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  1. Speaking of listening to academics who both argue sense and have the experience and education to back it up. https://www.heritage.org/election-integrity/commentary/potential-fraud-why-mail-elections-should-be-dead-letter Yet when you go to wikipeida he is labeled "alarmist" a vague yet threatening term that will create an emotional response rather than a rational one. There are off course nothing to back that accusation up except for some referrals to news sites and on those news sites gives nothing substantial. Off course there are a threat of unprecedented voter
  2. Hopefully things will improve soon.
  3. Atleast they admit what they are and set themselves up for counter arguments that can be taken seriously.
  4. Ok I am done anyway I am going to go for a walk and have an ice cream. Sorry for getting ranty but there is a lot of negativity going around.
  5. Touche. But I will point out that there re some differences. I am just a guy on a forum he has a whole set up created by staff and designers to make him look like an authority on whatever subject he will talk about this time. And I am taken to task by you guys. While his program and his message is designed to have him be met by delighted laughter and clapping. Giving us the viewer a subconscious message of him being "the leader of the pack" and someone to be listened to. While my posts are an invitation to come up with some counter argument. What really really burns m
  6. No they do enough research to say whatever they want to imply, or what mood they want to create or what spiel they want to throw at you sound plausible but they are not journalists because they dont care about truth they only care about the SEMBLANCE of truth a veneer that they can sell to people who like to sound smart. And then you add the comedy as an convenient absolution of responsibility and you have a social disaster. It brought Donald Trump into the white house and it created the idea that every American lives in an action movie and no matter what you do it is justifiable because you a
  7. Half truths do have a kernel of truth. But by setting himself up as an authority in practice but not in a manner that makes him take any responsibility for what he is saying because he is "just a comedian" have a long term negative effect that cannot be ignored! Enough already! This guy can take his sanctimonious lying ass straight to hell for all I care! And you know who can join him? Those low brow but try to feign wisdom by saying the most obvious truisms guys who run the South Park show! Sure they are right about a lot of stuff just like this comedian but when everything is drenched i
  8. This is no longer true. The population have shifted thanks to immigration. The biggest cities have districts that non whites are in the super majority. Adding to different culture you also have language barriers and other things. Training, funding and massive democratic oversight is absolutely necessary. And defending the police and leave the law to local councils who select themselves would be disaster. Even here however police violence can be a thing. Once a guy almost died from being chocked out but the police did not how to do cpr and managed to save his life. He lost 35 percent worki
  9. Also a quick note. Defunding the police makes it even more corrupt and ineffective. And more attractive for racists and other power trippers to dominate as they are the only ones interested in working there. The reason Norway and Scandinavia in general have less police brutality than the rest of the world is because they are funded and trained extensively. Even so people still die as some have psychotic episodes and or are high on drugs and have illnesses that can be deadly in stressful situations. But better trained police makes them better at handling and more importantly i
  10. Sorry that is getting an automatic downvote. The reason USA is in the dire straights it is in is that you started to listen to comedians take on politics instead of academics in the first place. Even if what that chuckleduck is saying is true its part of the problem. He should hide in shame not talk. He ruined a country. Edit: Not alone obviously.
  11. Grant is generally seen as a heroic figure over here. And personally I think of him as a hero of his time and also the first modern general.
  12. Yes. He is done. Video evidence is overwhelming and politicians from all sides are demanding swift justice.
  13. I suspect they will step forward either this time or next time in an attempt to assume control. I remember the Rodney King riots that seemed more organic. The media writings the riots it all seems staged now. Especially since everyone across political lines condemn the murder and wants the murderer judged as soon as possible. Off course a protest must be organized but the riots this time. I dont know man. People trying to hand out bricks? Obama writing an article that says these riots might be a turning point? The turning point already happened. The murderer got caught. This
  14. I count that as dont use the. Feel free to click the poll.
  15. Hello I was wondering if you read the CBR site, and if you do how do you read it? Do you read their news or editorials/articles or do you mostly use the forums? If I did it right you should be able to vote for each thing you use it for. I read news there when they show up in google searches and I try to skim the forums a couple of times per year to see what people are talking about.
  16. The dragon would immediately attack. Imagne if a group of mice brandishing needles and small pieces of sharp glass came into your room wearing full Leatherface get up.
  17. Ok here is how I do it. Stats are the same, charisma becomes presence. For body I give the monsters 8 plus hit dice but every number of 8's above eight is halved. So a creature with 1 hit dice would have 9 body and a creature with 8 hit dice has 16 body. A creature with 12 hit dice would have 20 body and a creature with 16 hit dice would have 24 body, because the first 8 are added and the next number after that is halved. A creature with 18 hit dice would have 25 and a creature with 24 hit dice would have 26 body. I halve this number for small creatures and add five for large
  18. But what if the attack roll is not enough to get the second and third hit? In any case this is what I got so far. The players have not bought the powers yet so I have not had any chance to in game test it. Slashing: +2dc +2 HTH for rest of the turn vs that opponent. Chopping: Armour piercing advantage on up to 15dc damage. Smashing: +1 stunX and +1 HTH for the rest of the turn vs that opponent. (+3d6 and +1 HTH if the smashing weapon does normal damage) Tearing: Penetrating advantage on up to 15dc damage. Pi
  19. 1 1/2 or 2 wont matter that much as this is an fantasy campain and the extra powers will be realativly small. But good observation. Ok I will do that.
  20. Thanks for interesting answers. I am going to go with the activation type of limitation. Trigger could work but as said earlier it would make it more expensive than just buying extra flat damage. Also I want to avoid using the trigger concept for things other than traps, just to keep things simple for my players. Most of them are new.
  21. Im thinking of making some powers that activate if the players hit their targets with half of what they usually would have had to hit under. So if a player needs 11 or lower to hit the power would activate if they rolled 5 or less. If they needed 14 or less to hit it would activate if they rolled seven or less and so on. These powers would be linked to their weapons attack powers. Basically I am going to make critical hit lists for each weapon they choose and with indivudal power effects for each weapon. Players will usually need 14 or 11 or less to hit regular mooks. And 10 or 8 or
  22. Some strong contenders here but I dont think Lady in Red have been topped yet.
  23. Hey I was just making fun of how atheism have ironically gotten more religious over the years. Not Usagi or whomever it was.
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