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  1. Hello I just bought the hero designer program. I had bought it once before on another computer and then I did not have a problem starting it. Now however after I unpackaged it there is no program that works. Nothing happens when I click the icons. What to do?
  2. Weird dogs. https://clips.twitch.tv/ShortVictoriousPlumagePogChamp
  3. Street Doc, deal with on your own peril. Bounty hunter, money collector or street thug maybe? His partner i crime maybe? Hard to say no to a gold plated minigun no matter what side of it you are on. Last one for today. Notice how small that shotgun (grenade launcher?) looks in his hands.
  4. This character could work as a red herring or crime lord or both.
  5. Another biker. Maybe a bit too post apocalyptic.
  6. Another agent type. Can be used for a lot of stuff.
  7. The modern gun makes up for him looking like he is from the 50's.
  8. I dont want to put in to many pictures of characters that look more like they should be PC's than enemies here but this one could work in both ways.
  9. This character could work like a mercenary of some sort.
  10. Ninja, demon cultist or both? https://yyy.artstation.com/albums/168971
  11. A crazy biker clown cult gang. Always useful..
  12. Cool bank robbers or some other kind of heist crew. Notice the different guns giving them different tactical roles. Great for enemies. The symbol on their lapel gives them a more comic book feel which works well for a game I think.
  13. Fun looking character. Could be a vigilante or villain.
  14. I just watched a funny video about dungeon masters and their random charts back in the day and it made me think about crazy randomness that happened back when I played Ad and d. My funniest story is that I made an orc fighter and rolled on the Dm's random character trait table. He got two traits one was "excellent marcher" he had the ability to keep perfect marching rhythm like: "one two, one two, one two" and so on. This benefited his whole orc party and they all could march faster. Unfortunately he also lost a couple of intelligence points, and since he was an orc (bad) and a fight
  15. This char could be an guy the pc cant kill because they need some info and they also need to find him because he gone underground. These guys have many obvious uses. And this character could be introduced in this state trying to attack someone at the hospital. Maybe someone who are unconscious and cant defend themselves? Why does she do it?
  16. This guy could work as a crazy vigilante or a regular pyromaniac.
  17. Maybe usable as goons working for some futuristic evil organisation?
  18. The video game All Points Bulletin is a cops vs robbers online game. As such it got a lot of stylized street wear concept art you might find a use for in your games. Here is the gallery: https://www.creativeuncut.com/art_all-points-bulletin_a.html Here is an example. The gallery is on an video game art site called Creativeuncut. It got some good art there but be warned. You will have to dig through a lot of anime to find it.
  19. We start out with some very cool images usuable for the Card Shark gang in the Dark Champions the Animated series. Diamond: Club: Spades: Hearts: These guys could be the costume of common goons or special lieutenants or whatever you want. If you wonder where the images are from. I think they are special costumes for the popular game Fortnite.
  20. You guys should try reading the comic series fables. It really turns every fairy tale on its head. The charming prince is an asshole, the big bad wolf is a heroic protector, the seven dwarves are implied rapists, and so on and so on. It even got its telltale visual novel. And you could try every derivative Alice in wonder land work. And every disney movie made the last 20 years as well. Lots of deconstructions out there for those who look.
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