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  1. Maybe they will let him not have pancakes in his pants while he wrestles now.
  2. In the movie Starlord were just some goof that fell into different adventures and had to be saved by his friends all the time. His chief virtue was that: "He is not a complete dick". Starlords iconic status (if it is iconic at all) only exist to us the viewers, the rest of the universe sees him as a nuisance. Its not exactly a role that needs to be filled in the eyes of the people. This is a step down for the Black Panther character who popularity is about him being an African high tech king and hero. With the whole lost world aesthetic going on. If anything him going to space should lead to a Wakandan space empire like they have in the comics, not him being a rouge trading adventurer! No matter how much more successful he is at it than Quill was. Because Quill kinda suck. He has lots of flaws. His approach if you can even call it that have nothing in common with Tchalla at all and those two would definitively not go on similar paths. Black Panther in space should be something way grander and more epic than just "same as Quill but more successful". I cant get over the fact that this is just executives playing around with different brands. And I tell you something else. While "What if" had lots of good stories over the years they also had a lot of bad and I think this "what if blue hat man put on a red hat" kind of approach to stories infected the mainstream comics too and made them worse. Time travel- Alternative dimensions - Alternative timelines - All mean two things. We are going away from the streets. "The world outside your window" and we are just getting the same characters over and over again just in different variations. These two factors wounded the comics long before the usual suspects came along to finish them off. A wound I suspect did a lot more damage than the casual observer thinks.
  3. In my fantasy campaign I add some extra pd to padded just to stop blunt and impact damage like that. Lots of good thoughts here, I think in general that padded armour is indeed underated.
  4. I hope its not going to get to cutsey lol. In any case if they make one good game and setting that is all that are needed since it like all other marvel properties will be discontinued and or replaced sooner or later. Its the quality that matters. I would like it to be richly illustrated of both the world and characters and have those cut out things where you have the hero on one side and their stats on the other. Oh and keep the Beyonder out of the game please lol.
  5. In most rpg systems I seen padded armour is almost nothing. Except maybe in the Hero system which is why I put this in general role playing. While padded armour is pretty much a thick mattress topper wrapped around you its still a lot better than nothing. Imagine if you are hit with a spiked club or a sword or whatever. You would be grateful for that mattress topper between the weapon and your body then! Further more while lots of armours would certainly save your life if hit it would often not save you from getting taking an injury to the point of not being able to fight. And that is what the padded armour does. It has the potential to save your life if you are hit with a sword, club or other implement of destruction. I think padded armour is a lot closer to other types of armour in usefulness than most games give them credit for. As in most other games I seen padded armour is just a joke or worse it actually hinders your movement so much you are better off (having a better armour class) without it. I think padded armour is vastly underrated as the difference in having padded armour and nothing at all is insurmountably greater than the difference between padded and plate and chain in my opinion. Atlest in Hero you do get to take away that one point in damage and the player would be grateful for that.
  6. I was thinking the same thing. It get more hints to D%D after a while with some numbers and how people deal with diffrent stuff.
  7. It took me two tries to get into it. I saw it first and then thought it was to weird but then a while after I gave it another shot and watched the whole first season. It just got better as soon I got over the hump of it being puppets.
  8. Thanks Ternaugh! That page show the newest that I have not seen but if you click "oldest" you will get to the first season which I seen.
  9. Taiwanese puppet shows! That is where its at now. There is this Taiwanese/Japanese co production of puppets called Thunderbolt Fantasy. Its really good. I seen first season and it rocked. I skipped the music intro the first times I watched the show because it was a bit much. But the show itself is awesome. I got used to music after a while. Taiwanese puppet shows is the new cool thing.
  10. Give all magic easy to dispell disadvantage and then keep the rules as is if some really heavy hitter casts magic.
  11. Its youtubes lack of taste and decorum combined with the relentless and incessant stupidity of twitter. A potent stew of evil and depravity indeed.
  12. More dudes watched Captain Marvel than women and more women than men whatched Aquaman. If you want women audience have men with abs take their shirt off. (Glittering and superpowers helps too) If you want men to watch your movie have some action and a sexy woman in it. (Even if you have to hire a butt double)
  13. I dont trust my pieces of meat to the warm orange hurt thing. It might boil the blood and drive the souls out of the prey.
  14. So what happned? What about the creepy guy who were trying to make her hit girl? Did he roll back on the sex jokes? How did it go with the child psychologist? Did they get along?
  15. You never gotten a recommendation? Not Astro city? Not Sin City? Not books of Magic? Not Watchmen? Not kingdom come? Not Killing joke? Not the Kraven saga? Nothing? Nothing at all?
  16. It does not count. Gail Simone has written almost everything and its always the same. She was absolutely right about women in refrigerators and an important voice in comics, but as an author she have had little impact. When was the last time you heard someone recommend or even talk about a comic story by her without mentioning her name? Better yet when did you read a Gail Simone story that you cared about? People care more about her as a person than they care about her as an author imo. Sure he was clueless but he kinda proves the point.
  17. So how did it go? How did the players take it? Presuming they found out in the first place. It would be interesting with an update.
  18. Dog doubter. Its a populist movement that believe in the conspiracy theory that there are no dogs in the world. Any dogs you see and or have met is a cgi simulation or a cleverly disguised very small horse. They been catching on youtube and I did not believe them at first but after listening to a couple of thousands of videos I am starting to think they have a point. There are just to many things that dont add up. Why does all dogs have four legs just like horses do? How are big dog food involved? Why does so many politician like dogs?
  19. A couple of years ago there were virus on this page but it seems safe now. Very useful for me as I dont know much about guns. http://www.imfdb.org/wiki/Main_Page Want to know what kind of cool gun someone used in that movie that time? This place got it.
  20. Maybe overcome would be a better word? In any case she would be the one handing out the beating on the demon that possessed her.
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