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  1. I am still amazed that this thread continues to grow. And the amount of amazing artwork presented. -- Christopher Mullins
  2. Wow! This thread is still being posted to. Amazing! (8^D) - Christopher Mullins
  3. Re: Superhero Images Just thought I would refresh this for new members. - Christopher Mullins
  4. Re: Superhero Images Nice work! (8^D) I'm also pleased to see this thread is still growing. - Christopher Mullins
  5. Re: The Overbearing Presence I think comparing PRE vs PRE rolls (like STR vs STR) could also work, but you would have to figure what success/failure results mean and their effects. - Christopher Mullins
  6. Re: The Overbearing Presence What I've always found to be difficult with implementing PRE as written and other Mind Control type powers (yes, I do consider PRE in that group, and I exclude Mental Blasts from the group) is that they don't work well in most of the games I would want to run. I would like to have Mental Attacks be rare and something to be feared. I can make the Mental Attacks be rare by limiting access to such powers, but in order for them to be feared I need to make sure that Mental Defenses are even rarer. So I can tell you from my experience that this does not work well at all since the Mental Attack characters will dominate. However, the same is not true for Killing Attacks. I can make killing attacks rare, but I don't have to make the Defenses rarer to keep killing attacks as something to be feared, and I don't have any problems with getting that to work well since the Killing Attack characters do not seem to dominate. The main reason why this seems to be the case is that with Mental Attack characters the people they attack and succeed against can become an extension of themselves for whatever endeavor they want to achieve. Now PRE is in between these two in this regard, but it is even worse to implement since the "defense" is not separate from the "attack" by itself and unlike Resistant Defenses, there is very few non-contrived reasons why the general populace would have access to or be inclined to have elevated PRE values (including the PCs), especially since the whole idea that extra-sensory Mental Influence type abilities are supposed to be rare in these type games, which there are many. So for games where Mental Influence type powers are considered common and thus their defense is common, they work just fine. But for games where they are supposed to be rare, not so much. And PRE doubly so. Just My Humble Opinion - Christopher Mullins
  7. Re: Superhero Images Countess: Draft 2
  8. Re: Superhero Images Draft 1
  9. Re: Superhero Images Werehawk! Glad to see you back. (8^D) - Christopher Mullins
  10. Re: 6E Rules changes confirmed so far I did, multiple times. I didn't use the word "compromise", but it was one of my main efforts to try to help those in favor of COM. Well this was your mistake in thinking there was a negotiation going on. There wasn't and I'm not sure why you thought there was, but it does explain your frustration. - Christopher Mullins
  11. Re: 6E Rules changes confirmed so far I'm going to keep asking this. Who specifically gave this "Mantra" that "... so it must GO!". If accusations like this are going to be made about a general group of people, I'm going to want specific names and who you are including in this group. - Christopher Mullins
  12. Re: Superhero Images Picture Test 1 Original Powerstar_v3.jpg image. Hmmm... worked just fine.,, Are you using a dial-up connection or a high-speed connection for the internet? BTW: These aren't copyrighted materials that you are trying to post are they? Only pictures that you have the copyrights, one's you've created yourself, and public domain pictures should be uploaded here. Just so you know. Removed in case of copyright infringement.
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