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  1. Yeah, I read a few of them wa-a-a-y back in the day, just to see what all the fuss was about. The most interesting thing tome was how the hero, Tarl Cabot, was initially horrified and repulsed by the sexual slavery aspect of Gor culture--but very quickly came to see it as right and proper.
  2. Having read (and written) fanfic for many, many years, my diagnosis would be: the fanfic is about what the authors find arousing. I like straight slash* or girl-girl stuff, myself, though I've read plenty of guy-on-guy fanfic because the story was interesting. I'm reminded of the scene in Supernatural where Dean and Sam discover the existence of a) their fans (in the tv show world) and slash fic written by the fans about them, about the Winchester boys being together. As in "together-together". Sam: They do know we're brothers, right? Dean: Doesn't seem to matter. *Even if "slash
  3. Re: Make Your Own Motivational Poster I'm Sinanju, and I approve this message. Plus, why do ninjas wear masks? Because thieves wear masks; ninjitsu was created by someone who hired a Master of Sinanju, watched him do his thing, and then created "ninjitsu" from what small crumbs of the art he learned. Then the ninjas started selling their services as assassins...and the Master of Sinanju had a stern talk with them. They reached an agreement: the ninjas would wear masks like the thieves they were, and the Masters of Sinanju wouldn't slaughter them and all their families. (Or so
  4. Re: Make Your Own Motivational Poster Because as near as I can tell, the need for the local politicians to pander to their various constituencies (and not just the light rail mafia or the bicycle brigade), means that rather than just let the engineers do their job and work out the problem, they all had to put an oar in.* The bridge's location and/or height were affected in part by the need to make sure the access/onramps for all these various forms of transportation woudl satisfy their proponents.** The end result is that they've spent many millions on this project without a singl
  5. Re: Make Your Own Motivational Poster The gestation time for human larvae really should be several months longer. Alas, if it were, the baby's head would be too big to pass through the birth canal. As it is, it's almost too big now.
  6. Re: Make Your Own Motivational Poster I've obviously reached the "cranky old man" stage. I REMEMBER WHEN...Legos didn't come in KITS that were designed to snap together into pre-designed forms. MY Legos came in a big box with no instructions and no limits. You could build whatever the **** you wanted, and could imagine. KIDS THESE DAYS have it easy. IN MY DAY Legos didn't come with all these specialized parts, moving parts, and whatnot. You had a limited variety of bricks and you had to build everything based on that.
  7. Re: WWYCD: Holes in the story Iron Maiden: "Why are you telling me that? I didn't ask for jelly. I asked for cinnamon." Raven: "I know. That's why I'm here." (Whips a huge box of jelly donuts out of nowhere and hands them to the clerk.)
  8. Re: Make Your Own Motivational Poster No, that was Patton.
  9. Re: GMing a Post Apocalypse campaign
  10. Re: The Zat gun from Stargate And the SG-1 team. They once zatted Col. O'Neil SO THAT he could then stand and stagger out to the DHD and dial up the gate while the lingering charge from the zat kept the hostile energy bugs away from him! Apparently, if you're exposed to enough zat fire, you build up a tolerance--kinda like Iocaine powder, I guess....
  11. Re: Master List of Limitations Gone??!! The NextGenRPG list is probably more current--I think Jack's still maintaining that one, or was recently. But I hate--hate, hate, hate with a burning passion--the "twiddlywiki" format. Click, click, click, click to get to each and every disad individually. I much prefer the other site's format, where you get a list of disadvantages with costs and descriptions much mroe easily.
  12. Re: WWYCD #81 A True Test of a Hero All characters come to grips with the fact that I've been transformed or bodyswapped or...something...with someone else, and won't see my lovely and talented wife ever again, barring some similar incredible incident. Also, try out and master my new powers as quickly as possible and use OOC knowledge without hesitation to deal with the situation I've found myself in. If it's Iron Maiden or Hell's Angel, I also get to deal with the fact that I'm now a young woman. Which, okay, interesting but definitely will require a lot of time to get used
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