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    Trencher reacted to bluesguy in In your campaign setting, how do dragons perceive those that wear dragon-hide/dragon-scale armor?   
    To answer the question initially asked, in my campaign world of Nyonia - "How dare you?  Take that off right now and I will give you a quick death.  Don't take it off right now and you will wish I had killed you quickly."
    Dragons in Nyonia were created by one of the gods.  They are intelligent and live family groups.  They have servants - lizard people who serve them.  Dragons trade with other races for things they can't make.  There use to be more dragons but there was a great war between dragons and all other intelligent species on Nyonia.  Although the dragons caused great destruction and the fall of some nations, all other intelligent races reproduce and mature at a significantly higher rate than dragons that in the end the dragons lost because they lost enough of their 'mature' (prime time for being fertile) members that it is going to take a long time for them to come back.
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    Trencher reacted to Duke Bushido in In your campaign setting, how do dragons perceive those that wear dragon-hide/dragon-scale armor?   
    On my campaigns, dragons are _monsters_:  giant winged reptiles that breath fire or acid or venemous clouds or sickening fumes ( not all of them in every campaign). 
    But the are frickitty-fricken _monsters_. 
    Quite possibly the largest, deadliest creatures of land or sky, but _monsters_. 
    I have always been left cold by the "dragon as intelligent species that, even though it makes no art, builds no buildings, fashions no crafts, and raises no goods, totally gets mercantilism and lusts after great wealth (that nothing else in its tenuous and sketchy "society" makes remotely necessary or even practical) to the point of using other people's buildings to horde gold. "
    I mean, I have played RPG since the seventies.  I have watched movies and read books since before I discovered RPGs:  I _have_ suspension of disbelief.  But I don't know if I will ever have enough to swallow that. 
    The question, as it relates to my campaigns, is akin to "how do roaches feel about people who use roach shell armor?" 
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    Trencher reacted to drunkonduty in Fantasy Immersion and the Things that Ruin it.   
    I definitely think about things like trade routes and such. It tells me where the biggest and richest cities are going to be, if nothing else. 
    In one of my current games the heroes have just travelled a little of the main sea trade route that connects their own land (at one end of the route) and a whole bunch of others. It's my campaign's analogue to the East Africa/Arabia/India sea trade routes. And although the players have not asked anything specific about it there have been questions (about the people they see, the foods to be eaten, the loot to be found, distant lands their ship's captain had seen) that I could answer more fully because I had thought about the trade routes already.
    Not having something like this doesn't break immersion for me, but having it does make my immersion fuller and more satisfying.
    I'll admit that I am an inveterate world builder. I love working out odd details for all sorts of things. But I have long since realised that I do this for me, not for the players. (On one of my campaign settings I went into detail about the history of Dwarven Opera in the campaign city. Never once came up in play. Why would it?) But it is nice to occasionally have a player ask a weird and wacky question about an aspect of the campaign world and be able to answer it right there on the spot.
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    Trencher reacted to Mr. R in Idea for a campaign   
    The idea here is to expand on the idea that elves and dwarves dislike each other. In fact we will go so far as to do like in Palladium and have them go to war. The reasons are unimportant as they have been at war for millenia. But in the process they have alienated, antagonised and in many cases decimated most of the races that also exist on the continent. To the extant that five races have banded together to support each other while trying to keep out of the way of the main combatants.

    So for years uncounted this alliance has set up safe cities, sent parties out to get food and supplies and in some cases, where necesary, kill elements of either army to protect their secrets.

    Now at this point I can see three possibilities:
    1) The alliance grows in power as the two main opponents have basically worn themselves out fighting each other

    2) On a Week of Fire and Shadow all the dwarves and elves die. Apparently a major ritual designed to harm the other went supercharged and killed them all. Now we have a brand new world with new power vacuums to step into it, Not to mention all those dwarven and elvish cities to explore/loot

    3) As above but with the added problem that the elves and dwarves do not know they are dead. They are undead, and it will take a long time to finally subdue their restless spirits and make the world safer.

    This is just an Idea I came up with and any comments are welcome as long as they are constructive.
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    Trencher reacted to Scott Ruggels in Fantasy Immersion and the Things that Ruin it.   
    I just invent my own Races for my own games.  Can't help it.
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    Trencher reacted to Shoug in Fantasy Immersion and the Things that Ruin it.   
    My mom was using Morrowind to stop herself from murdering my infantile self. So first it was that, then WoW, then Oblivion. Around this age my dad used to improvise fantasy stories for us which we would directly impact with our input so he would know when we'd fallen asleep. This was my first exposure to fantasy storytelling proper. Then I watched Avatar: The Last Airbender, which is to this day hands down the best story I've heard told. Nothing in any media has come close.
    The first fantasy I ever read was A Spell For Chameleon, and around that time I first saw Naruto (which I have not seen since, it peters out quick, but the setting is phenomenal), then it was all scifi and (lord have mercy) a lot of fantasy power metal for me during high school. Since then I've read Nine Princes in Amber, Kingkiller Chronicles, and the first three Dark Tower books. I recently was exposed to the first 2 anime that I've been able to take seriously: Demon Slayer and My Hero Academia. Demon Slayer is really perfect so far, unbelievably tight worldbuilding, all the concepts and imagery in perfect sync. 
    That and RPG has been my entire experience with fantasy.
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    Trencher reacted to Lord Liaden in Fantasy Immersion and the Things that Ruin it.   
    I'm delighted that Hero System has opened a world of possibilities for you.   But the superhero genre was incorporating elements of fantasy long before anime took notice, or before many people in the West noticed anime. Many decades ago, Marvel Comics' Black Knight, and DC Comics' Shining Knight and Etrigan the Demon, were linked to King Arthur; while Morgana LeFay is a villain for both companies. Captain Marvel/Shazam was empowered by a wizard. Marvel's Thor has met Conan during the Hyborian Age. Iron Man has been to Camelot. Hawkman and Hawkwoman were reincarnated Egyptian demigods. Dr. Strange has fought Dracula. Marvel's Bloodwraith was cursed by a soul-sucking ebony sword -- sound familiar?
    The kitchen-sink approach to super origins taken by the mainstream comics companies has allowed the genre to absorb elements from practically every other fictional genre: literary fantasy, sci-fi, horror, pulp, mythology and folklore, espionage, space-opera, film noir, martial-arts action. In that context, the evolution of Hero System from supers-focused to universal can be viewed as a natural consequence.
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    Trencher reacted to Shoug in Fantasy Immersion and the Things that Ruin it.   
    Honestly, the superhero model is a good one to use as the foundation for a generic system like Hero. Supers have come to have an enormous influence on Anime, and therefore Fantasy. In superhero settings, everybody has a few powerful and unique abilities of enormous implication, unlike fantasy where everybody for the most part shares the same abilities and the story is about characters and plot surrounding those abilities and how they're concentrated. Fighters do violence, rogues have skills and backstab, wizards have magic. But Anime has bridged the gap with increasing success over the years with shows such as Naruto (where Ninjas are warrior mages with completely unique magical Jutsus), Demon Slayer (where Demon Slayers are warrior mages who use breathing techniques to empower themselves until they are strong enough to cut through boulders and use special moves mostly unique to each character), and JoJo (where Stand users are able to exercise the physical manifestations of their own fighter spirits to be warrior mages). 
    The days of the "Warrior, Mage and, Rogue" are over, Hero system has ushered forth unto me the dawn of taking a character concept as far as you want to go mechanically with no restrictions. I wanna be a pyromancer? I don't have to look through the spell tome and find all the fire themed spells, pick all but one them because that one basically sucks, and I'd rather just have something useful like misty step or greater illusion. I want to be a battlemage? I don't have to multicast and then just be a mediocre fighter who can sling a few spells that a wizard could use since lvl 3. EDIT: In Hero, I'm able to make a barbarian who accidentally goes berserk, which turns him into a "whirling devil of burning red elemental rage" granting him fire breath and flight. 
    It's awesome.
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    Trencher reacted to Lord Liaden in Fantasy Immersion and the Things that Ruin it.   
    I remember in the Fantasy Hero genre book for Fourth Edition, one of its manifold "spell colleges" was the College of Demonology. One of the spells in the College was just called, "Dispel," a bog-standard 10D6 Dispel against any magic spell. But the SFX description has always stood out for me: "The caster summons a small anti-magic demon, which he then hurls at the target. When the demon hits it explodes in a small, stinking green cloud which dispels magic."
    That ain't super-powers.
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    Trencher reacted to Cygnia in Funny Pics II: The Revenge   
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    Trencher reacted to Bazza in Funny Pics II: The Revenge   
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    Trencher reacted to dsatow in How much would this limitation be worth?   
    It doesn't matter, the character only knows they have successfully hit once and the activation roll makes them believe they can hit a couple more times.  The player may know how well they hit by how well they hit, but the character really doesn't know they rolled.  So the trigger activates on any hit with an 11- or less chance to activate.
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    Trencher reacted to Old Man in Funny Pics II: The Revenge   
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    Trencher reacted to Cassandra in Birds of Prey (2020)   
    It occures to me that for a movie that is suppose to be anti-men is equally against women as well.  Black Canary is not the strong heroine living with the legacy of being the daughter of a great superheroine, and instead is a singer in a strip club.  Cassandra Cain is not the complex martial artist who took the mantle of Batgirl and instead is a thief who swallows a diamond.  Rene Montoya is not the touch police officer and instead is the angry older woman cliche who never gets the credit she thinks she deserves, and is a good 30 years older then she should be (and Rosie Perez!!!, was Wanda Sykes not available.)   And worst of all is Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, trying to be Madonna and mistaking idiocy with quirky, and is the cliche of the psycho ex which makes you wonder what the writers private lives are like.
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    Trencher reacted to Greywind in RIP: Marie Fredriksson   
    Roxette singer Marie Fredriksson dies aged 61
    Marie Fredriksson, who as the singer of Roxette was one of the most recognisable voices in 1980s and 90s pop, has died aged 61 following a long illness.
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    Trencher reacted to wcw43921 in Funny Pics II: The Revenge   
    There was a recent Simpsons episode--"Bart The Bad Guy"--where Bart becomes the first person in Springfield to see the sequel to last year's superhero spectacular movie that everyone wants to see.  He uses his knowledge to blackmail everyone in town to get whatever he wants.
    That episode may have been inspired by this--

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    Trencher reacted to Old Man in Fantasy Immersion and the Things that Ruin it.   
    My God, what a condescending comment.  I know what Greek Fire is, jackass.  IT RUINS FANTASY IMMERSION FOR ME.  READ THE THREAD TITLE.
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    Trencher reacted to Cygnia in Funny Pics II: The Revenge   
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    Trencher reacted to mattingly in Funny Pics II: The Revenge   
    Yeah, you don't want to catch a disease with a regenerating factor.
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    Trencher reacted to Cygnia in Funny Pics II: The Revenge   
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    Trencher reacted to bluesguy in Average CV in your Campaig   
    With or without levels & martial arts?
    PC w/ levels - 9 to 12 (levels + martial arts usually make up 1/2 of the CV)
    NPC w/ levels - 4 to 12 (again levels + martial arts usually make up 1/2 of the CV; except for the ones with a 4)
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    Trencher reacted to TheNaga in What fictional, mythological, or supernatural being would you want to be?   
    I got to thinking that if I could not be an water elemental I would want to be an Ancarotaur.  Ancarotaur are a creation of mine.
    Physical Description: An Ancarotaur resembles a gigantic, extremely horrific-looking starfish. Its smooth rubbery skin is oily and dark as the darkest night in color. Instead of the starfish arms, it has twelve symmetrically spaced incredibly flexible appendages. Two of its appendages are tentacles, measuring forty feet in length. Both of these tentacles have small but strong white sucker-like discs that are aligned in four rows. Each of its suckers is ringed with sharp teeth. These two tentacles are the most flexible of all its appendages. Four of the appendages split at the end, into three radial “fingers.” Another four of the appendages are nightmarish looking tentacles. A single vicious-looking barbed claw is found at the end of these tentacles. Another two of its appendages are tentacles. At the end of these two tentacles is a vicious looking mouth. Each mouth is lined with a double row of eight inches long razor-sharp pointed teeth. In its central disk, it has three round glaring red eyes that measure two feet in diameter set in an upside-down triangle pattern. Above each of those eyes is a thick brow ridge. On both sides of those eyes is a glaring red eye that measures six feet in diameter. All the eyes have a large rectangular shaped pupil. Below all of its eyes is a large powerful round mouth lined with sharp, serrated, triangular teeth. Instead of a normal tongue, its mouth has five black tentacle-like tongues that when fully extended, are about a third the length of their body.
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    Trencher reacted to TheNaga in What fictional, mythological, or supernatural being would you want to be?   
    If you could be any fictional, mythological, or supernatural being what would you want to be?  My favorite of the four elements is water so I would want to be a water elemental.  As a water elemental I would want to look like the water elemental in the picture below.

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    Trencher reacted to Old Man in Coronavirus   
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    Trencher reacted to Duke Bushido in Funny Pics II: The Revenge   
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