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    I am newer to the Hero System than anything else, though I've been gaming upwards of 17 years. I started with White-Wolf, then branched out to try Serenity, D&D 3.5&4, AFMBE. I am always looking for another adventure
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    I work in the medical field providing home blood draws for patients in nursing homes and that are homebound to their personal address
  1. Re: Quote of the Week From My Life. I know I don't visit often, but here are the latest quotes from my life. Hope everyone is doing well! http://cranialspasm.com/category/quotes-from-pals/
  2. Re: Quote of the Week From My Life. "Your mom does the drunken fall when she's sober." Dad 4/4/10 (He was three sheets at that point)
  3. Re: Quote of the Week From My Life. Awwww! You made my day! Thanks!
  4. Re: Quote of the Week From My Life. Hey everyone! I've been incredibly silent for awhile. Sorry about that! So to make up for it, here's a bunch of quotes! It's a good thing I don't know KungFu... I'd kick her in the face. Ali 3/11/10 The hippies are in front of us! If they start smoking funny stuff I'm outta here. Mom 3/11/10 Yoga: Helping American women get kinky since... uh... the early nineties? Ali 3/12/10 Iloveamaninuniform! ... That was a drive by compliment. Ali 3/17/10 "This water is gross." "It's electrolytes! Boogey Oogey Oogey!" Jamie and Ali 3/18/10 "You said 'I feel like a vibrating dragon when I drink that'!" "No, I said 'fire-breathing'" Ali and Candace 3/20/10 It's a f***ing spirograph of darkness. Ali 3/22/10 "He starts to perspire." "Expire?" "Yeah." "Ha! He sweats to death!" Steve and Ali 3/22/10 "Looks like somebody's got a case of-" "DON'T YOU SAY IT! DON'T YOU F***ING SAY IT!" Boss and Ali 3/29/10 "Do you think you'd get a contact high from making out with Doug Benson?" "I would be more than happy to find out." Seth and Ali 3/30/10
  5. Re: Quote of the Week From My Life. "Naked hot tub and a bag of wine is f***ing awesome." "You, my friend, are a renaissance man." JonB and Ali 12/18/09 "Why is there glitter all over the floor?" "The Twilight guys came over." "I heard their farts shoot glitter." Steve, Ali and Jon B 12/18/09 "I'm halfway to Amy Winehouse." Jamie 12/18/09 "I never hated the number one until I started playing D&D" Jamie 12/18/09
  6. Re: NGD Scenes from a Hat "There are three flowers in a vase. The third flower is green." (God I'm gonna miss Dollhouse.)
  7. Re: A Thread for Random Videos Christmas Cheer.
  8. Re: Quote of the Week From My Life. ME: "Velociraptors make terrible pets." Steve: "I know. We learned that with our other sister." ME: *sniff* "I miss Betty." Ashley: "You guys had a sister?" Jamie: "There's nothing there but incest and ignorance." ME: "They should put that on the brochure." Nate rolls a *cheater's* d20 and gets a 3 Me: "Uh... You should probably cheat."
  9. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... "What have we learned from horror movies? Bad things happen when you go upstairs." Ali 12/11/09 Okay, let me just say that game started out with us on the first floor of a funhouse. We spent about an hour (playing... thanks to a GM who wouldn't throw us a bone) falling due to stairs collapsing underneath us. Now... It's funny... Then... I just wanted to go home. Ali: playing a Vietnamese Mehket named Cam Renee: playing an Irish Gangrel named Shannon Mel: GM Tara: playing a Daeva named Ryan Ali: "Who watches a football game in mute?" Renee: "Deaf people?" Ali: "What f***t*** would have a deaf ghoul?" Mel: "Actually they ARE all deaf." Ali: "How bad do I feel right now?" 12/11/09 "We're all going to hell... We're gonna have so much fun guys!" Ali 12/11/09 "You can't quantify 3 years in 3 hours." "Ha! You just used 'quantify'." "Yes, but did I use it correctly?" Ali and Renee 12/11/09 "Everyone's falling on me with their claws out." "It's like dating Edward Scissorhands!!" Renee and Ali 12/11/09 "So Shannon looks up and there are all these Irish boys falling on her. She probably thought 'is this a good dream?' Then her ribs started breaking." Ali 12/11/09 "He's all about instant gratification." "YES! He wants to be shot... RIGHT NOW!" Renee and Ali 12/11/09 "Does your character have striking looks?" "She doesn't, but she'll strike you until you think she's pretty." Mel and Ali 12/11/09 "I keep falling down. I'm like a grandma with a life alert bracelet... There's a special place in hell for me, isn't there? I hope there's an open bar." Ali 12/11/09 Our final battle is gonna be with stairs... Ali 12/11/09 My next character is getting a specialty in stair climbing. Ali 12/11/09 "CAUTION: Falling Vampires." Ali 12/11/09 "There are little men in the world." "Leprechauns?" Renee and Ali 12/11/09 "That's not Wonderland. It's just a basement." Ali 12/11/09 "I laugh in the face of stairs!" "I would freak the f*** out if there were faces on stairs." Mel and Ali 12/11/09 "I loathe to say this, but there may be more stairs." "... I hate this place." Renee and Ali 12/11/09 "You see a man staring lustfully at him and he's daydreaming." "Add sparkles and you've got TWILIGHT." Mel and Ali 12/11/09 My character has the best defense against a boxer. Ten feet and a Beretta. Ali 12/11/09 Oh! She's about to go all 'Dukes of Hazard' on you!! Ali 12/11/09 "You don't want to visit Frenzyland." "That's the worst theme park ever." Mel and Ali 12/11/09 Whispering makes things more intense. *whispered* It really does. Ali 12/11/09 Oh yeah, 'cause nothing is more fashionable than bleeding to death. Ali 12/11/09 You make it sound so dirty... Thank you! Ali 12/11/09 I think a head cold is God's way of telling me to hate my friends. Ali 12/11/09
  10. Re: Quote of the Week From My Life. "I LOVE beans! Lima beans... jelly beans... lez-beans..." - Matt (followed by me turning into a puddle of giggles on the ground)
  11. Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? Primus - Mr. Knowitall
  12. Re: Quote of the Week From My Life. Patient: "You sound exhausted." Me: It's my double life. At night I roam the streets fighting crime." Patient: "Really?" Me: "No." This happened about five minutes ago. I also had an audition last night. Director asks in an application(there's probably a better word for that, but I am so tired my brain hurts) "are you comfortable with dropping trou in front of an audience?" I lean over to my friend, Jamie and say "I've lost a bunch of weight and don't have a belt. It'll probably happen tonight."
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