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  1. Here is the module for G1. Let me know what you think.

    Dungeon Module G1 - Steading of the Hill Giant Chief.docx

    1. Wildcat


      Tried to download, but says it's not there?

    2. Gauntlet


      Strange, because the link you have above allowed me to open it. Both of them are on the Hero System Fan Group on Facebook. Unfortunately it will not allow me to create a link.

    3. Wildcat


      thought I'd try on my PC rather than Phone, and still no dice.


      maybe Email?

  2. I made some, and will toss em up if anyone wants They are a bit big, but I like em... Hope you do to. Hero buttons.zip
  3. Re: Fantasy Art Thread This was a Pic I did for my Wife. I think it turned out better due to her helping me w/art directions (as I called it) [ATTACH=CONFIG]37838[/ATTACH]
  4. Re: Fantasy Art Thread [ATTACH=CONFIG]37836[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]37837[/ATTACH]Another one from the same game. The Party's theif (Vesbin) finds out that the place he just broke into wasn't empty - he stumbled upon the assisnation of the Count, and provided a convenient scapegoat for then General (Kuharic) here.
  5. Re: Fantasy Art Thread [ATTACH=CONFIG]37835[/ATTACH]OK here is one I did a while back for a Fantasy Hero game I was running. One of the Party, untrusting of the Dark Elf (nt a drow) confonts him.
  6. Re: GateCrasher Hero The game's still going, but we are looking for new players so... BUMP
  7. Re: Steam Power in Fantasy For some great Reference Material you might want to look into the Iron Kingdoms campaign setting by privateer press. http://privateerpress.com/ironkingdoms/default.php It's the world/setting used for their minature game Warmachine fully fleshed out for their d20 RPG. Now I'm no d20 guy but the setting, and art are outstanding. WC
  8. Has anyone done any write ups for Mortars, or for that matter Artillery? I'm going to need some soon... I'm sure I could write some up, but hey I got lots more to do, and isn't that what this forum is all about? WC
  9. Re: GateCrasher Hero Onward (Nether World Pt III) OK Faithful Followers of the GateCrashers I am way behind here, and in an attempt to bring you all up to date, and allow you all to follow along with where we are now, I’m going to be doing a bit of summing up. I hope this doesn’t upset anyone who HAS to know all the gory details, but it will sure make it easier on me to keep this all clear. We left our Heroes at Casandra’s Hut. She told them they needed to take her to the library of Ta’keth in the Dyien lands, so off they went. Once again into the folds of Devlin, and his
  10. Re: GateCrasher Hero Good to see your still around John - I would gladly do another PBEM, IF I only had the Time - I run Gate Crashers every Wed & Everyother Sat, then on alternating Weekends I run a Champions game for my son (You remember Kyle right? he's 12 1/2 now) My GF's son & a pal's boys. And Try to spend some time w/my GF. Not to mention I'm always building terrain for the games... It's fun, but sheesh sometimes I need a break from my Hobbie LOL - Say Hi to everyone from the Old days - talk to you later. WC
  11. Netherworld Pt II Devlin took the team to a large city, what he claimed to be the capital of the country. He insisted that they accompany him to a party, where he would introduce them to the people they needed to meet to negotiate trade & other diplomatic things. Devlin explained that in Ambrethia nothing was done improperly, and that if they weren’t presented right, it might take months to get a meeting with anyone in the semblance of authority. Every party (Imagine the most decadent of all Victorian Parties, and yes all of GC-1 had to dress for the occasion, Even Cindy wore a corse
  12. Netherworld Returning to OSS HQ, the team took a few days to rest up, and explore just what happened to Bunny. It was decided to keep this under wraps, no one felt that the corporations could be trusted with level of technology. So Bunny’s new abilities would be their little secret, for now. After a short rest period it was back to Zorandar. The base at Koram was beginning to take shape, and Coop felt that it was time to add a bit of Firepower to the mix there for security… Assigning Bunny to the Base Defense force, Coop hoped to keep someone loyal to him on Zorandar, and allow Bunny
  13. Siberian Underground Complex OK I'm back - Sorry so long between posts - gets hard to keep up sometimes... anyway for those of you still following this (yeah I know hard to keep interested with mnths inbetween posts) Enjoy Upon their return to Earth they were called in to a meeting. The GLOC had discovered a corporation in Russia who were attempting to locate the source of an unknown energy signature some place in the frozen wastes of Siberia. This energy signature was identical to that of the Gate when used, and they wanted it located before someone else found it. Setting up a dummy
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