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  1. I've used a lot of the competitions already mentioned (jousts, wrestling, bardic, etc), and I've also stolen liberally from Scottish Highland games, lumberjack contests, ancient and modern olympics, etc. When you see the same barbarian hacking down a tree faster than anyone, splitting a stump at twenty paces with an axe, then trying to catch a pig with both man and animal greased up but GOOD...man, that's comedy. The suggestion for basing competition on skills is one I'll use next time, too (I like the tracking example).
  2. Re: Bardic competition Well, if you're asking how you should a bardic competition and actually RP it...hrm...okay, so I don't have a lot of suggestions. Here's one, though. Give your players time to sit down and write something. Give them suggestions on the theme, and tell them the easiest way to do this is to rewrite the words to a song they know. They don't even have to tell you what song it is. For example, if you know "Turn the Page" by Bob Seger, with a little imagination it wasn't hard for me to turn that into "Comes The King" for a game I was in way back when...
  3. Re: When do heroes get charged for excesive force? Regarding the damage received, I'd say yeah, the thugs might need a trip to the hospital. That could indicate some broken bones, serious lacerations, or 2nd degree burns (or worse). It's not life-threatening, but expect a lot of pain and discomfort (assuming they have the standard 10 body). Regarding "is this too much force"...not necessarily. If the thugs were threatening innocents with machine guns then yeah, take 'em out. Would the cops start hunting them? Seriously doubtful under the circumstances you gave. Regarding
  4. Re: What do you have in your coinpurse? Give the coinage names, by all means. It's these "little" details that promote the feeling of "realistic" fantasy. Even if it's only basic and/or thinly-veiled thievery, the names of money can make a big difference in believability. For example, go with something basic: gold = Imperials silver = Orbs copper = Crescents Then, when working on another land, give them different names and slightly different values. For example: 2 Dragons (of Kyrindor) is equal to 3 Imperials (of Byrash) ...or something along those
  5. Re: New Idea for Starting In a similar vein I usually start games at 50+50, or 25+75, or (rarely) 50+75. I'm interested in a character taking disads that work for him/her, not someone who enjoys the excessive free points. Like Sterling, I also enjoy rewarding characters for good RPing, and I have always thought that a character built on 125 starting points (with disads) and spending 25 xp is infinitely better than a character built with 150 pts. I like my characters to grow. By the same token, I've been known to give extra points to those with good background. Someone who wo
  6. Good stuff, Daedalus. Very cool of you to post it.
  7. In my game world elves are not tree-hugging flightly people with bows and magic. They are warriors of a great empire. Well, "great" = decadent and in it's declining years. But they have distinct properties when put into caste and class. Similarly, the humans of the empire are second-class citizens, though they can make a good living as merchants and soldiers. Lastly, dwarves just want to be left alone. I won't get into the other half-dozen or so races. Suffice to say they are conquered and beaten people with little of their own culture remaining. How does all this balance out? I want my P
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