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  1. I don't know if anyone's done this one yet or not, but here's my latest contribution to this thread: Bubba Nylartho-tep Major Tom 2009
  2. I don't know if this question has been asked anywhere here on any of the threads, but was the Plasma Cannon (a.k.a. Fusion Beam) described on page 123 of The Ultimate Vehicle inspired by the Hellbore weapons system employed by the A.I./human operator- controlled supertanks of the Bolo sci-fi novel series? Major Tom 2009
  3. So if I'm understanding the basic consensus here, teen heroes in a GC setting should -- at the very least -- be written up with most of their powers in the 60 Active Point range (with a few being in the 80-point range), yes? Of course, this assumes that said characters aren't alien temporal anomalies with a thing for blue-and-red costumes and having weird mineral- and stellar-based disadvantages... Major Tom 2009 😎
  4. Will characters who were mentioned in the original SA: CoH book (or Enemies of San Angelo) get writeups in the updated book? One of the characters who comes to mind in this regard is Averell Pendleton who, UIM, is the time traveler whose arrival in the present day preceded that of Ren Westlake. Major Tom 2009
  5. I had a bit of perverse inspiration yesterday after watching a golf tournament on TV; one of the competitors was wearing a shirt with the names of some of his sponsors on it, one of which got my attention. And so, without further ado, I present to you... Psycho Bunny! Major Tom 2009 There goes Psycho Cottontail, Stalking 'long the Bunny Trail (*SHWACK* AAAAAGGHHH!!!)
  6. Since superheroes in the Galactic Champions time period are somewhat more powerful than their 20th to 21st century counterparts, would teen superheroes in that future period be likewise more powerful than their modern-day counterparts (that is, built with powers with an Active Point cost per power higher than the 40-point AP limit mentioned in Teen Champions)? Major Tom 2009 🤔
  7. Here's an Atlantean character with a bit of a twist -- Lady Mokarra, Atlantis' official ambassador to the surface world... who also has the misfortune to have a lycanthropic alter-ego: In her normal form, Mokarra looks like your average (drop-dead gorgeous) Atlantean female; it's when "the Beast" is upon her that she looks like the shark-woman to the left of the pic -- taller, heavier, and much stronger (not to mention extremely fast and vicious in the water...). Major Tom 2009 Oh, when the shark bites...
  8. I have to wonder how long it'll be before the current iteration of the show has its version of said scene... Major Tom 2009 "Zeus...Apollo...Kill."
  9. ('CHUCKLE') The thing that makes this line so funny is the fact that, of all the characters in the Shadow War storyline in Babylon 5, Vir was the only one who actually got what he wanted in the end ()... Major Tom 2009
  10. I just got through with a two-week long readfest -- Anne McCaffery's All The Weyrs of Pern and The Skies of Pern, and Michael Z. Williamson's Better To Beg Forgiveness..., Do Unto Others..., and When Diplomacy Fails... (the Ripple Creek series). Major Tom 2009
  11. You guys hear about the pirate porno movie? It has an 'Ahhrrr' rating. Major Tom 2009 😈
  12. I just got through with Uncompromising Honor not too long ago, and from what I had read in both the story itself and Weber's own statements at the end of the book, that while Honor's story might be at an end for the time being, it's far from over. After all, the Mesans still owe a rather outstanding debt for both Yawata Crossing and Beowulf Alpha, Beta, and Gamma -- not to mention the stations of Hephaestus, Weyland, and Vulcan -- and somehow, I can't see Honor not being the one to personally settle that debt. Major Tom 2009 Let's be about it, people...
  13. And here's the nicer one of the two: The Candy Striper (complete with her Ice Cream Cone of Smiting) And it's even peppermint, too (😁)... Major Tom 2009 😎
  14. Just got through with a couple of new pics tonight -- an updated one of The Arc's mystic academy characters*, and a somewhat nicer one from Enforcer84 (from about ten years ago, for which I didn't have a pic due to the lack of the appropriate tools at the time. First up is my take on a renegade teacher of the Dark Arts -- especially if he'd chosen to embrace the Darkness in its entirety: Shadowmaster (a.k.a. Zacharius Darkmoor) (*At least, I think the original was one of The Arc's; it's possible this was one of my contributions to his thread)
  15. I remember seeing something about this particular element in one of the pre-4th Ed. GURPS sourcebooks (I think that it was the Espionage sourcebook, but I'm not sure), regarding its use as the key component of a .22-caliber nuclear bomb -- essentially, a nuke the size of an ink pen. Talk about a Bic(TM) that you don't wanna flick except by remote control from about a hundred miles away ()... Major Tom 2009
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