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  1. 1) Bring back "Shockwaves" for Bricks. It's absurd to have to spend 50 points on what amounts to a "Power Trick". 2) Consider a Power "Invulnerability" vs. single attack types or special effects, rather than using "Desolidification" as a bass-ackwards way to do it.
  2. Another approach is to have combat-light characters have lots of useful non-combat skills. Batman may not be powerful in combat compared to Superman, but if there's criminal investigation or scientific reasoning needed Superman takes a back seat. Thor may kick butt, but set him in front of a computer and any 12 year old can outperform him. As long as players get as much "face time" from the GM during a game, they can still enjoy themselves. So go skill-heavy with combat-light characters. Another method (one I like) is to make certain the bad guys have lots of low-level minions for the less powerful characters to beat up on. As long as my character is laying the smackdown on somebody every phase, I'm a happy camper. However, for beginning players, I recommend following Monilith's suggestion and starting with more equal characters pointwise. Once everyone has some experience with the system, you can diverge a bit more.
  3. From the FAQ: Based on this, it appears that my friends were correct in saying an RKA 1d6 has no BODY Penetrate on a roll of 1, 1 BODY Penetrate on a roll of 2-5, and 2 BODY Penetrate on a roll of 6. However, I'm confused by the second option in the FAQ answer. Where does the "1 Point of Penetrating effect per DC" come from? Is that an "official" alternate method such as Standard Effects (Which we do not use in our campaign)? Does this mean that a 2d6 RKA PEN would always do 6 BODY minimum? (Ouch!) Or does it mean it always does 1 BODY per DC whenever it is a Killing or other type of attack that effects BODY directly? Thanks, and I look forward to seeing more of your "light-saber fu", Master Obi Long.
  4. Steve: If a character has a Penetrating Killing Attack against a non-Hardened target, does the BODY damage that Penetrates equal the total pips on the dice, or 0 Body for every "1" rolled, 1 BODY for every "2-5" rolled, and 2 BODY for every "6" rolled as if you are calculating BODY for a Normal attack? I read it as being equal to the total pips on the dice, but my fellow players disagree. Example: Tachyon fires a 2d6 RKA Penetrating at Defender. The die rolls are "2" and "5". Does Defender take: 1) 2 BODY 2) 7 BODY 3) None of the above, we're all idiots and should be playing AD&D Help us, Obi Long Kenobi, you're our only hope!
  5. Here is my character Ranger, the first Champions character I ever built way back in 1982 (Although this version of his powered armor dates from around 1986) I now use him as a solo NPC superhero in my campaign. As recently redesigned for 5th Edition using Hero Designer (I never built a 4th Edition version of Ranger because I retired him in 1987) he's 475 points of a$$-whooping with an 80 STR, 16d6EB (boostable to 24d6 for one shot), 52 PD & 52 ED, most of it Hardened. He's got 125 XP, and is heavy on the hard sciences (He's a physicist in his Secret ID.)
  6. Re: Steel Guardian I didn't even know Hero Machine had a paid version. Does it do anything the free version doesn't?
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