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  1. Orange is a very nice colour. Maybe it was an happy accident?
  2. Way to rail road the conversation Badger.
  3. Or maybe they wanted a superheroine to make the Marvel less of a sausage fest. Black Widow does not really have any powers and The Red Witch's powers are more support and plot related. They probably want a woman up there with Thor, Iron Man, Hulk and Captain America fighting right up in the villains face.
  4. Some people always say the same old "cheap looking star trek stuff" whenever they see an humanoid alien. I would not worry too much about it.
  5. I dont get the Roman Reigns hate either. I used to think he was cool when he was the silent badass in the shield. But somewhere I just lost interest. I think it was around his feud with the Big Show. They keep putting him on the microphone having him play this quick witted sharp tongued character. It just comes of as contrived. So I lost interest in him. Best thing they could do with him is have him go away for a while and have him come back being a scary dude like Undertaker or something. He could pull that off with ease and it would be cool.
  6. Yeah I started to fast forward and skipped Bliss and Rousey. Asuka, Lynch, Balor, Bryan, Ambrose, Mcintyre and others there is a long list of interesting and cool characters that work in WWE unfortunately WWE only can go with two stars at the time it seems. Its Reigns and Flair. The rest are afterthoughts and filler
  7. So I got the WWE Network but its has gotten worse and worse. I watch Nxt and it was great there was this great feud which had a real heel the champion was a cool guy. There were monsters and bad asses everywhere. But then the heel won the feud. And then he suddenly and immediately got into a title feud where he said that he was going to take away the cool factor of the champ. Which he did. And won. I sort of lost interest but I saw that he went on to beat both the most popular baby faces right after. Also the babyface he had a kick ass feud with is being turned into a heel/buffoon. The h
  8. Does drawing blood entail doing damage? And how much? How powerful is the monster compared to the party and the pc? And what is the treshhold?
  9. Some great drawings for your lovercraftian games here. http://loicmuzy-artwork.blogspot.com/2015/01/bestiaire-call-of-cthulhu-7th-edition.html?m=1
  10. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-australia-45166592 Ruby Rose is getting put through the wringer because some fans dont want her to play Batwoman. I watch her as Batwoman in a movie or show. People are going overboard imo.
  11. I would like to add one more point to that. 8) No soap opera like story lines.
  12. That cover is what brought Dark Champions into the mainstream and was an introduction to the hero system for many. Pure 90's badass goodness!
  13. I recently picked up Villains codex from the pathfinder line because I am a lazy GM and wanted write up of villains I could just insert in my game without much work. Quite often the villians write up refered rules that were written up in books that I did not have. Several feats that were written up in their stat lines were taken from other books as well. And the feats and rules were not explained in the Villains codex. I pick up a hero games villain book the write ups are understandable just from reading straight. How ever the biggest advantage with Hero games is still this:
  14. But killing damage is different game play wise from normal damage. It has different game play mechanics. Natural magical armour bonus and regular magical armour bonus to magical armour do the same thing mechanically speaking. Its just one example on how pathfinder gives less result for the same amount of work than the hero system does.
  15. But hero splat books and power sets give you more bang for you story bucks. A whole lot more power concepts and ideas can be expressed much quicker. Further more if you know the Hero lanuage then you know exactly what a power does in game terms before you add the special effects. Limiting that problem where a single word can change the whole power/feat/spell like in pathfinder. "Oh it added natural armour, I thought it added just plain armour".
  16. Oh yeah. And next up is: Evil Library.
  17. Low level: A naive princess ran away with a actors troupe, unfortunaly they were goblins in disguise. She ran away when they tried to eat her and hid in an abandoned tower, barricading the door. Now she sits in a tower yelling for heroes to rescue her while a bunch of weirdly dressed goblins sits around the tower trying to negation for her to get down. "If you come down we only eat your arms" Mid Level: The party is approached by a lady in waiting who offer the adventures a sizable sum to help the princess win her true love. The king has declared that whom ever slays the huge drago
  18. Pathfinder is very complex and rules heavy game. It lack the flexibility of Hero games and its variety. Each spell is a new set of rules, skills take half an hour too look up and write up unless you know it from before. All classes got not only different skill pools but also different skills they favor so you can buy so and so of that skill and then so and so of that other skill. Expect players to start exploiting the rules at its very big difference between a tweaked out character and a story based character. The game is also level based so a twenty level halfling barbarian can in game terms
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