 gigawatts.) EDIT: New calculations have led me to conclude that 1 END/REC is fairly close to being a megawatt of power. (I have altered my numbers for my starship's writeup to reflect that. ) This is based on the main gun (8d8 RKA in HERO) for an M1A2 delivering approximately 12 megajoules of energy on target, and coincidentally costing 120 AP and using 12 END. That's an easy enough method to use for game play, and is simple to remember. Thus Lightning Boy's 12d6 Lightning Blast is 6 megawatts. I suspect in the end I'll still be handwaving it a bit. I want food to be easy (although in reality as you pointed out it would be actually outrageously difficult) and super-tech weapons and gadgets to be difficult or impossible. I'd already figured on energy-intensive devices not being charged after creation. They'll have to be charged the normal way.
  16. Re: Miniaturized Manufacturing Units?
  17. Re: Miniaturized Manufacturing Units? Cool. Thanks, Eodin. Looks like I'm on the right track. I don't need the large object portion because the one I'm working on is only about 2 cubic meters in size (Half a hex). And I'm going to add "Only inanimate objects" to keep it from mass producing tribbles or lemmings. I'll have to go DL that TNG pdf (I've already got the excellent ST:TOS version.). Even though this adventure is not in a Trek-universe, I envision the technology on the ship as being roughly comparable. (No transporters on ships this small.)
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