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  1. I just got through with Uncompromising Honor not too long ago, and from what I had read in both the story itself and Weber's own statements at the end of the book, that while Honor's story might be at an end for the time being, it's far from over. After all, the Mesans still owe a rather outstanding debt for both Yawata Crossing and Beowulf Alpha, Beta, and Gamma -- not to mention the stations of Hephaestus, Weyland, and Vulcan -- and somehow, I can't see Honor not being the one to personally settle that debt. Major Tom 2009 Let's be about it, people...
  2. And here's the nicer one of the two: The Candy Striper (complete with her Ice Cream Cone of Smiting) And it's even peppermint, too (😁)... Major Tom 2009 😎
  3. Just got through with a couple of new pics tonight -- an updated one of The Arc's mystic academy characters*, and a somewhat nicer one from Enforcer84 (from about ten years ago, for which I didn't have a pic due to the lack of the appropriate tools at the time. First up is my take on a renegade teacher of the Dark Arts -- especially if he'd chosen to embrace the Darkness in its entirety: Shadowmaster (a.k.a. Zacharius Darkmoor) (*At least, I think the original was one of The Arc's; it's possible this was one of my contributions to his thread) Major Tom 2009
  4. I remember seeing something about this particular element in one of the pre-4th Ed. GURPS sourcebooks (I think that it was the Espionage sourcebook, but I'm not sure), regarding its use as the key component of a .22-caliber nuclear bomb -- essentially, a nuke the size of an ink pen. Talk about a Bic(TM) that you don't wanna flick except by remote control from about a hundred miles away ()... Major Tom 2009
  5. Bolt (known by her true name of Boltara on her own world) is a cousin of the not-quite supervillainess Lumina, a member of the meta-activist group Factor 7. When her cousin fled their world in search of adventure (after having undergone a treatment which granted members of the planet's royal family superhumanoid powers and stealing a ship) rather than serve as an example of proper behavior, Boltara volunteered to go and bring her errant cousin back home. To make things easier for her, Boltara underwent the same treatment as Lumina, so that she would have a chance to face her cousin on equal terms should she refuse to return. However, because of an unsuspected quirk of her genetic structure, Boltara gained powers which differed from those of her cousin; instead of light-based powers like those possessed by Lumina, Boltara gained the power to project bolts of plasma energy from her hands, as well as the power of flight and the ability to survive unaided in space. Because of an inability to regulate the power of her plasma bolts, the planet's scientists devised a suit of advanced armor for Boltara which would enable her to control their power level. In addition, the armor would also enable her to, upon drawing on a small part of her energy, access hyperspace, thereby allowing Boltara to travel across interstellar distances in a relatively short time. The armor also had a built-in computer with an ad- vanced navigational database, as well as a universal translator which would allow her to understand and speak with any sentient species that she might encounter in the course of her travels. Once she was fully trained in both the use of her powers and the armor, Boltara left to carry out her mission, which eventually led to an out-of-the-way little planet called Earth... Here's my take on Bolt's outfit (as done with FdH2014): Major Tom 2009 ?
  6. The only thing that I can think of that could possibly be worse than the 'let's genetically alter humans tech kit' idea where the Malvans are concerned would be if they were to conduct their version of the Proscillicus Experiment* on Earth (?)... (*The experiment conducted by one of the Watchers in the Marvel Universe -- Uatu's father, IIRC -- in which nuclear technology was given to a less-advanced species, which ultimately resulted in said species destroying themselves in an atomic war, and which further resulted in the creation and adoption of the Watchers' code of absolute non-interference.) Major Tom 2009
  7. Here's a new supervillain pic -- one that should tell any aquatic superheroes that it's not safe to go back in the water... Megalodon (Let's see Jason Statham try to deal with this bad boy []…) Major Tom 2009 ? Oh, when the shark bites...
  8. February's first pic -- a updated version of Edison and Dr. Carter: Major Tom 2009
  9. A few of those who help out around Mechanus' base of operations: Silicon Avatars These cybernetic/android servitors -- designed and created by Mechanus, the machine Lord of Order -- exist in two basic types. The General Service model, by far the most numerous of the two types, are the most humanoid-appearing, as they were design- ed with both male and female forms. While both 'male' and 'female' GS units are capable of performing any task that may be required of them, in the countless centuries since their existence certain tasks have become the sole province of one type or another; 'male' GS units, for example, tend to handle jobs such as carrying out repairs to the various mechanisms that can be found within Mechanus' base. They also provide assistance and 'heavy lifting' as needed whenever Mechanus has a project that cannot be carried out by a single person. 'Female' GS units, on the other hand, handle other tasks such as data collection, intelligence analysis, and ensuring that Mechanus has sufficient raw materials and other supplies to work with. Both GS types are also capable of socially interacting with sentient organics as well; to this end, the internal database of every GS unit has been programmed with the cultural, historical, and linguistic data of every civilization in the known universe -- not to mention some that exist elsewhere in the Multiverse. The other type of Silicon Avatar is what is known as the Security Unit, of which only 500 are known to exist (that is, known by those few heroes that have had the opportunity to be allowed to visit Mechanus' base); standing over 7' tall, these units are stationed at various sensitive locations within the base -- automated fabrication facilities, research laboratories, defense sys- tem strongpoints, etc. -- and have instructions to use lethal force if necessary to protect the base and its occupants. No more than twenty SUs are active at any given moment; the remainder are kept in a 'ready-alert' state, and can be rapidly brought on-line in the event of a major emergency (an attack on the base, for example). Major Tom 2009
  10. Another reimagining of an Arc character: Mechanus, Lord of Order Major Tom 2009
  11. Magnus Azurion, Lord of Order Major Tom 2009 ?
  12. A 'techno-arsonist' adversary of the Tech Squad: Madame Inferno Major Tom 2009
  13. A villain in the service of DEMON: Black Mano Major Tom 2009
  14. Another reimagining of an Arc character: Septimus of the Seven Eyes, Lord of Chaos Major Tom 2009
  15. And here's the last one for today, a new version of one of The Arc's characters: The Faceless One, Lord of Order Major Tom 2009 ?
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