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  1. No problem with the side point. I would disagree however with the argument that a superhero horror is as valid as a comedy. Because horror movies genre already have superpowerd beings. The monsters. Dracula, Werewolves and other monster movies have a superpowerd creature attacking regular humans, either it wins or the humans finds it weakness and defeat it. So this movie is going to be a super kid killing people until someone discover kryptonite or just calms him down. Keep in mind that you have to sit and watch for an hour or more just to see this play out. The
  2. What are you arguing against here? Why should a Superman movie where he is not evil be a comedy? Hope is subversive only in social situations where the powers that be want you to be without hope. Hope in itself is positive and uplifting. Not subversive. Why should superheroes selling big or being big in public consciousness somehow make interpreting this sadness irrelevant? Your right about Dr Who being of patchy quality but that is how that series has always been. It all depends on the writer. That said what we are complaining about is the sad
  3. Looks really bad. Sure another deconstruction of the superhero genre might attract the usual suspects but you will have to actually sit there for an hour+ watching it. And from the way the trailer was paced I am guessing that they put all the action parts in it. The rest of the movie is probably just filler.
  4. Rip British Bulldog. If you want to see the end station for steroid use look at how he spent the latter part of his life.
  5. Turn people to zero dcv basically?
  6. I was wondering how you would build the effect of smelling terrible smell from dead bodies or from zombies? Anyone who have opned a refigiator that have been without power for a couple of days know how such stench can drain you of energy and breath but let me tell you its nothing compared to the real deal. Once when I was on a school trip in Denmark we came across a dead pig out in the countryside. It was like being hit in the face by a giant fist! Normal function was not possible. So how to do this in realistic rules?
  7. If Thanos could control reality he would not have to kill half the universe. One punch is all it takes. Thanos would be wise to just stay away from Saitama. Its not like Saitama could stop him kill half of earth anyway, hell he probably would not even notice unless he had shopping to do that day.
  8. Those guys are really cool. I like the first one he looks like a great character and the pad he is holding hints to his skill set. But the face is what really stands out he looks like he is tough like Bronson! The martial artist guy looks really cool as well. His face and pose fits the whole "Still waters defeats the raging current" bit and the cool style combined with the level of detail is just wow! The embroidery on his chest is out of this world! Such detail and such awesome design as well. The last guy is cool as well. Fun choice of suit colours and the way he is holding a completely regu
  9. That guy would be a good James Bond villain. Exept he is maybe a bit to over the top compared to todays more realistic James Bond movies. Artstation is great. I found lots of pictures there. The I try to gather pictures after a theme here so to be useful as Dark Champions npcs. You know for when people have little time.
  10. A goblin in a bar leaned over to the person next to it and said: "Do you want to hear an Ulronai joke?" The man looked down on the little goblin and said: "You could do that, but I warn you I am chief assassin among all the Ulronai, the seven foot guy besides me is the greatest warrior among the Ulronai and the guy besides him is the darkest and most powerful warlock and curse bringer among all of the Urlonai. Now are you SURE you want to tell me an Ulronai joke?" "Nah" said the goblin. "To much work having to explain the joke three times.."
  11. Today some gunslingers. Thugs, hitmen, enforcers or hired guns call em what you want. Point is that they fight with guns and are not armoured like mercs. Cool guy. Another cool guy. Too heroic looking maybe? Another gun slinger. This character is really fun. He looks like a Tank!
  12. Rifle man Shotgunner Another shooter Heavy trooper. Maybe too sci fi? This one even more Sniper Soldier Hmm maybe to heroic looking? Flame thrower Ho ho ho hooooh ha hahah haha. Another guy that might be too heroic looking? Generic soldier dude. To finish the day off here is a link to some mercinaries suitable
  13. Some more military looking guys. Mercs maybe? This guy could fill many roles, good guy, bad guy everything in between. Bit of a bad guy look. Maybe a bounty hunter as well as a mercenary? Flame thrower merc? Be careful if you use a flame thrower guy. Give the players plenty of forewarning before combat. Heavy gunner Wilderness survival guy. "Its not Rambo, this guy got an eye patch." Guy I forgot to post yesturday but he can also be a mercenary grou
  14. Now its Halloween time so its time for the psycho killers to hit the streets and paint the town red. Or maybe this guy is out in the sticks somewhere.. Here is his big buddy! Bit more urban this masked killer. Looks like he is ready to hunt. Here is another. Pretty damm scary. Another psycho killer Hey buddy... Can.. I.. ax you a question? heh heh heh For some reason one scenario my players never grows tired off is the "The play
  15. Ok for todays fill we bring some more intellectual looking characters. Useful for being masterminds or informants, sages or npc's etc. Professor or military man? Maybe both? Journalist or mad bomber? Maybe both? Mad scientist or some kind of cultist? Maybe both? Detective or martial artist trainer? Maybe both? Retired spy or fact researcher? Psyco killer or street doc? Moral guardian and player character support or predator in sheep clothing?
  16. Thanks to EveTheShadowFox for sharing her character with us. But on with the pictures I found. Dual six guns but modern. Very dangerous. Another dangerous looking character. Heavily armoured he probably wont walk around the street but probably will be sent after a specific target.
  17. Wow! That is an great character! Interesting powerset as well. Cool stuff!
  18. This is a cool character Look at this guy over here. His physical appearance and choice of weapon shows a story all of his own lol. Bit of a sci fi aesthetic but still viable. Notice the armband. Some kind of millitia maybe? Very fun looking character Only got one eye. Check out the tats man! Again I try to not put in too heroic looking characters but I think this guy could work as a villian too. Maybe he is forced to attack the pc's or something.
  19. No I dont see that. These outfits have long black coats with a sleek look to it. The longcoats gives allusions to the nazis of World War 2 and the sleekness shows that their uniforms are designed with the idea of creating an image. Swat on the other hand are usually dressed in utilitarian clothing. Lots of pockets. Helmets with great visibility, body armour etc. And they certainty dont weigh them selves down with long coats and care very little about image. Off course this utilitarian style have an style all of its own. But it is quite different. And over time pop
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