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  1. I'll try the first. Let's look at this from two perspectives: This character is simply another type of race both culturally and physically (Elves vs Human, Whale vs Human, Amoeba vs Human). You define the character based on that presumption so not much changes but add complication/disadvantages to represent the differences in some of the presumptions (Unable to Lift/Manipulate/Gesture physically, Only speaks its own native language) so that interaction with humans requires certain skills/powers to be obtained (OAF: Language skill, Robot Body). This is more concept focused and
  2. I can truly appreciate where you are coming from on this reasoning. The main reason I worked on the Protean power for so long is that trying to use Desolid to represent and oozing/stretchy/gaseous SFX felt like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. To me it just didn't make any sense. Given that's your viewpoint on Regeneration for this SFX, then you should use some form of Healing or whatever else you find more appropriate. But when you ask for opinions on these boards then you need to make it clear from the outset why you don't want to use Regeneration an
  3. I thought the END Pool was used up based on endurance costs? Plus those that inherently cost no END would have to take the limitation Costs END. At least that was my intent.
  4. At the risk of sounding totally ignorant and crazy... Perhaps an END Battery or whatever it's called now. All deity powers are powered by the battery. You can then have a limitation of causing the recovery time on the battery be increased however long or some other limitation to represent how the battery gets recharged. The more powers you have the large the END Pool must be and the worse it is to recover (based on whatever limitation is applicable). Just a thought.
  5. Side Note Building a character to concept may end up with several flavor limitations that on their own don't warrant a -1/4 limitation. However, if they were combined together they might be worth that -1/4 limitation. Hero currently tends to favor the all or nothing approach. Perhaps some sort of paragraph explaining that the GM is encouraged to group flavor limitations to grant a -1/4 which might then encourage the player to flavor their character even more. I think we need the existing method that exists to give that consistency and guide to what various powers/a
  6. I don't know if this has already been mentioned but the Well World series (Jack L. Chalker) I think is the ultimate in exposure to alien sentient/non-sentient creatures. The genre is based on science and technology (but some of the creatures are taken from fantasy/mythology). Of course there is the massive computer that helps with communication between species. You have both carbon based and silicon based creatures (although the two are separated except for a common area and only a few silicon creatures ever interact with the carbon based lifeforms (as far as the story goes).
  7. I was responding to Tech. But I think you did a better job. I had it in the chart before but it was called Reduced Movement. I think Hinders Movement is more appropriate in this context. Yes slower character's are less affected by this limitation But they're slow to begin with so I don't see that as a huge issue. Faster character's (Higher Speed and/or Movement Rates) are more affected but then they are faster and will be able to travel faster (vs Slower Characters) even with this limitation and still gain the benefit of the power .
  8. You posted just before I did. So I made the change. (8^D)
  9. What do you need clarification on? Any particular column? The Barrier Chart exists for the limitations that can be applied to Protean. Path/Porosity represents two ways to bypass a barrier. Path is used for those characters that can't split their form to flow around and through a Porous barrier. The character must use a single opening to bypass the barrier (like a pipe or an opening in a wall/rock face. Porous is used for those characters that can split their form to flow around and through a Porous barrier (like a fence or a lot of cracks/holes in a wal
  10. I've added the Hinders Movement limitation back into the modifiers. There is a distinct difference in how extra time on movement works in combat vs how hindered movement (percentage of normal movement) works in combat. If that's not to your taste, just ignore it.
  11. Desolid does not do what Protean does nor are the things that I wanted well established with Desolid. Specifically: Viscosity Cannot Split Non-pliability Even if you were to add these to Desolid, once you start stripping away most of the base mechanics of the power with limitations I think your starting to stray from the original purpose of the power. Just my opinion. Addendum: I would also agree that Desolid should really be broken up into two mechanics. It's a more Heroesque way of building things. - Christopher Mulli
  12. Protean [ Standard Power, Constant, Self-Only ] This power allows the character to move through porous barriers that would otherwise block them from passing (fences, pipes, wire screening). The character may pass through the barrier as if no barrier existed at their normal movement rate. Cost: 20 Points Barrier Chart Path / Porosity Viscosity Nonpliability Examples (Human Height) --------------- ---------------- ------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1/250
  13. I tried this way back when. Too many balance issues. I think that a chart with examples of properties/actions and what powers would generally be used to achieve the effect might be more helpful to the GM. - Christopher Mullins
  14. ..."indirect in some respects", and can be used to attack someone from behind,... Yeah, that's kind of what I remembered and I always took that as GM fiat. The "indirect in some respects" portion means not in all respects of Indirect. So what aspects of Indirect do you get? Do they detail that? Hitting someone from behind (Stretching or not) gives you certain bonuses and can be countered by some degree by the opponent since he can still perceive the attack. Invisibility prevents much of that countering since perceiving the attack is difficult if not impossible.
  15. Hugh, is this more like you were thinking? I was struggling but something just clicked and it started to coalesce. Barrier Chart Path / Porosity Viscosity Nonpliability Examples (Human Height) ---------------- ---------------- ------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1/250 / 2% 20 Minutes 8mm - Locked office doors (with tile floor), fan blade gaps, and old fashioned keyholes are bypassed. 1/125 / 3% 5 Minutes -1/4 16mm (1.6cm) - Open su
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