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  1. Is there any mention or recommendation in the rules for everyman powers? Let's say we're playing in a world where magic is fueled by life force, and sacrificial slaughter has measurable and repeatable results. I'm sure given enough time I can cobble together the power (aid endurance reserve requiring the killing of a creature and dice based on creature size somehow), but I'm also not entirely confident that effort would be well spent - knowing how you want it to work is more important that the active/real points if a) it costs no END and b) everyone can do it (i.e. costs no CP).
  2. "This is a good way to simulate magic scrolls whose writing disappears after the spell on it is cast one time..." Ok, I'll bite: Scroll of Fly: Flight 30m (30 Active Points); 1 Continuing Fuel Charge lasting 5 Minutes which Never Recovers (-2 1/2). Real Cost: 8 cp. Depending on speed, that's 1.5 - 3 km which can be useful in a magical medieval society sure, but... what happens to those 8 cp after you use the scroll? Maybe I'm running a superheroic campaign and the player had to buy it with CP, or maybe a heroic campaign using resource points from the Advanced Players Guide,
  3. I've tried to do it for High Fantasy, and Sci-Fi settings. The truth is, you don't want a kitchen sink game. In case you don't want to read the rest of my explanation, you'll want to look up the rules for "Hordes of the Things." It's a tabletop war game that separates units into archetypes and those archetypes have costs. They're big claim is that you can play HOTT with any models and it works. I have a friend that works in design and she said to me when designing a game, start from the bottom and build up. If you include every rule under the sun that you love and the game is unpla
  4. 6E1 382 - Limited Power: Power loses almost all of its overall effectiveness. (-2) I'm using 6th edition, I just figured that using EGO for the sole purpose of intimidation was extremely limiting. Though when Steve Long tells you that it's Only For Fear/Intimidation-Based Presence Attacks (-1), you listen. ?
  5. So as far as my group can tell, intimidation is a presence attack. One of my PCs wants to improve their intimidation, which normally isn't too rough but in this case, I can't find much in the book aside from the obvious solution of increasing your presence. In a heroic level with normal human characteristic maxima, that's kind of expensive. So I as a stop gap I'm having her buy PRE as a power, with a -2 Limited Power (only works for intimidation) but can only buy as much presence as her character has. This gives her a 5d6 presence attack, which is reasonable in a heroic campaign.
  6. There are two challenges I would like to overcome before running a StarHero campaign. The first is the constant wrestling match between the SciFi genre and Sir Isaac Newton. I like the realistic movement endurance rule and the realistic space acceleration rule, but I don't believe they combine logically enough for my taste. Sure, accelerating a big ship costs more endurance, but it still costs 15 points to buy 15m of flight. Combined with the maximum velocities per turn that the book suggests, there is no reason why a battleship wouldn't buy the same acceleration as a fighter. This makes
  7. I'm trying to build your classic chain lightning spell. I've built a blast with autofire, but it just doesn't feel right. I'm looking for something that will allow me to take AoE: Line, and "bounce" my blast from target to target. I can't find any Area of Affect options that allows this, or anything that allows a bouncing attack special affect. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  8. A cleric prays to his deity and his sword is engulfed in holy flames. A mage casts a spell and a sling bullet becomes enchanted. A witch blesses her father's service revolver to be able to damage demons. These are all examples of things I can not figure out how to do in the HERO system. They all have one generic thread in common - how to enhance a mundane item with adders. In heroic campaigns, where above average people purchase average gear with in-character money, how does a hero magically enhance their equipment? . If the cleric is to harm ghosts, it needs affects desolidified. If the m
  9. I have found this map of stars within 50ly: http://www.atlasoftheuniverse.com/50lys.html I would like to generate a star system around each of these stars, but the rules are quite lengthy and this will take a lot of time. I am a professional software engineer, so I started writing a program to do it, but the tables are a pain in the butt. Are there any good solar system generators out there that are of the same detail as our beloved HERO System?
  10. There is an old game out there called Escape Velocity - originally only on Mac. Then later there came Escape Velocity Nova, which brough us the vell-os. A sub-race of humans who have psychic powers. One in particular I'm trying to design in the HERO system, and am having troubles. Basically, they can wrap themselves in a force-field and create a 'psychic hull' of a ship that they can fly around and move cargo/passengers. They can also psychically tear a hole in space to enter sub-space for FTL travel (that is the easy power to define). I can't quite figure out how to do the ship thou
  11. Re: I love me some xenomorphs! 4) This is the only substance they produce that I believe can do this, though I want to avoid the power of using this to bind arms and legs and stuff (I dont remember the power name at the moment...). 5) Yes, excuse me, it isn't exactly blood. 8) It was confirmed in the video and computer games that they use echo-location - as you walk around you hear this chittering sort of clicking sound. This was also confirmed as wayland spoke to you I believe. 10) Confirmed in the video games, specifically AVP on the PS3 recently released (the game that p
  12. I just eat up anything that has the creatures from the Alien saga in it. I've built and rebuilt the species in the HERO system every time a new edition came out. But, I am still unsatisfied! I have not see my extra terrestrial comrades on these boards, anywhere! So a tribute has been called! Everyone, make a xenomorph. For those of you unfamilliar, here is an abridged list of their features: Tail with a spearhead-like bit on the end - it is prehensile. His claws (and tail) can penetrate metal armor, hull plates, etc... He is not a member of a hive mind, can think for himself, b
  13. Re: Dozens of deckplans These are fabulous mate, thanks for the link! My friends and I use a free app MapTool by RPTools to role-play over the internet. I just have to slap one of these deck plans into the program, tell it to make image bigger or smaller, put a hex map over it and BAM, instand ship! You're awesome, keep 'em coming!
  14. Re: Developing Life I noticed that too - so look what I figured out. Earth's atmosphere is, for the sake of argument, 20% oxygen, 79% Nitrogen, 1% argon (actually 21/78/1). If I happen to generate an atmosphere for a rock-iron planet in the green zone of 30% CO2, 40% N2, 20% Methane, 1% argon, 4% ammonia, and 5% sulfer dioxide, and life happens to be on it, pre-my linear scaling I can have a planet's atmosphere with 20% O2, 40% N2, and 1% argon. With my scaling, I would generate 20% O2, 78% N2, and 2% argon - pretty close. I also just thought of an alternative method. I call it
  15. Re: Developing Life Oxygen rich is very true. But it's the 14% argon that makes it horribly horribly toxic. For comparison, our atmosphere has little under 1% argon. We have an argon threshold of about 1600 millibar partial pressure of argon. So your right, technically with 14% argon the atmosphere of this theoretical planet needs to be over 11x the atmospheric pressure of Earth for that to be toxic. Oops.
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