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  1. I was looking for a Combat Record sheet when the few that were included with HD (at least my version) didn't have what I wanted. This one does. About the only thing it doesn't include is any levels of Combat Luck. Which is no big deal. While I didn't print it in Portrait mode, I did look at the Print Preview for it and can vouch for the fact that there is no loss in quality if you were to chose to print it that way. Good work Tasha!
  2. Re: Music to Kill Zombies By 1) Tonfa-Blades (Probably don't need to explain but the weapons used by Kroenen (sp) from Hellboy) 2) Hungry Like the Wolf - Duran Duran 3) River Tam
  3. Re: No more "Abort to Dodge?" I've never really considered "aborting" to be acting sooner than you would normally go. I've always looked at is a "WTF" moment and one of this split second, save your bacon, kind of things. If that makes any sense. In either case, I don't think it really causes that much of an issue considering when you Abort, you're giving up your next available phase so it's not like you get to go again when your aborted phase rolls around. You just continue doing whatever action you aborted to. Which, I think works out. If you aborted to Dive for Cover, then you're
  4. Re: Weapon Design Question I work (for now) in the semiconductor field and we use plasma (RF generated) to etch the patterns into the silicon. They use magnets to both control and contain the plasma generated. They also use helium to simultaneously cool the wafer down to keep it from melting. So, I would theorize that if you wanted to weaponize it you could use the same principle for the weapon. Have magnets to contain the plasma as well as directed down the barrel of the weapon and then use some type of coolant to keep said barrel (and generation chamber) cool. ::scratche
  5. Re: Urban Fantasy: Warnings Looks like someone else has read the Dark Hunter novels.
  6. Re: What are "vitals" That's pretty much the way we do it as well. "The Vitals" can be any vital internal organ but we usually refer to it as the groin mainly because we get such a large kick out of it. But it's pretty well known in our group that "the vitals" is just that. It could represent a shot to the kidneys, nicking the heart with your dagger, etc.
  7. Re: FTL vs. Lots of Megascale Movement Sorry for the thread Derail. I think that while you might be able to get the same effect speed/movement wise from lots of Megascale movement, FTL is a cleaner way of doing it. Might not be a cheaper way to do it but, IMO, I think it is a cleaner way of doing it.
  8. Re: FTL vs. Lots of Megascale Movement Yes. The cost is the same thing but they do slightly different things. I can buy 1 PD/ED Armor and get to add that to my 3 PD/ED to have 7 pnts of PD/ED to subtract from an attack. Or, I can buy 1 point of PD/ED Resistant and still only have 3 PD/ED to subtract from an attack. That's what I meant.
  9. Re: FTL vs. Lots of Megascale Movement Except that Damage Resistance doesn't add to your total defenses where as Force Field and Armor do. So there is a fundamental difference in the way the powers work. Could Force Field and Armor be the same thing? You betcha. But I don't think they could all be considered "variables" of Damage Resistance for the above reason that I mention.
  10. Re: Rail gun damage? Thai, have you tried using the alternate/optional rules that let you add the Size of the vehicle to the body damage done but the attack to simulate larger class weapons on the bigger vehicles? Also, 3d6 seems a bit low for a vehicle weapon unless the above rule is used. a .50 sniper rifle from Dark Champions does 3d6. (I happen to agree with Thai on this as well. I don't think Hero damage scales well). This also depends, as has been discussed, on where you're Defenses are.
  11. Re: Entangle I believe it's additional str/ego so you'd be getting the latter.
  12. Re: Entangle Actually, I believe the Ultimate Mentalist stats that if you're the unlucky schlep caught in a Mental Entangle, and you happen to be lucky enough to have Mdef. you can use it as STR/EGO to break out of the Entangle. PS: Thanks Thai . . Love you too.
  13. Re: Entangle You can't Haymaker a Martial Art's Maneuver. (Which really depressed me at one point in time. Was looking forward to laying a whole lot of smack down on the bad guy).
  14. Re: Walking the fire The problem with doing it that away is that, like in our current game, the players with insanely high OCV's compared to the insanely low DVC's of the opponents result in "walking the fire" to head locations 99.0% of the time. I mean, how often have you said Ty has like an 18- to hit his target? and then you roll like a 5. You could walk the fire from a Loc hit of 18 all the way to the center of the face (Loc 4).
  15. Re: What rule don't people know? When I first started playing I didn't realize that when the Maneuvers section said "STR Damage" it meant divide your STR by 5 and roll the result in dice. So I ended up doing a 64 dice move through on an area where I thought a character was standing. Dang near killed my self.
  16. Re: Vehicles, halving already negative DCVs? What we do is use relative size when comparing vehicles and using them in battles. If, for example, you have a Viper and a Raider dog-fighting, since they're nearly the same size they don't suffer the DCV modifiers for size. That gets us around having to have gobs and gobs of Skill Levels and outrageous levels of Dexes for both the Fighters and the Pilots.
  17. Re: First-aid kit, physicians bag You're probably finding an annoying lack of write-ups because they're not really needed. As stated before, most of what you want to do can be done with just +'s to skills and/or using the modifiers in the Ultimate Skill for proper equipment and such. Another thing is that in Hero most "mundane" stuff doesn't get written up. It's just assumed to function the way it's suppose to and that's that. About the only time someone takes the time to write something up is when it's no longer mundane and is now "special".
  18. Re: resist being stunned by EGO attack with EGO not CON? Don't know if this has been pointed out but about the only thing you'd do with this rule is make Mentalists unStunnable while pretty much pasting just about everyone else.
  19. Re: Rules to ignore, or replace Actually, I think they mean it's easier to knock out a Superheroic character then it is to Stun one. In our Avant Garde super-hero game, the PC's were knocked out 9/10 before they were stunned. And the hardly ever took body. In our GateCrasher/Dragonstar Heroic level games, our characters get Stunned almost as much as they get knocked out. When thinking about Stunning/Killing, I believe it's all in the Genre type that the players/GM are playing in. PS: Sorry for the thread derail.
  20. Re: Dragonstar Campaign Suggestions ?
  21. I was reading over your response to the other thread of the same name and had to confirm something. If my character has 5 Body Regeneration and then takes starvation damage, you're saying my Regeneration wouldn't heal the Body taken?
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