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  1. Nevermind. . . Read through the thread and there's a crap ton more useful stuff than I can contribute. Hope everything works out for ya.
  2. Hero Designer is character generation software. And that's it. It has all the core rules for character generation but that's it. (See GB(i)'s post for clarification. This statement could've been really, really confusing and I didn't notice that until just now) The Downloads/Store section should give you some screenshots of the HD interface and some of the user uploaded export templates usually have the preview screen shots as well. Again, I believe Hero Designer is worth the investment if you're planning on running a game.
  3. You don't have to buy any of the Packs if you don't want to. While they are immensely helpful in that you'll already have them readily accessible in Hero Designer format and can easily load and modify them, you can also forego that convience and just as easily enter what you need when you need it. But that is a bit time consuming. If you DO decide to purchase the Packs. I'd recommend purchasing what you need as you need them. Same monetary expenditure in the long run but less of an upfront ouchie. The printed output of Hero Designer is a bit complicated as HD doesn't have its own native print feature. It relies on various export templates for page layout/setup and then prints from there. The good thing about that is, I believe, those export formats are created in XML so you can, pretty much, get any output format you want. There's tons of export formats in the Download section and if none of those strike your fancy, there's a several people on the forums that might be willing to whip something up for you. All in all, Hero Designer itself is definitely worth the money.
  4. Why am I not surprised? Everyone else is bowing and scraping to the SJW and PC Police (which are, apparently, the only police that are allowed to exist now). Well as mentioned, at least there's still the older material for those of us that don't actively seek "injustice" in everything we look at.
  5. Caught me while I was editing my previous post. That is a REALLY good reason for making it a Physical limitation. I'd just never seen that particular "type" of lim built that way. I've used it a few times and it never once occurred to me that the way I'd built it meant a simple, relatively speaking, Ego roll would "fix" it for that moment. Learn something new every day . . . Thanks Steve!
  6. 👍 That's pretty much all i got.
  7. Don't recall seeing that in Ninja Hero. I do recall it being used/mentioned in Dark Champions as "Resource Points". You had double your Resource Points as your "Armory" which was all your stuff you had access too. But it was at your base of operations. Then you had your "kit" which was the stuff you had on you. (Which totaled your Resource Points).
  8. They haven't been "neutered". They just have to to actually pay for the power that they go for free before. And while point costs of most POWERS have remained the same, the actual point cost for characteristics have changed to reflect the decoupling. Not all of them mind you but a good portion of them. The problem that has arisen is that HERO games likes to copy and paste. So while the decoupling was done to level the playing field a bit, all published characters are just copy/pasted from previous editions instead of actually being rewritten to take advantage of the new rules.
  9. The protesters would probably handle it just fine and keep on protesting. The rioters, on the other hand, would see him as an even bigger symbol of their "oppression" and continue to escalate things.
  10. 1) There was a point where, while I wouldn't say I wouldn't play in a game where the characters were captured, I'd fight like made to keep it from happening. Mainly due to the fact that the villains capturing the characters, if played correctly, would just kill them. If the player characters survived, it would have to some kind of contrived and convoluted thing that just wouldn't make sense. Howerver, after playing with Wildcat, I came to realize that having my character (or the characters in general) captured could, and probably would, lead to more adventure and storytelling. 2) I've only had a problem with this if it was outside the genre or if, there was just no way, the villain could return. And even then, I'd (after a bit to be honest, sometimes I can be a bit . . . over-reactive). If, for an example, we're playing in a heroic game and the Villain gets a high caliber sniper round through the melon, I'm gonna need a good reason to accept the fact that he didn't die. On the other hand, if we're playing Supers and "no one could have survived that", well, it's supers. it happens all the time. 3) Again, this is genre dependant. Supervillains escape from Super Prison all the time. Heck, even in a Heroic game, villains do escape. I'd just expect it to happen a bit less in a heroic game than a supers one. 4) This ties into #1. If it feels like the capture of the hero will result in the hero's death, then I'm against it. If the GM has proven that the characters can get captured and it's not a death sentence, will then it's what the villains do. That's why they're the bad guys. Of course, if this happens constantly, it can get annoying so should be used sparingly. 5) Again this can be a fun as long as it's not something that is done all the time. If a friend/subordinate is constantly turning out to be a bad guy, you're just going to start having serious trust issues. Hope this is what you were looking for.
  11. Exactly. That's been what I've seen in the games I've played in. If the GM sets a point/dc/stat cap. THAT is what the players build too. Even if the GM gives a stat range of say, 20-35 . . . the players, or certain players, will build to 35. Same with attacks. 12D6 attack, character has 12D6 attack. X active point limit? Powers are at X active points. Usually the same in the games I've played in. Unless there's a conceptual reason as to why one or the other should be lower, they're always bought to the same levels.
  12. And walking around the corner of tight street and meeting an AC/10 was always a surprise. Those little murder cans are can be highly effective, if used where they were designed to be used.
  13. Agreed. Dealing with limited speed is a hassle.
  14. @Hugh Neilson If that had been the case, the plot threads and hooks, then I don't think there would have been any problems getting the game moving. The thing was that there wasn't. We had literally 2 sessions of just sitting around while the GM read a book/futzed around on the PC. Giving the players hooks/ideas/hints of goings on out in the world and then letting them pursue whatever interests them instead of having a more traditional campaign set-up is good and, like I said, probably would have worked. But just plunked the group down "in the world" and then letting them flounder around isn't the way to start the game.
  15. Dear gods this the truth. I don't know HOW many times I've been in a game where there's been this "Grand Mystery" that the GM has set up yet, the only "clues" that could/would have been available are those that exist in his/her own head or things that the characters would understand but the *players* have no concept of. Then having to sit there and listen to the rant and rave about how no one appreciates the time and effort they go through to prepare things like "this" is infuriating. Even more infuriating is when they try and tell you that they explained and/or dangled clues in front of you and the general response from the gathered players is "No, you didn't". It's really easy to pat yourself on the back and tell yourself how much of a genius you are when you're the one with all the clues . . . @Spence Very nicely written. I agree with you on the Sandbox campaign. I've been in one or two and they don't last long. I mean, not more than one or two sessions because there's absolutely nothing for the characters to do. There's no focus or drive to move the characters forward. Those type of campaigns may sound like they're going to be good because "no ones' tied down!" but i've yet to play in one, or hear of one that amounted to anything.
  16. Late to the game but: APG 1 pg 87 - Damage Reduction 100%. Note: APG rules are subject to GM allowance as they aren't "normal" rules but they do have some really neat ideas in there. Also, just like in the main books it has a Stop Sign.
  17. At this point it's moot. But if I ever do get into things again, I'll attempt to rummage up a copy of Champions II and take a look. I did look at the segmented movement but thought it would make mapped combat a bit tedious but if that's the price I pay for something that "feels" right I'll take it. I have the other resources you mentioned and like i said, if things change I'll take a look. Thanks for the advice Chris!
  18. Just a note here. Bionics is just another name for cybernetics. If you're looking for something that's "grown in place" you're looking for bioware or other type of genetically modified/enhanced items. Due to that, I can see the advice for just making the skills/abilities intrinsic to the character. That being said, I did something like this with one of my characters. With the notable difference that the computer started out as a normal one but wound up gaining sentience as the game went on. Would you be amused to know that I read that in JARVIS' voice?
  19. Couldn't agree more. HERO really drops the ball when it comes to Vehicles and Vehicle combat. I've never liked the "vehicles are just characters" schtick but trying to actually run/play out a Viper vs Raider space battle with the HERO system rules is dang near impossible and, like you said. Very, very unsatisfying.
  20. Ah. Gotha. Thanks for the Cliff Notes version. Same thing happened to me. Loved the game and the concept behind it but stopped playing at 2nd Edition. Did pretty much what you did and picked up 5th Ed and thumbed through it and had a hard time recognizing it. Anyway, I'll go on record as saying that I to like elves and like playing elves but don't have a problem NOT playing one either. I do think they *are* cool but so are ninjas and cyborgs and lightsa . . er Beam Sabers. Oh and trench coats. Trench coats are cool to.
  21. @tkdguy You did/do good work! (I don't have any more "reactions" today so 👍
  22. @Lord Liaden Thanks!! Gave Highlander Hero a quick look over and it looks like we did some of the same things. One of the few things we changed, off hand, was that Immortals in our game regenerated lost limbs and body parts. Mainly because during the series, we only saw 1 Immortal that was missing a hand while none of the others were even missing fingers. And we found it a bit hard to believe that after hundreds of years of fighting with edged weapons, no-one lost a finger.
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