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  1. Goodbye Mike, you're going to be missed. What times we had around a table rolling dice.
  2. Re: Help Me with My Campaign Finale Thanks, I actually have a Jager and a Steppenwolf, but I think I can definitely use some of these names.
  3. Re: Help Me with My Campaign Finale Well the battle is a sneak attack on the campaign's home city coordinated with Pearl Harbor. For regular military the US obviously has a huge advantage, but by the time the heroes get there they'll be extremely outnumbered. I like the prepared encounters and I'm going to try and have them do 2 player prepped missions I think. Freyja is granting them a blessing that enables them to get to the battle, but I also like the possible radiation accident coming there.
  4. Re: Help Me with My Campaign Finale I definitely think something along this order may play out better than the massive battle I had originally envisioned. I have given up on the German names for supervillains I used early in the campaign. They just tied my tongue in too many knots.
  5. I started the thread http://www.herogames.com/forums/showthread.php?t=71037 for help with this and in this week's session everything was falling into place to lead to the direction I wanted and then one of the players decided to let her pregnancy related stomach issues take precedence over the game and we left 45 minutes early. My perfectly organized 5 hour wrap up that would have been the next session probably stretches to about 9 hours. Plot: Heroes are in Germany when Nazi supervillains, possibly troops, and possibly elements of Norse mythology attack their campaign city. The day is December 7, 1941 and it is timed to coincide with Pearl Harbor as a first strike against American supers. Ingredients: 1. Heroes return in the middle of the action 2. The major villain is an avatar of Loki, but all Norse gods other than Freyja have taken the Axis side. 3. The heroes are returned to America from a rescue mission in Poland by Freyja's divine intervention. 4. There is a weaker superhero team getting their clock cleaned. The weaker hero team is the actual gaming group's WOW characters written up as golden age superheroes. Requirements: Should feel epic, 7 player group, group is very talented both in roleplaying and strategically, but extremely silly and easily sidetracked. Should be about 8 hours of playing time over two sessions. I have a nice city map of several blocks I can use if needed. Disclaimer: Not that I'm asking you to do my job for me, but when I asked for simple suggestions for speeding up combat I got a treasure trove of ideas that were better than what I had, so I thought I'd let you help me turn lemons into lemonade.
  6. Re: The Return of the Golden Age I have been awaiting these projects since hearing about them. For the past 3 years at Gen Con I have been running a game I call All-Thrills Comics. It started in 1948 and goes forward a year at a time. The heroes are The Face, Target, Captain Battle, Lightning Girl, Kitten, Doctor Frost, Man of War, and Marvo the Magician. I know a few of them will be popping up in Superpowers for sure.
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