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  1. I take that with a pinch of salt. Its pretty obvious that GRRM are passively working against the show at this point. He write other books than the ones that would help the show. He does extremely minimal promotion for the show on his own twitter and keep in mind this is the greatest most expensive TV show of all time. You just dont take time off that to promote your wild card series unless something have gone seriously wrong behind the scenes. That said I think we can leave this particular train of discussion dead since we will get to know the truth sooner or later as contracts run out and silence agreements are voided. Unless both GRRM dies and there is a total Disneyiesce media black out lol.
  2. Well classical fantasy is all about the heroes versus a force and modernist is the heroes versus society. While postmodernism is more subversive deconstruction of modernism stories and tropes. After Game of Thrones show decided to focus on the war for the throne after the undead threat was over I think of it as a modernist narrative but since they had the last episode it became more of a post modernist piece. If it had used the battle for the throne as a distraction from the war against the white walkers but still had a deconstructionist narrative like with the last episode I guess I could call it anti classic? Or atleast a modernist twist on a classical tale.
  3. Squabbles behind the scenes of a huge creative production is par for the course, not a "huge conspiracy" as you imply that I suggest. X-Men the last stand was one of the most vile series of moving pictures I have ever seen. Its downright evil desire to reach what the director saw as an ideal narrative outcome was so foul! So absolutely disgraceful, so utterly contemptible that it sits easy as the worst movie I ever watched in the cinema. The director wanted this "epic", "tragic" and "romantic" scene where Wolverine killing Jean Grey and set up the whole movie to support this end. Off course such an vulgar and immoral story turn can never be properly implemented into the X-men story line. It just goes against the grain of the whole deal. Almost every character is character assassinated, Wolverine kills Jean without trying to finding another solution. Storm of all people are relegated to "wise black person who tells it like it is" role and are used to give blanket approval to the literal gutting of Jean Grey. In fact she demands it! Professor X are turned into a misogynistic scumbag which upon seeing that Jean Grey as a little girl have the power of levitation and is very powerful, Decides to kill her mind and replace the real Jean Grey with a psychic automaton put inside her head! I repeat: For all intents and purposes he KILLS Jean Grey and creates a flesh puppet in her stead. Jean Grey is also character assassinated as her sweetness, kindness and empathy for others are shown to be just a constructed personality created by Professor X and the real Jean Grey is an evil murderer. Why is never explained. And her character assassination is lessened somewhat by the sheer ineptness of this most loathsome script. As we never see the real Jean do anything evil as a child nor has she done anything evil. She lifts some cars and are a bit smug about her power, but she have not actually done anything. So no wonder she is pissed off once her brain patterns regrow and she becomes herself again. Again she is still shown as evil but its not as bad as it is with the professor. In conclusion the director had a hard on for seeing a beautiful woman gutted on screen and tried to make it look as good as possible and tried to bend and twist the story around so it was not actually an evil act. Jean were never the "real" Jean. Wolverine felt really bad about it, Storm were okay with it, they had a come out of the closet because you are actually an beautiful angel subplot while ignoring that ugly mutants also exists and finally they made Rouge give up on her powers and opportunity to help people so that she could enjoy the pleasures of the flesh. And pleasures of the flesh is a bit of a theme here because the director have no empathy or understanding of the fact that women and other people actually have a self or a soul if you want to call it that. To him Jean was just the pleasure she had given others with her company. The fact that it was a psychic construct made by Professor X made no difference because no soul or individual have any value except what the director finds pleasure in. So if its a real person or a stepford wife is same deal for him. He does not see the difference. And that is one of the cornerstones of being evil. You dont see other people as valuable individuals. Just as flesh puppets. I see it more as a cynical use of fantasy tropes to trick people into watching a post modernist deconstruction of the genre.
  4. All I read from that was "I need more weed gimme a research grant"
  5. Its the nickname for the show runners. After the author left the show (or got squeezed out if my guess is right.) I think they are aiming towards the same ending like Xmen the last stand.
  6. Someone should tell D&D that X-men the last stand was the worst of the Xmen movies, worst of the superhero movies. Worst, not best.
  7. Arya is not an Mary Sue the reason some might think so is that she is no longer written by the real author but some corporate "idea men" after they pushed him out of the series. The writing is no longer as tight as it were. And people notice.
  8. Crowbar Mattock Hatchet Machete Bush hook (two handed) Giant wooden mallet One handed drill (Looks a bit like a cork remover for wine bottles) Mortar mixer
  9. Its not a combat weapon its made to execute the helpless and dying to spare them pain. Just give it deadly blow with the gestures, only on the helpless and extra time limitation. To use it as a combat weapon in grappling you just let it be an regular dagger and make it so that regular daggers are to thick to be able to be pressured through the eye hole in the knights helmet. We are talking about a called shot to the eye so you gotta be pretty good even if you have a dominant grappling position advantage.
  10. I discussed this subject with a friend of mine who like and watch this show a lot more than me. And I were surprised over how divided we were on one important subject. It was not who should kill who and who or what tactics were stupid or anything like that but rather the arch of the show. I wanted the dead to be the final enemy while my friend wanted Cerci to be the final enemy. I wanted a story which would explore if humanity have the ability to stand together no matter how much blood have been spilled between them in an effort to stave off certain death. Off course how that would come about would be very tense and dramatic after all that have happened and its not a sure thing that such an alliance would hold at all. Alternatively I would like to see them defeating Queen Cerci first be it as a living human or maybe she become a undead ice Queen of some kind. Before they took on the "main enemy" My point is not how it would happen or one of my ideas being cooler than another but that I never even considered that the undead plague would be an "hurdle on the road" towards Cerci. My friend saw it very differently he was glad the undead were killed off and he would have liked it to happen a lot sooner and get all the "magic stuff" out of the show to focus on the violent soap opera that is the house politics in game of thrones. He felt that Cerci deserves to be the main villain and the main conflict to resolve the shows final episodes. He also liked the intrigues of game of thrones a lot more than the fantasy elements (which is why he is a bigger fan of the show than me). His opinion made sense to me, who always felt that Martin used the undead, John Snow and the fantasy elements as "bait" to get us to want to read what he really wanted to write about. Which is why I never finished the first book nor read any others. I think this is indicative of a song of ice and fires success. That he managed to hook readers who like classic works and also people who like modern work. And no matter what way they had gone they would have faced backlash from one of the camps. So my question to the thread is: What do you like best? A strange supernatural enemy or an human one? What is the most satisfying to fight in games and or read about in books or see in shows? For me its the monsters all the way. This do NOT mean I dont want intrigue and conflict in between humans or stuff like that, quite to contrary I think it can add a lot to the drama. But what is it for you?
  11. Well that is the main draw of panting.
  12. It seems that the guy is dead. Thats a shame. His deviant art gallery is just a couple of pictures and I cant find any other galleries by him.
  13. I always imagined dragons to have an amazing sense of smell.
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