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  1. So how did it go? How did the players take it? Presuming they found out in the first place. It would be interesting with an update.
  2. Dog doubter. Its a populist movement that believe in the conspiracy theory that there are no dogs in the world. Any dogs you see and or have met is a cgi simulation or a cleverly disguised very small horse. They been catching on youtube and I did not believe them at first but after listening to a couple of thousands of videos I am starting to think they have a point. There are just to many things that dont add up. Why does all dogs have four legs just like horses do? How are big dog food involved? Why does so many politician like dogs?
  3. A couple of years ago there were virus on this page but it seems safe now. Very useful for me as I dont know much about guns. http://www.imfdb.org/wiki/Main_Page Want to know what kind of cool gun someone used in that movie that time? This place got it.
  4. Maybe overcome would be a better word? In any case she would be the one handing out the beating on the demon that possessed her.
  5. I think it would perhaps be the most fun for your players that she is possessed and that they somehow can help her "beat" her possession somehow.
  6. Robin does save Batmans ass a couple of times though. So buying him as a dnpc would be cheating. Basically any players who insist on giving their dnpc's weapons or gear and having them travel with them are probably powergamers and min maxers.
  7. Yeah Aragorn from games of thrones. Remember him? He used the glaive to save baby Garfield from the Gorgs. lol! I meant Aragorn from Lord of the rings and Samwise from Game of thrones just in case someone reads this and dont know what I am writing about. Thia Halmades: Yes the players will get to unlock the archetypes during play its not something they have to choose when they start to play. They would not even know what to choose. Its supposed to be a prize. Also Kage sound like gold. That type of style and flair is what I like in pcs. Spence
  8. They are already paying with their flesh and blood. WWE can go to hell!
  9. Ok to address your criticisms of the heroic archetypes I made up. The refined hero can both be an mentor and an apprentice and in general they will often be in such roles. But they can also just be people who value civilization and human rights. Im thinking guys like Obi Wan from Star Wars. Or Rey also from Star Wars. Picard from Star trek maybe? Aragorn and Samwise from game of thrones. Only seen some episodes of that series. Refined heroes can be everything from an retired general who try to tell young up and comers to calm their passions or a travailing barber woman
  10. Thanks for good feedback all. First to the point that you as a player would feel enclosed in having to take this heroic archetype. Well the hero aspect is already solved I did the super trick and talked to my players before the campaign and got them to play heroes. I dont want to bore you with details of my fantasy campaign but I guess I have to explain a little. Its made to have an beginning a middle and an end and the campaign world is in an dangerous situation which only the heroes can stop. So I asked my players to play heroes and they agreed. It is a sand box and th
  11. I am not arguing against you Archer I am just flabbergasted by the sheer evil on display here by the WWE. I get its legal if they were employees. But they are independent contractors and artists at that. So they cant do side gigs? In any case them not outlawing it but wanting a cut is what really makes this immoral. Either its damaging to your brand or its not. This is extortion. "You want to keep your job, you better give us the money from your other job.." I usually fall for temptation and rent the network when Royal Rumble times comes around and then unsub when they do
  12. Is that legal in USA, they are independent contractors are they not? I know they probably signed a contract of some kind but would not a contract like this be illigal?
  13. Hello everyone. I am GM'ing a Fantasy hero game and are always looking for stuff to let my players spend points on. I been toying with an idea for Heroic archetypes that players can buy to difference them from each other and have as a reward for great role playing. Like they have to had fulfilled this or that heroic ideal to be able to take one of these abilities. And I would like some feedback on if this is a good idea, if the types I chosen is any good and if the abilities I chose for each archetype is worth the point cost. As for the archetypes I did want
  14. Steal the relic that the cultists need to summon the entetiy and replace it with a copy.
  15. Yes the storm is going to be eight meters around the pc's if I that is fair to put the minus to hit on arrows coming in to it. The minus 2 was a bit much I double checked and it said -1. But I think I am going to go with -2. And I am the GM lol! I think I might have been wrong thinking that the change enviroment cost should pay for covering the shooters as well as those that are shot at. Yes hole in the middle and tk is coming up on the higher grades of the power.
  16. Well to affect the people shooting the change environment would need to be large enough to cover them right? Or is it enough to to just buy eight meter radius (four inch hexes) around them for the minus to hit on shots to have effect, since the missiles goes into the windstorm? Or is that cheesy?
  17. A player would like to build a power that creates a windstorm around him that makes him and his friends more difficult to hit. I would like this power to have more than one level so he can buy more powerful versions later on. I know that storms can give muscle powered ranged weapons -2 to hit and that would be pretty balanced but change enviroment is insanly costly and since he would like to have this as storm around him and his friends I dont know its worth the cost. Especally since force wall are so much cheaper.
  18. Well that is the point. People make up their own version of elves so it is okay to dislike them. Tolkien the creator of orcs were a World war one veteran. He saw the futility of total war and were naturally enough inclined to promote the idea that peace and kindness were the way for humanity to survive. I say this to put this notion in context: You can just as well see the strong as people who force others to adapt to them. Changing and adapting is not really about strength but about surviving. Which is the orcs weak spot. Orchish lives mean nothing to them. Victory for the dark
  19. True like most of the problems in dnd it can be laid at Gygax feet. Arnson were more palatable but he had also his own ideas about race. As for evil I figured people never talked about nor thought of themselves as evil. Off course since most dnd player think of evil pretty much as black plate armour, and being feared is cool. that went out of the window pretty early. Blunders like aligment languages did not help. Then you have pathfinder who are working around the clock to make lawful evil into the new good. They say lawful evil is actually people who are willing to sacrifice every
  20. Aryan is ancient tribe of people from India. Hitler just stole the term togheter with the sun cross because he thought it was cool. Also you mean Aryan in the hitler term which means white not drow black, purple, grey, blue or whatever dnd use for drow skin now adays. Which makes no sense no matter from what angle I am looking at your argument in. Furthermore the evil of drows are because of their evil goddess and their matriarchal rule. Black matriarchs are not the same as the hitler youth. I seen this attitude in lots of players both online and off line. Orcs and other
  21. Oh one more thing lol. Instead of fixing their main books Wizard are going to sell another book which tells players how to "fix" a problem wizards created in the first place LOL!
  22. Back in the day when my first game master showed me the dnd stats for "orc" and told me what it meant he said "and this is alignment. This orc is chaotic" then I asked "do all orcs have to be chaotic?" and he said "You can do as you want" And that was that. I never used the alignment system for races to any degree other than a vague suggestion. And I have never met any gamers who have. But I have met many who enjoy playing the misunderstood good member of an scary but powerful race of beings. Which is something I think dnd can hold on to for new editions of the game as the misunder
  23. The hitler meme is from something disturbing too. Making disturbing things into jokes is a way to deal with it. The greedy merchant stereotype could fit in everywhere. In fact this is the first I heard of it as Jewish. Maybe it was because it was a such a weird alien that we did not see any human cultural traits in it.
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