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  1. Lots of good thoughts here and you have a solid grasp on what you want to do. But I think one of the great things about the Hero system is that its ruleset allows for nearly infinite details on each individual character or creature as desired. So you can have some undead that can bleed (Vampires) or oozes with hitlocations (an alien blob with an brain) or any other mix and match of abilities and powers so while I think this is great for having a feel for different creatures types I would not add it to any rules.
  2. I am glad that Durkon have managed to hold on to his Dwarfality, when Malak got introduced I was afraid of him returning posthumously to his home meant he would go there with Malak and kill them all.
  3. http://www.deviantart.com/art/The-Raid-Redemption-390197477 A nice urban "mood" piece.
  4. Did I miss something or do we not know what the Priest of Nergal did when Nale was nine years old?
  5. Need some generic soldiers? http://wi-flip-ff.deviantart.com/art/Generic-Soldiers-Galore-371420430
  6. Odd that I could see my post from 2013 on the first page of this thread. Anyway some intense action and its great that he publish more often now I have a reason to visit his webpage every day. As for the story I am not entirely happy but it depends on how it progress with the next confrontation.
  7. I can see my own post but the last post before that is from 07??
  8. Okay I can only see one page on this thread and the last post is from 07. I wonder if I can see my own post? Anyway I am really happy the series is picking up steam.
  9. Re: Order of the Stick He does not loose any levels. However being turned undead will not really benefit him that much combat wise especially if Durkon is around.
  10. Re: Rogues...and Soldiers...and Assassins...and...Gallery (Dark Champions Art) http://apneicmonkey.deviantart.com/art/Nuclear-Dawn-Consortium-262676741 A great high tech team!
  11. Re: Cool concepts for your games. Well for ideas you can just "tarnish" the silver, like the Jack Rabbit dude could be like the Joker or Bolo and Jack be nimble could more gritty. There also are The Harbringer, Mastermind, Night stick, Rat king. Death Ray and Beautiful Grim would need work to work in a silver age campaign. And even if some does not work their costumes could work, Whipper and Snapper for example? Steal ideas mix and match bend and blend.
  12. This guy have a lot of imagination! http://365supers.blogspot.no/
  13. Re: Rogues...and Soldiers...and Assassins...and...Gallery (Dark Champions Art) This concept is very cool but somewhat out there..
  14. Re: A Thread for Random Videos It takes some time to get started but when it starts its funny.
  15. Re: A Thread for Random Videos It takes some time to get started but when it starts its funny.
  16. Re: Rogues...and Soldiers...and Assassins...and...Gallery (Dark Champions Art) http://leopardsnow.deviantart.com/art/Character-Line-335432435 Press download on the right with this one: http://leopardsnow.deviantart.com/art/Soldiers-335498378 http://leopardsnow.deviantart.com/art/Gangster-Rio-336143598
  17. Re: So You Wake Up In The Hospital They were all a part of an experiment to test out a new sleeping drug or something like that.
  18. Re: Mega-damage, bit by bit Depends on the tone of the campaign. Personally I am seeing players making glass cannon characters all the time and just whine and complain if something manages to hit them. To manage overkill on the added skills levels you just have to put your foot down and create some campaign guidelines ala the rule of x. Also to avoid players characters using called shots on the big bosses, consider adding a power to your game called "alert warrior" or something where the ability gives the characters in question a bonus to dcv only against called shots. There are ways
  19. Re: Carrion Demon Cool monster, the backstory is good and the painting is very good. Can you drain ocv and dcv directly now in sixth edition?
  20. Re: Order of the Stick Cant he get someone else to draw the comic while he writes it?
  21. Re: Using Hero System for Zombie Survival Horror 1: Head shots have a tendency to be a little to easy in the source material lol but I get your point. If you remember the post here. Also the zombies in my campaing can be stunned although they take no stun damage. Also I give them very low body stats compared to how big they are to simulate that they easy to maim. 2: The zombies must grab the victim before they bite down on it so the first attack will never kill, and I think that its "fair" to the players that the zombie get a bite attack if the players have not broken contact
  22. Re: Fantasy Hero Companion: Heavy Fighters You cant call them knight or samurai for they especially the samurai in the later periods fought without armour as well it is a social class as well as a warrior caste. Using a generic term in game for showing the differences in fighting styles is not a prefect solution but its better with a little flavor than nothing. I strongly suggest you do not use a technically sounding term like heavy fighter when you are trying to sell your game to your players, at least use heavy infantryman or heavy infantry fighter. It gotta sound cool.
  23. Re: Fantasy Hero Companion: Heavy Fighters I suggest you call "heavy fighter" Warrior and "light fighter" fighter.
  24. Re: Destroy Your Geek Cred!! Deep breath: I dont like Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Too much tounge in cheek irony funny ha-ha stuff. There I said it.
  25. Re: LEGIONS OF HELL Now Available! Is it illustrated?
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