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    Trencher reacted to ScottishFox in More 5e Converts for the Fantasy HERO table   
    Grabbed three new converts by eliminating some of the world building overhead by keeping ALL of the 5e character creation and class rules and simply using HERO to play the game.
    Kicked off the new Dark Hold campaign where all of the known world was conquered by an invading horde of life eating horrors from the shadow realms.  All that remains of humanity is the Dark Hold.  A circle of onyx mountains closing off the last villages and cities of mankind.
    Even there, when the light of day fails, night terrors stalk the lands for human souls.  Only the presence of the Shepherds keeps them at bay (think dark elf + slender man).
    Our band of intrepid heroes start off as a group of problem solvers working under the guidance of Shepherd Flynn.
    Things are going well until the day of the eclipse when strange things begin to change for the heroes - and others throughout the land...
    30+ Years of Fantasy HERO and I still love it.  Best system ever.
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    Trencher reacted to Ninja-Bear in How to build a storm.   
    I figured you were having the storm around the PC’s . Also is -2 based on windy conditions. Iow does the book suggest that in windy conditions archers should suffer a -2 OCV- an environmental condition? Cause then you should be able to raise the local wind level and that condition should kick in.  See the GM.
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    Trencher reacted to ChaosDrgn in How to build a storm.   
    Change Environment for both wind level and a negative to ocv, area of effect:  radius.  You could link telekinesis to it as well depending on effect.
    Oh, may want to add hole in the middle
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    Trencher reacted to Scott Ruggels in Running a Dark Champions game   
    For me it was a lot of gritty, war gamer, paramilitary mercenaries, versus drug cartels, and Marxist guerillas, in Fictitious foreign countries. The games were essentially 80’s and 90’s action movies, with strong tactical element. And at the time in the 80’s and 90’s, the games started as Danger International games with the occasional weird pulp element or talent. The players were a number of prior service, law enforcement, and cold warriors looking to lay a game with looser rules of engagement, and clear goals. Role play was strong, but combat was careful, as it was a heroic level game. But it usually proceeded like the movies it was inspired by, with a lot of explosions at the finale. This may not be precisely your cup of tea, but it was fun.
    Suggestions from this, is that you need strong role play at the start, to give the upcoming conflict a strong emotional context so the players are deeply invested. Sympathetic NPCs, really despicable villains, and clear stakes help. Combat in these situations can be wildly unpredictable. As a GM, plan the villain’s forces intelligently for the opposition they expect. This might require a bit of research into real world analogues for your fictional forces , but will give them a firm base as to what they capabilities and equipment are, and give idea and flavor to the players. A Toyota Hillux with a 12.7mm DShK, and a T-55 tank present two levels of opposition to the players. The key is for the players to plan something unexpected, then game it out. Miniatures on a mat will help. This sort of thing is very poor for theater of the mind style play, as distances, cover, facing, and fields of fire, become very important for player decisions and actions. The consequences of poor decisions could be fatal, and giving the characters good situational awareness will keep them thinking and involved.  As this is generally a heroic level game with plentiful mil spec weapons, chances of death are high, so warn the players ahead of time, that character death is a possibility. Don’t fudge the die rolls if you can help it, as this can ratchet up the tension up quite a bit. Open rolls during combats, and saving hidden rolls for non combat or unseen actions in the background also help the tension. But a caution Is that some players do not enjoy a high level of tension. Know your players. If a character goes down during combat, hand them Mooks, and enemies to control. It keeps everyone involved, lowers the amount of work the GM needs to do, and may add some variety to the opposition. Keep the goals clear, and never plan the scenario to be completed in only one way. The usual way these scenarios are approached are, direct guns blazing, stealth, indirect through persuasion (“Let’s you and him fight!), or some way that seems plausible that you didn’t think of. Say the group doesn’t have any resources to smuggle their weapons into this exotic, foreign land, but all of them are trained and deadly martial artists, each a master of a different art?  This gives the adventure a very different flavor than if the group were made up of CIA special operators. Same set up. Different protagonists.
    Now, this may not entirely be the flavor you are looking for, but it’s a good formula for running a convention game. Hopefully these suggestions are helpful. 
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    Trencher reacted to Scott Ruggels in Hudson City Riots 2020   
    Too soon.
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    Trencher reacted to Panpiper in Hudson City Riots 2020   
    I suspect you would likely fracture a group playing this. Real world politics these days is insanely divisive.
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    Trencher reacted to Old Man in Funny Pics II: The Revenge   
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    Trencher reacted to Tywyll in God Battle! Slaneesh vs Loth!   
    But..but...Lolth only has 66 Hp! She's clearly going down first!
    Granted, that -10 AC is nothing to sneeze at!
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    Trencher reacted to PsiJudge McCabe in God Battle! Slaneesh vs Loth!   
    Okay, that was surprisingly fair and thought out. I think I agree. Extremely close-fought battle but Lolth takes the win.
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    Trencher got a reaction from PsiJudge McCabe in God Battle! Slaneesh vs Loth!   
    As hero gamers we have all tried to convert stuff from other systems into Hero games to "see who is the strongest". And as such I think this is an interesting video comparing Slanessh to Loth. 
    It is not as much of a walkover as you might think at first glance. 
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    Trencher reacted to Old Man in Dungeons and Dragons to eliminate concept of "inherently evil" races   
    IIRC Ents were renamed to treants to appease the estate, whereas the term "Orc" came from mythology and was not invented by Tolkien.  Balrogs got renamed too, I think.
    As for controversy, it's important to remember that D&D has drawn attacks from lawyers and SJWs of all kinds throughout its history.  That's why demons and devils became tanar'ri and baatezu and why Cthulhu was cut out entirely.  It's not entirely realistic to expect a game with such dependence on its subject matter to remain static for almost fifty years.  Allowing orcs and drow to be non-evil is hardly even a change.
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    Trencher got a reaction from massey in Dungeons and Dragons to eliminate concept of "inherently evil" races   
    Well that is the point. People make up their own version of elves so it is okay to dislike them. 
    Tolkien the creator of orcs were a World war one veteran. He saw the futility of total war and were naturally enough inclined to promote the idea that peace and kindness were the way for humanity to survive. I say this to put this notion in context: You can just as well see the strong as people who force others to adapt to them.
    Changing and adapting is not really about strength but about surviving. Which is the orcs weak spot. Orchish lives mean nothing to them. Victory for the dark lord and thereby themselves means all. 
    Strength, aggression and violence are not ways for them to adapt their own culture (such as it is..) to better survive but to change other cultures and people into another state. These states being enslaved and dead respectively.  
    Off course in epic fantasy based on a humanistic morality the morale of said stories are usually to show the futility of the orc (or equivalent) kill or be killed attitude. And the value of peace and kindness (like hobbits for instance). 
    Many games and books show the inhuman conditions of the orcs warfare and the heavy toll it takes on themselves and how it lead to their doom. Very few epic fantasy promote the total war soloution that orcs represent. Usually they glorify the single warrior against many and or honor and chivalry in war. For instance showing mercy to conquered enemies are often shown to pay of at a later date.
    To take video games as an example the excellent video game "Shadow of Mordor" takes to be mild quite a lot of liberties with the lore of middle earth. However there is one thing that game gets right and that is to show of the hopelessness and futility of the orcish condition. The cost of their way of life. Both physically and psychologically. 
    But there is another example seen in a recent world of warcraft cinematic. In it we meet an old cool looking orc who have doubts about war, especally the current one againt the heroic alliance which could really be avoided and are not fought in an way that appease the orchish sense of honor. (As in this game the orcs are a noble warrior race). 
    He then meet an young and a naive troll who idolizes him, idolize war and are ready to fight for the honour of the horde. The old warrior orc is implied to know better.
    Then the troll dies infront of the warrior orc. AND THIS CONVINCE HIM TO FIGHT ON!
    And the cinematic shows this as a cool and heroic moment. War is the way. War is cool! Fight on! Dont quit! 
    These are two approaches not only to war. But to the total war that orcs usually represent. The authors of the cinematic are trying really hard and doing a really good job at making unjust war seem like an honorable. The opposite of what orcs were intended to do. 
    I think that some people are just attracted to that idea of total war and they try to it honorable and shown as the "only way". 
    Off course they dont really want to do that. So story wise they often meet themselves in the door and have to make their warriors extra kind and sensitive like they have done with the world of warcraft orcs.
    From the first warcraft game orcs who looted pillaged and stabbed each other in the back up until to the warcraft movie where the orcs were just looking for a place to belong and raise their cute litte orc babies. Each version of the warcraft orcs are heaped on with more and more humanistic qualities while all the players want its to play tusked hulk and smash puny alliance humans. Its diffent wants and needs dragging the concept of the orc in different directions. 
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    Trencher reacted to Lord Liaden in Dungeons and Dragons to eliminate concept of "inherently evil" races   
    Fair enough. But generally when people say, "the strong survive and the weak perish," they're implying that Nature applies some kind of eugenics to improve the breed; whereas the "weak" who actually perish are generally the young, old, sick, or injured, which likely didn't reflect how genetically healthy they were.
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    Trencher reacted to Lord Liaden in Dungeons and Dragons to eliminate concept of "inherently evil" races   
    Among human beings (the only sapient species we know of), adaptation has always depended more on intelligence than strength.
    The concept of "strength" is itself a narrow and misleading generalization for adaptability among other species. Climate gets colder? Animals grow thicker fur and/or fat. Food becomes scarce? Animals get smaller so they need to eat less. Lots of predators in an area? Prey develop better camouflage so they can hide more effectively. It would be hard to argue that any of these adaptations make them stronger than their predecessors.
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    Trencher reacted to Steve in Dungeons and Dragons to eliminate concept of "inherently evil" races   
    Well, I guess sentient undead will still be evil. Or will we now have glittery vampires too?
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    Trencher got a reaction from tkdguy in Funny Pics II: The Revenge   
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    Trencher got a reaction from Starlord in Funny Pics II: The Revenge   
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    Trencher got a reaction from drunkonduty in Dungeons and Dragons to eliminate concept of "inherently evil" races   
    Back in the day when my first game master showed me the dnd stats for "orc" and told me what it meant he said "and this is alignment. This orc is chaotic" then I asked "do all orcs have to be chaotic?" and he said "You can do as you want"
    And that was that. I never used the alignment system for races to any degree other than a vague suggestion. And I have never met any gamers who have. But I have met many who enjoy playing the misunderstood good member of an scary but powerful race of beings. Which is something I think dnd can hold on to for new editions of the game as the misunderstanding itself can apply to more than one. 
    I really really get it when people fear that moral relativism will creep into their game. But the removal of the blanket statement of evil in game can actually aid the game master and players in creating real evil enemies and villains we can all love to hate. Evil will now be a choice which makes it extra morally justified to cut off the head of whatever entity that is looting the village. 
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    Trencher reacted to tkdguy in Dungeons and Dragons to eliminate concept of "inherently evil" races   
    I usually play an elf, and I've never played my character that way, except for one snooty human knight. However, I got a lot of hate from other players, which led me to leave the group.
    It goes both ways.
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    Trencher reacted to massey in Dungeons and Dragons to eliminate concept of "inherently evil" races   
    I'm sure it'll be done badly.
    Ravenloft was never meant to be an accurate portrayal of Romania.  It was basically the world of Universal monsters and Hammer films.  And those movies have stereotypical "gypsies" in them.  So you're left with this awkward situation.  You say "real Roma aren't like the gypsies in the movies", but what you actually want are the movie characters.  So you call them Vistani, and you're free to include movie stereotypes if you wish.  But then someone comes in and insists that your gypsy stereotype group, who you renamed to something else, has to look like the real life people who are supposedly nothing like the movies...
    It would be like if you had a tribe of cannibals in a jungle adventure game.  And to get away from the troublesome African tribe stereotypes, you change them and make them nonhumans who practice necromancy.  So they're now a tribe of human-eating hobgoblins, who use bone magic and wear colorful tribal masks.  Like you can still kinda tell what they're going for, but they changed it to avoid implications of racism.  And then somebody comes in and says "that's not what real African tribes are like!"  Yeah no shit.  The more you make them like a real world culture, the more trouble you can get in.  The purpose is to hit the tropes of the genre while avoiding any racist connotations.
    I'm not really sure how much of a market exists for traditional Ravenloft anymore though.  The movies it is based on are really old, and I kinda doubt that modern day teenagers are that familiar with them.
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    Trencher reacted to Scott Ruggels in Dungeons and Dragons to eliminate concept of "inherently evil" races   
    Just don’t buy any new books or new reprint of older materials. In games, I dislike moral ambiguity in my escapism. Orcs aren’t real and I resent the SJW intrusion into geek escapism. I play a fair amount of 5e right now, but I will be more selective from now on. 
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    Trencher reacted to Starlord in Dungeons and Dragons to eliminate concept of "inherently evil" races   
    I don't understand.  Doesn't this eliminate basic exploration and dungeon-delving altogether?  Now the party is either scouting for colonization or simply home invaders.  Oh well.
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    Trencher reacted to Vanguard in Dungeons and Dragons to eliminate concept of "inherently evil" races   
    Why am I not surprised?
    Everyone else is bowing and scraping to the SJW and PC Police (which are, apparently, the only police that are allowed to exist now).
    Well as mentioned, at least there's still the older material for those of us that don't actively seek "injustice" in everything we look at.
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    Trencher got a reaction from sinanju in [Police brutality] American injustice, yet again.   
    No they do enough research to say whatever they want to imply, or what mood they want to create or what spiel they want to throw at you sound plausible but they are not journalists because they dont care about truth they only care about the SEMBLANCE of truth a veneer that they can sell to people who like to sound smart. And then you add the comedy as an convenient absolution of responsibility and you have a social disaster. It brought Donald Trump into the white house and it created the idea that every American lives in an action movie and no matter what you do it is justifiable because you are the hero. 
    Communists have developed tactics for taking over academia using social pressure and exclusions to do so.
    Off course right wingers use the fact that there are communists in academia to discredit the idea of academia itself. Because they themselves are very often anti intellectual and want a society where knowledge is the purview of the rich and powerful and their chosen servants. 
    This does not hamper the communists though if anything it helps them as it makes academia feel hunted by "the outside" making the environment ripe for indoctrination into the cult.
    Which is what communism is.
    Freedom of speech yes.
    Have voice yes.
    Be listened to yes.
    Be able to vote yes.
    Be given the benefit of trust when they are speaking from the position of being a minority of some kind and they speak from their perspective yes.
    Be allowed to dominate the conversation completely by pretending to be knowledgeable while making everything a cynical joke, avoiding intellectual responsibility and cultivate a veneer of trustworthyness to make your half truths and outright lies easier to swallow? NO!
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