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  1. Thanx Jason!!! You found the files and fixed it - and everything else - you have restored my hope in Hero Games here in 2020!!! Thanx Again Wildcat
  2. This is really odd... I wonder what happend, and I checked... I don't have Bloodstone or Dark Seraph
  3. I am actually quite curious to find out the answer to that question. I bought it as part of the Bundle of all 3 books and since no one else seems to be having the same issue as I am... I wonder if my link to the product is the actual issue. If you do re-download it I would really appreciate knowing the outcome either way (Sorry didn't see rjcurrie's post until today... Sometimes looking on my phone makes me miss things as I scroll to the bottom)
  4. He got back to me, and told me those files are unavailable. And offered me a refund in the form of store credit. And I understand it's not his full-time job anymore. But I love Hero Games, been playing it since the beginning and still do every week, and it pains me to see it become just a side gig for the creators, but alas it has and I don't begrudge them making a living.
  5. I tried to send a PM to Jason, but got a error saying 'that user wasn't accepting mesages' Been a week now and nothing. For a product I bought a year ago. Is this the state of things at Hero today?
  6. I might have to... No response to my support request
  7. that's just it... I showed you ALL the folders that are there there are many missing folders/files
  8. About a year ago I purchased the Champions Villains Character Pack Bundle. I have used various characters over the year, but when I went to pull up the Ultimates in Volume II there weren't there. In face quite a few of the Teams weren't there. I figured maybe I didn't download the zip file properly, so I went and grabbed it again, but NOPE still not there. Opened up a ticket a couple of days ago, and no response as of yet. Has anyone purchased this and found the same thing or am I special? (Tryied searching the forums for this but wan't able to find anything ) Wildcat Attached is the folders I have in Volume II
  9. Re: Superhero Images Partisan is on his way to a drug bust[ATTACH=CONFIG]37849[/ATTACH]
  10. Re: Superhero Images OK here is a new one I just did[ATTACH=CONFIG]37839[/ATTACH]
  11. Re: Superhero Images YLOL yeah he looks like a Cross between, Batman, Captain America & with Wolvie's Mask LOL
  12. Re: Superhero Images Thanx Hawknight the game jsut began 1/5 we're still getting it all sortted out - char backgrounds ect... they have gone on 1 patrol so far, and have learned some interesting tidbits about the campaign's history and why Crusader & Partisan (his former partner) are no longer together.
  13. Re: Superhero Images [ATTACH=CONFIG]37821[/ATTACH]OK this is all the pics I could find of Crusader from 81 (champions 1) til 94 (a Pic I did for the game we were running back then - and you've already seen my newest version
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