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  1. Anyone else have trouble with glass cannon syndrome? It seems everywhere I look there are pc's and npc's who would go down if they get stunned for a round twice in a row. In fact the system encourages imo making high dex hard hitting characters or at best an controller of sorts. I kinda miss the human tank arch type who could take a lot of hits, get stunned for a round a couple of times but suddenly get back up if the enemy missed or wiffed an shot.
  2. If you have "nature hulk" orcs like in world of warcraft I would go with a high risk and hard hitting axe and shield style. Wild swing, martial dodge, offensive block and so on. For their fist martial art they use between themselves I would use some kind of kickboxing or tae known do. A mix of the most hard hitting parts would do. As for Tolkien orcs like we saw in Shadow of Mordor or other "war clone orcs" I would go with no martial art for most orcs as they preferred method would be to push an opponent down so they could step on his neck or swing a enemy around so they could sta
  3. So what are you guys feelings on the Suicide Squad? http://www.hottopic.com/ht-fashion/suicide-squad-lookbook/ I am starting to feel like an hipster comic book fan. "I liked comics before it was cool." "Yeah, this book is a comic called the Marquis. You probably never heard of it.. And the correct term is graphic novel uh-huumm?"
  4. Well to be fair a Nato without USA is a scary prospect for all Nato countries.
  5. I think the author wants to stretch the dnd alignment system to the max in every direction to tell his story. Problem is that as soon as you start thinking about the alignment system the whole thing falls apart. I sure hope he is not trying to deconstruct it.
  6. I was thinking more of the psychological impact of not being alive not as much the corrupting force of negative energy. He always been a mind over feelings guy so now that he has lost his physical form he is loosing whatever empathy he had?
  7. Roy's dad is getting worse and worse though. It might being an undead that is making him less human and more evil. Same thing happened to Xyzon. He has always been a douche though.
  8. Yes I forgot about Scarlet Witch! And Ant Man too lol. She could do some stuff to even out the score.
  9. I am a bit worried about Captain America Civil war. A couple of points that are not in the movies favour. 1: Civil war the comic series was bad. 2: Robert Downey Jr. is very popular and famous and the Iron Man franchise is bigger than the Captain America franchise this probably will lead to Iron Man being much more level headed and sympathetic in the movie version. Not that that is a bad thing but usually how Hollywood does it is that they make one guy look good by making his opposition look worse then him. Like Batman vs Superman they made Superman into a doofus just to make Batman
  10. I get the feeling there are massive creative differences backstage. Off course I can only speculate but it seems to me that there are someone who wants Roman to look really strong. But there are also some who wants him to look like a chump and a looser who have gotten everything handed to him. And I think the first one are the ones giving the orders and the second ones are the one who implement them. So as a result we have Roman being shown as a bad ass against audience favorites then taken out of the match only to come back in later to mop up the guys who are tired and spent. And the hee
  11. Fifty shades of dark champions? I dont really see the point of having the heroine be subservient or mind broken at all. Much easier way is to let the crime lord have a hostage. That way she would have to do some dirty things to keep the hostage alive.
  12. I dont know wcw43921. It came off as a bit corny to me. Walking dead has kind of gotten hit and miss lately, with a lot more focus on gore and fan service than actual horror. There are still good bits here and there though.
  13. I saw it but I dont think these litte guys are the same as the (also very cool) grådværger/vetter/tusser/goblins we saw in that film.
  14. Vetter? Vettar? They are cool in any case. I would watch this movie in a heartbeat if it exited.
  15. What is this from? Please be a movie please be a movie please be a movie..
  16. Daniel Bryan might be a better wrestler but he never got buried so hard as Zack Ryder. That burial was brutal!
  17. BOOOOOOOOOOO EVerything! Royal rumble is over and Bryan lost his feud with the Wyaytts and Cena is their next target. The old age outlaws are the new tag team champions and are back as faces. The Lesnar vs Big Show match was just Lesnar beating down Big Show with a chair before the match started and Big Show gave Lesnar a knockout punch then the result of that were that the WHOLE match were just them staggering about, selling their injuries making for a looong slooow match. I just wanted it to end.. Then Orton and Cena had the match of the night. Yes I am serious despite certain e
  18. The Metro game uses bullets as currency.
  19. Looking through the viewfinder allows the user to see ghosts and also see through ghostly illusions. The ghosts are invisible and desolid but their power is bought with the not vs whatever magic that powers the Camera Obscura The Camera sports a special filament that glows blue in the presence of benign ghosts or illusions, and red in the presence of hostile ghosts. Camera Obscura has mind reading emotional states only vs ghosts only By snapping pictures of a ghost, the Camera damages them, and if they are defeated, ghosts are (literally) captured on its film. In the games, film serv
  20. It just seems that the villians gets the best moments, it works in a story to some extent but in an rpg it would be like your are surrounded by GM-pets npc.
  21. I have them have less body but non ablative armour (exept on the head) at the same amount so its pretty much the same. The half hit location penalties is a great idea. I would also add that they can be stunned for a round just not knocked out to make them feel less robotic.
  22. As much fun Order of the stick is I am kind of glad I dont play in such a campaign.
  23. He would be a broad set of Ks, and he would be bought with the incantations limitation to simulate the other characters gaining this knowledge by talking to him. Unless he can move around by himself then he would have a body score but would have solidification and he could only be hurt/stopped by things that could hurt disembodied spirits like special kinds of magic and such.
  24. I usually make the thugs as weak as to be taken out of action by one hero attack or two. One important thing is to keep things realistic is to use ego roll rules to see if the thugs stop fighting and goes into shock if they are injured. It is also possible to decide that the thugs automatically fail their ego roll if faced with superhero resistance. I have a lot of re usable npc characters but for simplicity sake I will cover the three main types of thugs. Punk: These guys are young, weak and stupid. They are pretty fast though and their inexperience can actually make them more dangero
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