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  1. Very nice pictures. You are really talented. Dont forget to put down the camera and enjoy the sights though.
  2. I can forgive Rey being perfect and a bit bland. Because I like powerful and kind characters. But problem is that this series is becoming more and more like fan fiction inspired young adult books and movies directed at a female audience. So not only is she powerful as hell but every characters morality is put around how much or how little they like her. And her relationship with Finn is scrapped to instead focus on Adam Drivers character because in young adult books directed at women the heroine must be with the most powerful man and he must offcourse be good at heart even though he can
  3. A dnd cartoon reboot would probably go the way of the Thundercats roar reboot. More of a Steven Universe artstyle parody than dark and edgy I think.
  4. How about adding +10HKA only vs creatures who dies if they loose their head or have heads, and only when you roll a natural 3?
  5. Yes that is the one. But it was called something else over here. A fantastic comic. So much imagination and raw energy.
  6. A panel form one of my favorite comics from when I was young.
  7. From Nauroto to One piece. From Samurai X to Pokemon and from Fist of the North star to Berserk the characters and worlds in anime have lots and lots of original powersets and world rules. But they often also have somewhat an plausible feel, danger seems more real and threatening situations are explored more in detail, often quite extensive detail, giving anime and manga a different feel that western comics even though they have insane amounts of variety. I think that the only roleplaying game that can capture all these powers and stunts is the Hero system. Anything else will be b
  8. Sounds like an half combat value situation if you ask me.
  9. Character A: Give extra presence bought with cumulative and indirect advantage bought seperatly so that indrerect advantage could have oaf disadvantage and persistent? Character B: Mental transform with gestures, oaf, usable by others and persistent maybe?
  10. Its easier to count the characters who cant lift the hammer now than it is to count those who can.
  11. The Crow! If he does not count because he is too white then I say Shaq Chi.
  12. If you want to allow disarming a shield you should only allow it if the player has a weapon that could possible do it like and dane axe or pick. Off course if you use your bare hands you could do it as well but then you would be in danger of getting stabbed. Having your arm strapped to the shield should give you strenght bonus sure but if the attacker succeeded in disarming the shield it would cause the shieldbearer to go down to the ground instead as the pressure would bend his arm.
  13. It makes combat go faster and each hit and attack be more dramatic. It is fun to see the players tense up eveytime an attack get thrown in their direction but it also can create a bit of problems when a mook get a lucky hit and the PC is seriously hurt. I only GM post apocalypse, fantasy and sci fi at the moment but I like to use champions enemies as major npcs to fight. (with some reduction of power offcourse) And what I have seen that could be a bit of a problem is that some of the players always try to make all intents and purposes a ninja in every campaign they are in bec
  14. In my campaigns I use 25/25 or 75/75. I try to keep cvs at no more than 7 at the start and damage under 45 active points. As for Conquers, Killer and Crooks I can mention: Dr Destroyer, Ankylosaur, Anubis, Herculean and others. (But hey, Dark Seraph can actually tank two stunning blows before going down.) I never got champions 5th ed because I liked the old team better.
  15. Ok everybody lets take a moment to appreciate that we have different opinions and that not all campaigns are alike. All the talk I seen here makes sense and the characters and point values indicate great GM's who got their game in order. The only thing that is important in accordance to balance is to stick to the creation parameters you as the GM have developed. Normal characteristics maximums not being used as the maximum for human development in many campaigns is because the games curve is way to steep. Its the only weakness of the hero system. The hero system is un
  16. Well the thing is that is that I am asking if any other people get the feeling that the characters that would be knocked out by two hits that could stun them, makes them into glass cannons? I dont really see how anyone could deliver a vicious beatdown (hitting their enemy with several stunning blows) and then have the enemy get back up and fight back. Like for instance A hero gets punched again and again and the evil villain lands punch after punch while the hero can barely stand. Then, the villain says "Now I will finish you off, and then I will go kick every puppy in
  17. Reading Conquerors killers and crooks it seems to me that most characters rarely have more than twice their con in stun. In fantasy hero there was a little bit different where I found a dwarf npc and an ogre who both had more than twice their con in stun value. However it was not that much more. I am not against glass cannon syndrome. I just noticed that the players be they fighters or wizards all tense up every time an enemy get a chance to attack them. Also the focus is on getting their con and dex stat up rather than giving their characters any stun value. I understa
  18. Thanks for replies. Sounds like nobody have any problem with it. To be fair players probably are more focused on pure defense anyway.
  19. Instead of a sling she could use a custom glove crossbow that shoots spesial arrows with glass vial tips which breaks on contact.
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