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    The hemispheres of my brain are fused together. The rigor of data processing and the precision of program code is transmuted to art and mysticism by neural alchemy.
  1. Thomas Temple ... in Ghost armor. This image wasn't done by me; check out www.xenzen.com for the artist's page.
  2. One of the explicit problems the character can run into is an attack from two (or more) very different attack forms, which is why I went with the VPP rather than (say) Armor, Life Support, etc. as separate powers. Unless or until the GM says so (and we've talked about it), a skill roll to precog danger isn't required either. I'm sure a bunch of people on the board will freak about that, but that's also because many people are accustomed to "who can beat up who first" as the only form of meaningful game challenge Anyway, thanks for the feedback.
  3. The character concept I'm working on is a precognitive whose power has been "linked" to an experimental regeneration treatment he was given, so that his body immediately produces the best possible defense against whatever attack he's about to suffer from - raw damage, environmental dangers, etc. I've chosen to represent this with a Variable Power Pool, character has no choice regarding powers or when powers change, etc. My question is: Since the activation of the pool takes place outside the character's conscious control, do I need to also buy Zero-Phase Change and No Skill Roll? Or are these things implied by the limitations already taken?
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    ACRONYM (the Association of Combat/Rescue-Oriented Neutral Young Mutants) is looking for volunteers! Sign up today. --- I'm looking for other perfect complements to the Champions universe organizations roster Any ideas?
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