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  1. 1 1/2 or 2 wont matter that much as this is an fantasy campain and the extra powers will be realativly small. But good observation. Ok I will do that.
  2. Thanks for interesting answers. I am going to go with the activation type of limitation. Trigger could work but as said earlier it would make it more expensive than just buying extra flat damage. Also I want to avoid using the trigger concept for things other than traps, just to keep things simple for my players. Most of them are new.
  3. Im thinking of making some powers that activate if the players hit their targets with half of what they usually would have had to hit under. So if a player needs 11 or lower to hit the power would activate if they rolled 5 or less. If they needed 14 or less to hit it would activate if they rolled seven or less and so on. These powers would be linked to their weapons attack powers. Basically I am going to make critical hit lists for each weapon they choose and with indivudal power effects for each weapon. Players will usually need 14 or 11 or less to hit regular mooks. And 10 or 8 or less to hit the most skilled opponents.
  4. Some strong contenders here but I dont think Lady in Red have been topped yet.
  5. Hey I was just making fun of how atheism have ironically gotten more religious over the years. Not Usagi or whomever it was.
  6. "Hey guys let me convince you that religion is not rational thought by appeling to your emotions."
  7. As hero gamers we have all tried to convert stuff from other systems into Hero games to "see who is the strongest". And as such I think this is an interesting video comparing Slanessh to Loth. It is not as much of a walkover as you might think at first glance.
  8. The last kingdom is a great TV series. Much better than game of thrones imo. The vikings are portrayed a bit unrealisticly but the story is great.
  9. Ok I gotta admit and come clear about this video. I know the guys that made it. Its their first outing trying to make a podcast/video and I think they did a great job. One thing is that these guys really know the techical side of things but perhaps are a bit naive about the politics of the real world. Any feed back or comment would be greatly aprichated. Me and my buddy have a podcast on the same channel but its in Norwegian so. But Aimtech is a great show I think. Lots of info!
  10. Thats the problem with ALL sci fi, horror and adventure shows now adays. All the crappy soap opera writers finagled themselves jobs in real shows when the soap opera genre died, and they took their crappy values and hack writing style with them. Lost and shows like it only had sci fi elements in it to drag people into seeing their trash drama show in flash back mode. It become really bad now. There are no imagination, interesting concepts are not developed because they writers can only write soap opera, and the writers constantly "fights" against the story.
  11. Critic reviews dont count its unpopular opinions. Its what opinion the main population have that makes it popular or unpopular. Do anyone really care about critics anyway?
  12. I did not like the Boys comic and the TV show is probably garbage too.
  13. I vaguely remember that he would not be as heroic as his previous incarnation was a selling point? Google google google.... Yes I found it! https://io9.gizmodo.com/star-treks-picard-series-will-be-a-psychological-look-a-1834668952 Oh wow this is also on their site.. Wowowow... https://io9.gizmodo.com/the-last-jedi-killed-my-childhood-and-thats-exactly-wh-1821429836 And this! 😵 https://io9.gizmodo.com/the-new-star-trek-show-is-a-chance-to-last-jedi-the-hel-1828200507 This.. Is not going to be good. I mean, Picard was not the most heroic and macho character to begin with so if they are going to deconstruct HIM they are going to really have to dig deep to find authors weapons foul enough to character assassinate him. His highest point was when he defended the rights of AI with his great speech. Maybe they are going to turn him into an AI hater or something?
  14. You cant dive for cover away from ego attacks? That could work very well.
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